Perfect end to a night out

What a night out it was last night! We all went out for an office party, the new girl Jen was wearing a very short skirt that showed off her lovely long legs, Jen was 19, 5'11" with long blonde hair, she had an ass you could bounce coins off and amazing 34DD breast. I'm pretty sure that every guy out that night was hoping to go home with her but I already knew that I'd be the one who would be fucking this sweet young thing tonight.

The night was going very slow with all the usual office politics so I asked Jen if she'd like to go somewhere abit more lively, so we headed off together.

We'd only been walking for 10 mins when she grabbed my hand and brought me down a side street, she started kissing me and rubbing my hard cock throught my jeans, I was rock hard in seconds!

I pulled her short skirt up and was happy to find she'd gone commando, her shaven pussy was already wet as I slipped a finger pasted her swollen lips, she moaned softly into my mouth as I fucked her with my fingers. Lets go back to your's she said, I didn't need to be asked twice. We got back to my place in no time, and stripped off in seconds. I stood there in amazment looking at this stunning young woman in front of me, every inch of her looked perfect, all I could think about was drilling her for the night and the surprise I had in store for her.

We started kissing again before she started working her way down my body, it wasn't long before she was sucking on my throbbing cock, she worked her tounge up and down the shaft of my dick as I slowly fucked her mouth. I was in heaven as she started to take my whole 9" deep down her throat and then I felt her lapping away at my balls, I'd never had deep throat like this. I took my cock out and watched as her saliva dripped from my cock, I pulled her up to my face and started kissing her deeply, I whispered to her that I wanted to fuck her now but that I had a surprise for her. She looked puzzled was I sat her down and pulled out some rope. What are you doing? she asked. Relax, you'll enjoy it. After I tied her to the chair I started to play with her pussy, as I expected she was soaking wet and enjoying the attention her pussy was reciving. I started kissing her neck while I pulled on her clit, as I worked my way down her body, spending some extra time on her amazing double D tits. She had unbeliveable nipples that stood out atleast half an inch, I sucked on those great tits for a life time before I countinued down to her sweet cunt.

I started by kissing the inside of her thighs, she begged me to tounge fuck her but I was having to much fun teasing her to just give her what she wanted. I stood up and slapped her face with my cock. Whos in charge here? I asked her! I walked out and came back in with a blind fold. What are you doing now? I'm getting you your surprise. I left her sitting there with the blind fold on for about 5 or 10 mins. Then I started playing with her ample tits again. As I played with her tits, I told her to open her mouth, there it was again, her sweet mouth wrapped around my cock. All of a sudden she started mumbling something around my cock so I took it out. WHO THE FUCK IS EATING MY PUSSY!!! I started laughing and looked down at my beautiful wife who was licking Jen's hot pussy. SURPRISE!!! I rammed my cock back into her mouth and started fucking her face again while my wife ate her pussy. It wasn't long before Jen's body started to rock as her first orgasm swept over her. I love watching my wife eat pussy, but I knew what she wanted as she looked up at me and asked me if I was finished fucking this little sluts mouth? I took my cock out and got behind my wife who was on all fours as she ate Jen's cunt, I slipped 2 fingers into her wet pussy before I replaceed them with my cock! I started fucking her slowly while she buried her tounge deeper into Jen. I grabbed a hold of her waist and started pumping her harder and harder. She was moaning so loudly now that it sent the little slut into her second orgasm as my wife had her first. Do I not get to have your cock in my cunt, Jen asked. Oh don't worry, you'll get yours in a min. I untied Jen from the chair but told her to leave the blind fold on, I took her by the hand and lifted her off the chair, I sat down and put her across my lap. I lightly rubbed her ass for a min to relax her, then I lifted my hand and brought it back down with a thunderess slap on her cheek. Jen let out a yelp as I did the same to her other cheek. After a couple of slaps to each cheek her ass was glowing red so I slipped my hand between her legs and gently massaged her pussy, she relaxed again as I played with her wet cunt, my wife moved around and placed her pussy infornt of Jen's face, Jen could smell her pussy and instinctively stook her tounge out to lick her. My wife moved closer and spread her legs wide so she could have her pussy worked on. I got up from the chair and put Jen back down over it and parted her legs so I could get my first feel of this young sluts cunt around my cock. I wasn't disappointed when I started ucking her, even though she was soaking wet her pussy was still incrediably thight and it felt great fucking her. I was fucking her for about 10 mins when I decided to slip a finger into her little brown hole. She didn't complain. Do you like getting fucked in your ass? I took my cock out of her pussy and eased it in to her ass!!!! Fuck me, this was something else, I worked my whole lenght in and started fucking her ass slowly at first but then I really started hammering it home, after about 20 or 30 strokes I emptied my come in her ass. I let my soft cock slip out of her ass and watched as my wife licked every drop of come from the little sluts ass. PERFECT END TO A NIGHT OUT!!!!!!!

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4 years ago
excellent the whole series
4 years ago
nice job. would be a nice end to a night for me too.
4 years ago
Very nice, deffinatly our fantisy!