My blind date

Back in my yout at college, (Mr. Campeezi, did you say yout ?), my roommate and a buddy decided to set me up on a blind date. They even pointed her out at a bar one night. She was attractive but not stunning. So, I agreed. We were all going out to a county fair. Of course when we met up, she was not the girl they pointed out. She was tall, very skinny with glasses and a pasty complexion. I didn’t want to be rude but this was going to be difficult. My buddies were almost falling down laughing. Her name was Janet but she kind of had a speech impediment which made it sound like Shanet. I had to ask three times before I caught her name. I was feeling horrible, not just because my buddies had tricked me but I was out in public with this girl.
We stayed a few hours and rode rides, ate corn dogs and had a good time. On the way back Janet confided in me she knew the story…she knew my buddies from class and knew they were tricking me. She thanked me for not running away. I told her it was no problem. If I ran away they would get a bigger thrill so why not make the best of it and enjoy the night.
We get back to school and Janet tells me, “I know I don’t get many chances with guys so I want to make the most of it. Sneak up to my dorm room and we will have a good time.” The intrigue, mystery and being 18 and having no brains in my penis, I agreed. We snuck up the back stairs and got to her room. Her roommate was gone and was not going to interrupt. In the dim lighting Janet looked pretty good. She kissed me and held my hand to her chest. I was off like a Seabiscuit. I removed her top and could see 2 beautiful round breasts inside a lacy bra. I slowly kissed her neck and shoulders, worked one strap down and kissed her neck and skin down to her bare breast. Her nipple responded in my moist mouth and I heard her moan. I undid the bra and removed it. My tongue and lips tasted every piece of skin and nipple. Her moans and breathing were very deep. We moved to the bed and I laid her down. I undid her pants and slid them down. I left her panties on and paused to look at her very tight body. My cock was throbbing but I knew I had to slow down and make it last. I kissed and nibbled at her thighs. I caressed her lovely ass through the fabric. Slowly I pulled down her panties and saw a nicely trimmed bush. The smell drove my already throbbing cock into more spasms. I nibbled and licked each thigh, I made my way up to the promised land. The smell of her sweet pussy and the taste was out of this world. She bucked and moaned as I buried my face and tongue deep in her pussy. I licked each lip and darted my tongue in and out of that sweet pussy. I worked up to her clit, got a tongue hold and dug in. My fingers worked over her skin and ass. I heard her moan and say, “Put a finger in my ass.’ I was more than happy to oblige. She came 3 times before she finally stopped me. The sweet taste of her pussy was in my mouth. My finger had reamed and fucked her sweet ass. She was spent but she looked at me and said “Your turn.”
Her lips made a bee-line for my throbbing cock. I lasted all of 30 seconds before blowing my load. She swallowed it all and said “Don’t worry, we can do it again. All night long.” She got a cup of water for both of us and told me she knew it was all a joke but she decided to go through with it anyway. Her love life was not very good. She said she read magazines and heard her friends talk about sex so she knew what she wanted to do. She masturbated almost every night and loved the feel of the vibrator in her ass. She had had sex before but it was wham bam, thank you ma’am. Nobody had eaten her pussy or made her orgasm.
I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was helping her out and had busted a nut too. We fucked 3 more times that night. She even let me put it in her ass. I left the next day exhausted but satisfied. Walking in my dorm it suddenly hit me, my buddies would be waiting.
As I walked in I could hear the laughter. I walked in and felt all the eyes on me. “Hey boys, anybody else get laid last night ?” I said.
“You, you, fucked that ugly thing Janet ?”
“All night long boys, all night long. What did you get? Another night of beating off and hopes for pussy next time ?”

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1 year ago
And I hope the two of you did it again! And you told your buddies, "Thank you for setting me up with the most delicious, sweetest and tightest pussy ever!"
2 years ago
They don't have to beauty queens to be a good fuck!!
3 years ago
Great Story !
3 years ago
That a boy give it to your buddies..You got the last laugh on that one..