Two Heads Are Better Than One

It had been a long day. A day that was ending with me in a bar alone and getting d***k. To much work, to much f****y and to much life was swirling through my head. My thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice, a voice I hadn't heard in many years. My high school girlfriend was back in town to see her f****y. She was with her husband Rick and they were out visiting the old hot spots. We got through the “how you doing” chit chat and Heidi informed me that she wanted Rick to really enjoy his trip. I was telling her some of the old hangouts when she interrupted me to say, “He likes cock and pussy. Interested in a night of fun?” I blurted out “Hell yes” and finished my drink in one gulp.

We met back at their hotel room. Heidi was still a beautiful woman and I was dreaming of eating that sweet pussy all night. Her husband Rick was busy setting up a camera and lights and my cock was getting as hard as a rock. Heidi started kissing me and slowly feeling my body. My hands went for her tight ass. Her tongue licked and touched my neck and ears. Slowly she undid my pants and let them drop to the floor. I started to help her out of her dress but she stopped me and said “Your turn first.” Suddenly I could feel another set of lips on my chest. Rick had disrobed and was now joining Heidi in touching, kissing and caressing. They got to my groin and doubled teamed swallowing and touching my rock hard cock. It felt amazing.

Soon all three of us were naked and in bed. I was fingering Heidi’s sweet pussy and stroking Rick’s nice cock. Rick was twirling a finger around my tight but wet asshole. I slowly moved to lick and tongue Heidi and told rick to fuck me while I ate her out. He slid his hard shaft in my ass as I nibbled and sucked that sweet pussy. Every thrust of his cock made my tongue slide up and down the clit. Her clit was swollen and moist as Heidi moaned “Yes, eat my pussy”. Rick was giving my willing ass a great pounding that made me gasp and moan. Suddenly Rick stopped and asked to switch places.

I kneeled at his inviting hole and slowly glided my rock hard cock into his man pussy. Rick was eating her pussy with loud smacking and sucking sounds. I could hear Heidi moaning and saying “I’m going to cum”. She was bucking her hips and holding his head on her wet crotch as she squirted love juice. Her moaning, squirting and pussy juice smell was making me ready. I was fucking his ass and felt the rumble of a giant orgasm begin. I held my cock deep and the head exploded man goo. I pulled out and squirted another heavy load onto his ass. Rick moaned and moved to let Heidi fuck him. He slid his hard cock deep in her wet pussy and was only able to thrust four or five times until he screamed out and deposited a load deep in her box. Heidi came again as I watched the two of them untangle. The smell of sex juice was overpowering as we all collapsed in a heap. All of us were leaking sweet baby batter as we lay gasping for air. We ended up hugging and spooning the rest of the night.

Heidi and Rick promised to come back soon to play another round.
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2 months ago
good time!
8 months ago
Sounds like a great evening
8 months ago
Sounds like a lovely time! :)
2 years ago
Too bad they didn't stick around!