My first really rough sexual experience

I've always had a thing for strong women and military women. I've dated an army girl before but I wanted a little more and that's what I got with my marine. She was 140 pounds and bench pressed 185 pounds. Her stomach and chest were delicious enough to eat off. I was 6'4 280 and benches about 350. So it was a match made in heaven

We always had what I thought was "rough" sex. Typical biting and scratching were the norm. Don't get me wrong, it was great but I wanted something more.

With my big size and strength I naturally played football. One game I took a helmet into the rib cage and went down for the count. When I was dragged off the field, I was diagnosed with bruised ribs and was to be out of action for 4-6 weeks.

Thr next day, I headed to my girlfriends house. When, I got there sex was the last thing on my mind. It hurts to even receive a blowjob when your ribs hurt like that. She insisted on sex, however, she gave me a swift kick in the ribs and as a rolled around in pain, she jumped on me and started choking me. I then flipped her over and we started wrestling naked. Being injured, we were at about equal strength. Every punch and kick I took only made me harder and ready to go. I finally flipped her over face first and started annilhating her ass I pinned her and she couldn't get up. I then had the best orgasm of my liife and laid there with a victory smile on my face. That was the best sex we've ever had with anybody We continued that for 3 years until we moved our separate ways.

Will I ever find another girl like her? I don't know, but I'm definitely looking
77% (5/1)
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3 years ago
that was hot you should write more about her
4 years ago
good but short & details
4 years ago
That was awsome. I really enjoyed the anked wrestling part.
4 years ago
Its good when you enjoy it thnaks