A walk in the woods

It was a beautiful day so I decided to go for a walk in the area where I used to play as a c***d. I parked close by and started to walk the area where we used to play. After about a mile or so I needed a break and decided to sit on some rocks that were shielded by some trees and bushes I'd not noticed before, probably over grown over the years.

I was sat admiring the greenery around me when a young lad dressed in a school uniform sat oppose to me, he said "Hello", I replied and asked him which school he went to, he replied "The one over there" pointing over my shoulder, now I knew there was a school there cos I used to go out with a girl who went there, thirty years ago.

I asked him why he wasn't in school, the time was 10:45am, he said he was in 6th form and he hated it, I asked him how old he was he replied "18", we had a conversation about jobs and stuff and he asked me why I was here, and I explained that I used to play around here 30 odd years ago, he seemed to be understanding yet also seemed to have his mind on something else.

I pulled out a packet of cigs and started to light one, he asked if he could have one, I offered him the packet and he took one, as I got my lighter out he came and sat next to me,lighting his cigarette, we sat there making small talk. I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he replied he hadn't in fact he didn't have many friends at all.

He said this was the best chat he'd had in ages and thanked me, I said there's no need to thank me he put his hand on my leg and said "Seriously Thankyou", which I thought was odd. He said "See those trees over there", I said "Yes", he said come with me and I'll show you something and with that he got up and walked towards them, curious I followed him.

Hidden deep in the undergrowth was a concrete base, which was probably a building some years ago, I sat down and pulled out another cigarette, and offered him another, he said his name was Tim. We were sat on this concrete wall and he put his hand on my leg again, I looked at him and he was smiling, he moved his hand up my leg, and to be honest I was getting hard, I looked at his crutch and he had a big lump in his trousers.

I said I'm not gay I'm happily married and he replied that it wouldn't matter for once, and with that he was stroking my now solid rock cock, he leaned in to kiss me and I said "No" firmly, NO kissing, with that he carried on stroking me, I leaned back thinking this is wrong, but I would've given anything for a wank at this stage.

He reached over and unbuttoned my jeans and my cock sprang in to view, he pulled my pants down crouched down in front of me and began to slowly wank and suck me off, GOD it was good, he'd obviously done this before and I knew I wouldn't last long. He continued to speed up and was giving me some very good head, whilst slightly fingering my arsehole, it felt like heaven.

All of sudden he let go and pulled me up turning round he bent me over the wall and took his pants down I saw his massive rock of a cock, he parted my legs and I knew but didn't care what he was doing, he slid his cock into my asshole and proceeded to fuck me, my cock was straining at the feeling, and I knew I was coming.

My cock shot a steady stream of come all over the wall, he pulled out of me, turned me round he pushed his cock into my mouth, I was gagging on the length of it, he was rough but seemed to know what he was doing, he fucked my mouth, then pulled out, I grabbed hold of him and wanked him off, he came all over the floor, I licked his cock until it went soft.

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7 months ago
Another great one! You should read my blog. A experience I had on a cruise ship.
8 months ago
very erotic
9 months ago
very sexy