A First dinner date with a Lovely Woman Desire

First date :
The day was finally here. She was going to meet the man who had captivated her imagination and who had driven her nearly mad with desire. This is her story, the story of lust and longing brought to fruition, finally, after months of cultivation. She could only hope that it would be as good and memorable as she dreamed. She could only hope that she’d be able to relax with this man and make her steamy promises come true. It was so easy to be sensual when distance separated you, would it be easy in person. Could he pierce the wall she had built so carefully around herself? Could he thaw the “Ice Princess” as she’d been called. Could she abandon herself to this clandestine meeting? Could she let herself be taken at his will? The anticipation was smothering her, and it was time to find out.

She took her time and dressed very carefully that morning. She wanted the first impression to be good. She had been talking to this man for about a month now, and they were finally going to meet.
The night before, she had spent extra time on a pedicure and manicure. Her nails were done in French tips, and her toes were just shaped and topped with clear lacquer. She had chosen to dress completely in black. She had chosen to wear a black lace thong, black lace topped silk stockings, garterbelt and her black lace bra. She was going to wear her black dress suit and black ankle strap shoes, because she knew they made her legs and feet look sexy. Her perfume was applied to strategic spots, in her cleavage, inside of each elbow, inside of each wrist, in the bend of each knee, at the back of her neck, behind each ear, and on her tummy. She was dressed. She put the finishing touches on her hair that shone with blonde highlights. Her makeup was carefully chosen to bring out the green fire in her eyes. She was ready. She hoped.
She arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes early, as was her habit with any appointment, and asked for a seat in the corner. This afforded her the opportunity to see everyone who came into the restaurant. She did not want any surprises at this point. She was waiting, breathlessly, watching closely for him to arrive.
She recognized him at once, even though she had never seen even a picture of him. He was tall and muscular, shiny dark hair, and he was flawlessly groomed. He, too, was dressed entirely in black. He wore a black tee shirt under black leather bomber jacket and black slacks. So far, so good. He leaned down to ask the hostess for a Ms. X, and the hostess gave him a startling smile, spoke to him, and began to lead him back through the room to her table.
"Is this acceptable?" The hostess asked, referring to the table. He smiled at her, a slow, easy smile, looked at Ms. X, and said,"It's perfect, just perfect, thank you very much," he answered. The hostess smiled and left them.
She was sipping on a cup of coffee, examining him over the rim. He didn't move, he just stood there and looked deep into her green eyes and smiled that same slow, easy smile he had given the hostess, but his eyes had taken on a deeper color. "May I?" he asked, and motioned toward the chair across from her.
"By all means." she said. He pulled out the chair and sat down with the slow ease of someone who was very comfortable with himself and his surroundings. The waiter asked for his drink order and he said "I'll just have ice water. I don't want to dull my senses," he added under his breath.
She chuckled, deep in her throat, a low, growling, sexy chuckle. "You think you might be needing those senses later?" she asked.
"Yes, certainly." he said. "You'll need yours also."
The waitress brought a bowl of fresh strawberries and whipped cream to the table. She said "I hope you like strawberries, since it's early I took the liberty of ordering fruit." She reached out and picked up a berry, dipped it in the cream, and slowly raised it to her lips, sinking her teeth into the flesh. "Mmmm. Just right." she said.
They sat there for about a half an hour talking about matters. They negotiated. They told each other that neither was looking for a reason to leave home, and neither wanted any strings attached. Only one bargain was made and that was they both agreed to email the other the next day with a one word review, critique, or assessment of the session they were about to embark on.
"Have you made the arrangements?" she asked."Certainly," he replied. He rose, held her chair, and they left the restaurant together.
He pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. He got out, came around to her door and held the door for her. As they walked in, he held her elbow and opened the door, guiding her through the lobby and into the elevator. As soon as the door closed on them, he pushed the stop button, and turned to her.
Before she knew it, she was swept into his arms. "I've been longing to do this for such a long time now. I'm dying to find out if your fire burns as hot as your imagination and as your words convey." And then, his mouth was on hers, gently, questioningly. Her hands came up to cup his head softly, and her lips parted to grant him entry into her sweet mouth. He could still taste the strawberries there, and a muffled groan escaped his lips. He said "Just an appetizer, I don't want to rush this, I want to savor you like you did those berries. Your lips working on them was making me imagine them working on something else, and was quite distracting." He started the elevator, and they proceeded up.
The room was plush. There was a small sitting area with a couch and comfortably over stuffed chairs. The bedroom area was spacious, and there was a king sized four-poster bed right in the center of it. A fireplace crackled against the wall. The covers were turned back, and she could hear soft music lilting through the air. There were roses on the nightstand on either side of the bed, casting an intoxicating aroma into the room, which blended perfectly with his fragrance. He was standing too close and she could nearly feel the heat coming from him. He had removed his jacket and casually laid it across the chair in the sitting room. He had also removed his shoes and was sock footed. "I hope you don't mind," he said.
"Not at all," she said, and she lifted her leg to remove her shoe. He reached out his hand and said, "No, don't." "If those stockings are stockings as I imagine them to be, please leave them on, I've always wanted to make love to a woman wearing nothing but stockings and heels."She smiled and said "Well, then, you'll just have to find out, won't you?"
He needed no further encouragement. He was behind her. He removed her jacket and was unzipping her dress, slowly, his breath feathering hotly on the back of her neck. He said "Are you wearing black everywhere? God, it looks so nice on your creamy white skin." She just sighed as he lowered her dress and hung it up carefully so it would not wrinkle. Then, he was back, and she stood there in her black bra and slip. She slid the silky slip down her hips and legs, slowly, wiggling a little bit as it went, and never taking her gaze from his eyes, smiling. Then, she stood there in nothing but a black thong, bra, black lace topped stockings, and the ankle strap heels. He smiled.
"I knew it." "Sweet, very sweet." "The contrast of the black and your light coloring is breathtaking, especially with those fire emeralds you have for eyes."
He was there, his arms enfolding her, kissing her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue, tasting, teasing, enticing. His hands were running all over her, her cheeks, her hair, her neck, and then he put a finger in the cleavage created by the lacy bra. "Mmm, you are so soft." Then her bra was gone and her breasts were bared to his gaze. She could feel the heat of his eyes piercing her flesh. "Oh, God, they're lovely." And his mouth engulfed a nipple as he pressed her lower body to his, making a grinding motion with his hips. "Feel it, he said. "It's all for you. I want to fill you with myself, every orifice of your body is going to be filled with me."
She adjusted her body so that he could have full access to her breast as he nuzzled it, nibbled it, and finally sucked the nipple deep and hard into his mouth, biting the tip of it just enough to make it hurt. They backed to the bed, and he lay her down on it, removing her thong and looking down at her there, wearing only black stockings and heels.
"I'm going to worship your body with mine." he breathed.Then he was on her, covering her body with kisses, firey, hot kisses. His finger entered her warm hot pussy as her legs opened for him. She moaned "mmm, yess, you make me want you so bad." He grunted, and kneeled between her legs. He poised there, holding his cock in his hand and teasing her clit with it like it was a dildo. Rubbing against her, feeling her getting hotter and wetter.
She said "Oh, yes, you're so good. You're going to make me beg you for it, aren't you?""Do you want it?" he asked with a raspy voice."Yes, I want you."
He plunged into her, all at once, fierce, hard, full, and held there. He took her legs and wrapped them around his waist, and conquered her mouth with his. He stopped and told her "Now, I'm going to possess you everywhere." His mouth crashed on hers, his tongue thrusting deep, over and over, matching the rhythm of the thrusts of his cock in her cunt. He reached around and inserted his finger into the tight little opening of her ass, and she heard his breath gush out and a muffled 'MMM."
She said "Yes, yes, yes. fuck my cunt and my mouth and my ass all at the same time, make me cum." He took her mouth again and rhythmatic thrusting continued for an eternity. She felt the storm building and raging in her body and tore her mouth away.She began to moan and whimper, a hot, wanton sound. “ I'm going to cum and milk your cock with my hot wet pussy. I want your hot load deep inside me, oh yes," she chanted.
The storm began. Her muscles tightened, her body became rigid, her cunt was contracting and squeezing him like a velvet glove, milking, pleading.She said "I'm absolutely burning, put out my fire, put it out now, hose me down with that hot stuff, oh, now." She was lost in the throes of orgasm, writhing and jerking like someone convulsing, her cunt milking him, squeezing, squeezing, and he came ….oh God, he came.......... hard. He rammed his cock into her and grabbed her hips and held her there, shooting hot jets of cum deep into her body. She was screaming with delight, and he said "It's all for you, yes, mmmm, yes." His finger was all the way in her ass, and his cock was deep in her pussy, spraying hot thick cum deep inside her. His mouth took hers for the final thrust.
The next day, he opened his e-mail and her message was "Mindfuckingblowing."She opened hers and it said simply .......... "Anytime

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