Affair with Aunt D, second installment

It has been some 3 months since the last time I had sex with aunt D. My uncle have not taken any trip outside Manila lately and I'd been so horny. That weekend was a local festival and some of the crew who runs uncle's 5 cargo trucks were in their house for celebration. They were drinking and watching old boxing fights. Aunt D serve them with wine and food. She was wearing shorts and a white shirt with no bra underneath. The outline of her very nice tits and sharp nipple, and her perfectly shaped thigh and soft creamy white skin invite attention. The men were clearly arroused as they make stolen glances on aunt D. Uncle told Aunt D to change clothes but she said the weather is too warm.

I was watching aunt D in torture and she notices it. She smiles at me and our eyes met. I was 17 and horny, she was 29 and a teaser. She got me in the palm of her hands. Then Uncle's friend, a 40 yrs old rough faced truck driver started talking to aunt D. At that point uncle was too occupied in the living room watching boxing with the crew. Aunt D and the trucker was in the patio. I was so jealous. I was seated near by the window where I can see them talking. Aunt D saw me taking a glance at them from the window. The trucker was a bit d***k and started running her hands on aunt D's shoulder feeling for her soft skin. Aunt D allowed him and she would look at me in the window as if teasing me. The trucker then started massaging Aunt D's neck and shoulder and running his hand on her upper arms and as if unintentionally brushing aunt D's nipple. I couldn't bare the sight anymore so I stood up pretending to get some air outside. No one even paid attention on me as their eyes were glued on Mosely and dela Joya though they have seen that fight 10 times before.

I went to the patio and the trucker knowing I was nephew of aunt D's husband quickly distance himself. Aunt D looked at me with smiling eyes, I pretended not to notice what they were doing. Aunt D excused herself saying she is going to get more ice for uncle and his crew. When she passed near me she whisppered "I love it when you get so jealous".

About midnight the people started going home d***k. I pretended I was too tired to walk back to the store although it was only the next building. Uncle went to sl**p where he was seated. Two other crew also sl**p on their seat in the living room. Aunt D's daughter was asl**p in the bedroom. Aunt D was awake gathering the glasses. When she went to the kitchen I followed her. I was so horny. I immediately grab her from behind and squeez her tits with my hands as I kissed the back of her neck and her shoulders. The kitchen is visible from the living room and aunt D immediately wiggle out from my hold saying 'are you crazy' My uncle is a light sl**per and any moment he can open his eyes. But I was so horny and I beg aunt D for sex. Aunt D told me she cannot for the night. We should try to find time next week when my uncle will take a trip. I keep on attempting to kiss her and to grab her tits as she keep on parrying my hands and pushing me off. She saw the huge erection on my croatch and I told her I badly needed to fooock her. She half smilingly said 'that's what you got for touching me, it's not my fault'. I beg of her.

She said my uncle and the other two guys can awake anytime so it's too risky to go to the bathroom or the bedroom. The patio is an open view from the road and the only place we can have sex is the back of the house which is open view to the neighbor but at midnight there may be no one to see us. She told me to go ahead and she will follow me.

I was waiting at the back of the house for the longest time. I was wondering what's delaying aunt D. She finally got there. She had change her clothes too Duster. Duster is a loose clothing for night time, suspended by string in the shoulder and losely hanging down to just above the knee. She said she has no panty or bra underneath. She knew it was easier to wear a duster when Fooocking while standing up. Instantly I asked, 'why, have you done this before?' She just smile and said you have 2 minutes to do me. This was only my second time to have sex, the first one I did this with Aunt D was in bed. Anyway I frenched kiss her and pulled her shoulder strap revealing her ever perfectly round tits. I sqeez and suck her nipple and all the flesh I can shove inside my mouth. I lick her neck and my hands were crazily running all over her soft skin. I can sense she was getting horny too.

She whisppered to my ear, I have no panty, lift my clothes up. I pulled down my jeans and my underpants, it was quiet tricky to have sex standing up. Aunt D is shorter than me and I tried to bend my knees and manuever my very erect cock on her wet pussy. She tried to guide me but it slides off target and she was horny asking for me to get inside her. I held her thigh, and switch angles several times before I finally got the right position. We were both trembling and she was moaning in a controlled low whispering voice as I shove my cock in and out of her. The excitement built up and the snoring from inside the house started to fade from my ears as all my focus was directed to feel the incoming explosion from my cock. Finally I trembled, I can feel aunt D's hand almost painfully clawing the back of my neck and the other hand with fingernails penetrating my shirt in the back of my shoulder. We both reach climax perhaps split seconds apart. We were holding each other so tightly as I shoot my load inside her. Aunt D was unable to push my cock out as she has done before for fear of getting pregnant. We were both perspiring and soaking wet, the color of her skin look even more beautifully as she turned pinkish white under the dim light. We tried to fix ourselves then we headed back inside the house as if nothing happened. I proceeded to sl**p in the store. The morning comes and I went to the house and had breakfast with them. Uncle and the two of his visitors were having hang over. Aunt D just came out of the shower and wrapped herself with white towel as she serve us breakfast. There daughter also joined the table. Uncle looked at me and said 'you're the only one not d***k last night k**, did you screw my wife while I was d***k'. For a second I was so nervous, then I realized he was joking and we all started laughing. It happened to another trucker friend of my uncle that while he was d***k his wife was fooocking with the mechanic. But uncle never imagined it to happen to him. Aunt D smiled saying 'you're all crazy d***kards'.
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