Hotwife Orgy part 3

Mistress went around the circle and grabbed each of us by the penis and pulled at our balls. “You will continue to masturbate each other” she said, “I will tell you when you can stop.” My little head was sore as my jerk partner began pulling again. Having lost my passion, my brain took over and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. What was happening? Real men, real husbands don’t let their wives have sex with other men, I thought. What if my friends found out? What about my f****y? No one would understand. Suddenly I thought about Jim. Would he tell anyone that he fucked my wife while I stood by and watched…and wanked no less?

My thoughts were dizzying and I was nauseous as I looked toward the center of the room again. At first I could not see her but then I realized that Shelley was sandwiched between Clarence and surfer man. Clarence was lying down on the bench, Shelley was on top riding his massive black cock while the surfer ripped away at her ass! My head was screaming no, no but my boy-prick sprang back to life anyway. I watched that huge tanned, veined man-cock invading the hole that I had never been allowed to touch…and it made me hard. As the two men double penetrating my bride approached orgasm, I could feel my own semen coursing from my balls to the head of my dick. As they tightened up and rode her pussy and ass filling my wife with cum, I came in the bowl a second time. I heard Shelley cry for more as they pulled out of her gaping holes. She had become a huge-cock slut and a cum dumpster.

As I slumped against the rail, I was vaguely aware of the other cucks draining their cum into the bowl as I had done. Dazed, I looked again at the bench. Shelley was on the far side now, bent over it and she had her face toward me. For the first time since we entered the room our eyes met…and she smiled. She was looking at me, her husband, chained to a rail milking the cum from another husband, while her married vagina was being violated…and she was smiling. She turned and motioned to the older husband, Steve. I just stared as he moved up behind her and began fucking her with his 50-year old cock. She said something to him and they both looked over at me and smiled and waved. She raised herself until her ample breasts were swinging free of the bench, bouncing with each thrust. “God, YESSSS, I LOVE getting fucked by a big cock” she screamed. Usually I cum once and then go to sl**p but incredibly I was springing back to life for a third time. Steve thrust into my wife and smirked as he watched a male hand encircle my dicklette and begin to stroke it once again. As I watched, the latin wife spread her legs before Shelley and proffered her dripping, cum filled pussy. No longer surprised by anything that happened in this room, I watched as Shelley lowered her mouth to the waiting mound. With her head thrown back, the dusky skinned siren trembled as Shelley licked and sucked her to orgasm. As her orgasm died, Steve gave one final thrust and pumped his seed into my wife’s belly.

The hand on my cock was pumping furiously. I looked and saw that his wife was on her knees sucking three cocks at once. As they started to cum, the two of us erupted in unison. My little penis dribbled out a few drops into the bowl and I knew I was spent. Mistress entered the circle carrying a cloth bag. Without a word she pulled out a chastity cage for each of us and locked one on every limp dicklette. Leo handed each of us a folded piece of paper with a date on it. “Each date represents a Wednesday night Gang-Bang. You will bring your wife here and she will be the sole female entertainment for that evening. You will be the locker room attendant and assist with preparation and clean-up.”

I opened my mouth to protest when Mistress said, “If any of you do not show up on the date indicated, this video will be mailed to your f****y and friends”. She pressed a remote and two screens dropped from the ceiling. On one, our wives were sucking and fucking 11 strange men and on the other…was 6 desperate husbands watching their wives in action and jerking off the man beside them. We stood silent. “I’m so glad we understand each other”, said Mistress. “And speaking of clean-up…” She unlocked us and led us to our respective wives. I stumbled to where Shelley lay with her legs spread. “Go ahead honey, clean my pussy with your tongue. You know you want to.” I lowered my mouth to the gooey mess. Our lives would never be the same again.

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