how i lost my virginity

How I lost my virginity

I was 15 and I met this girl online, she was a shy girl but after a few months of talking most days she got more confident and turned into a dirty girl. Texts me telling me she going to handcuff me when I’m asl**p and fuck me till I wake and how much she wanted me to fuck her from behind and spank her as hard as I can. About a month later I got her to finger her pussy till she screamed out my name on cam. After that I decided I had to go she her, so I waited till my birthday so i could collect my money together to go but I was feeling a bit nervous till out of the blue I get a message, I look at my phone and see its a picture of her looking naughty in a school girl outfit from ann summers and I thought to myself ‘yeh I need to fuck this girl! ‘. So I booked a train and a hotel the next day and went. I get to the hotel unpack have a shower and text her the hotel and room number. About a hour later the door goes and I open it and I was just speechless, she stood there looking at me. She was 5’6.. Gorgeous.. size D and a perfect ass. I just looked into her beautiful green eyes for what seemed like forever then I moved forward slightly and we both jus grabbed each kissing. I walked back kicked the door closed and placed my hands on her ass lifting her up while kissing her and put her back against the wall with her legs around me. She started to bite my lip and I just couldn’t handle it, I pulled off my t-shirt and ripped off her tiny little top leaving her jus in a bra.. I stopped and looked at her, I just couldn’t believe that I had pulled this perfect girl. I then just looked into her deep green eyes and kissed her once on her lips then moved to her neck and she gave out a moan so I knew I was doing something right. I kept going down and took her bra off and grabbed both of her perfect tits and took one in my mouth and bit her nipple then moved on to the other one. Her breathing was getting heavier and she pulled my head so i was looking at her and pulled me to her kissing me. I started to pinch her nipples and she moaned in my mouth. Me still holding her I put her on the bed and slowly kissed down her body till I got to her tiny short shorts and pulled them off and her thong leaving her wet shaven pussy on show. I put her leg in the air and kissed down her leg till i got to her pussy and played with her clit while slowly finger fucking her, I got faster and her back arched and she cumed all over my hand and tongue. When she had calmed down she told me to stop teasing her and fuck her so I flipped her on to all fours grabbed her hair and entered her slowly. She was so tight that I thought I couldn’t last very long but I gathered up speed slamming my cock into her pussy. I then backhanded her ass and she let out a loud moan so I did it again and she moaned even louder. I told her I wouldn’t be able to last much longer and with that she gasped her pussy tightened and she cumed all over my cock which make me cum all inside her. She fell on the bed and I laid next to her holding her in my arms. We fucked 3 more times that night and 2 the next day.

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