Becoming Aphrodite Ch 01

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. She is a beautiful brunette of 5'8" and 120 pounds. With her long hair and her cute and innocent face, she looks a lot like the porn star Cheyenne Silver. I would dare to say she's even prettier: her extraordinary green eyes are totally unforgettable and even the famous porn star I mentioned could not compete with her.

We got married very young and we were very happy for many years but Jennifer was slowly changing, discovering parts of her which could not be ignored any more. In fact, she did not have enough sexual experience before getting married and she gradually found out that she missed it tremendously. I tried to be more adventurous in bed but she was very conventional, very vanilla sex, and she had no desire to swallow cum or experience sodomy. I bought her some sexy lingerie but she always told me that the process of putting it on was turning her off. But being a big fan of the musical "Chicago", Jennifer enjoyed dressing up sexily with what I had bought. She loved to dance in front of our bedroom mirror and touch herself, although nothing happened between us. On separate occasions, she liked to blow me but she rarely allowed me to finish on her face and she always wanted to fuck doggy style. The lack of originality in our sex life was slowly killing it and we seldom did it anymore.

Once, I was coming home when I caught her dressed up like a slut and masturbating in front of one of my porn movies. I tried to join her and to start something but she told me she had reach her orgasm and was a little tired to continue anything else with me.

She was reading a lot, trying to find some psychological answers to her behavior. She discovered some psychology books about the female archetypes and started more and more to analyze her own psyche, identifying her needs and a part of her self with the goddess Aphrodite.

A few months later, I was resting at home during a week day. I had been abroad for a couple of weeks and in the few phone calls we had exchanged, I had felt more than a physical distance between us. Looking for some paper to write a few chores to be remembered, I saw a note pad on the side of the bed and took it. I was surprised to discover her private diary as I did not know she was keeping one. I wouldn't have read it if only things had been better between us but I needed to find some explanations about the way our relationship was evolving. Perhaps I was doing something wrong and needed to change it in order to save our marriage. As she wasn't communicating enough, my only way was to open the damn thing and to find out by myself. It was a very bad idea...

She talked about her growing sexual desires for strangers, about her craving for the excitement of the "first times". She had been to bars with some female friends and she had enjoyed being approached by guys. She had been faithful to me but with difficulties. The temptation was overwhelming. A poem she wrote and that I published here in the poem category will show a lot about her state of mind. I hope this website will let you read it in the bulk of this story as it is an essential key to understand her personality:


"Having been held under for so long, she emerges.
Her beauty is strong and shameless. She looks men in the eyes and they shudder.
The room is dark and warm and lusty, the underbelly of some sweating b**st.
Words come easily. A glass of wine and a black dress. Crowded.
Feeling the closeness of the man. His lips at her ear, fingertips on her backbone, his thigh pushing in, his muscles moving and tightening underneath. So close.
A tingling, a letting go, anticipation.
The beautiful man. Beautiful and full of need. Searching eyes, nervous laughter, limbs that cannot stop twitching.
Drawn to her: the ideal, the archetype, the femme fatale, the goddess. Again and again, searching for perfection.
A senseless desire to merge. Everything else a distraction: ambition, career, f****y, relationships, goals, tomorrow. No, just this.
All she wants -- the sole thing -- is to have him in her mouth. To touch. To taste. To hear the sounds. To feel it melting on the tongue.
Oh, the body!
So she arrives and will not be ignored."

I'm sure you can imagine how threatened and how sad I felt. In the last entry of her journal, she mentioned a special evening in a dance club with some friends which she would try to attend a couple of weeks later. I closed the note pad and couldn't believe what I had just read. I wanted to talk to her about it, to confront her. After all, she had carelessly left the diary under my nose. It seemed to me that her u*********sness had done so deliberately. I finally decided to act as if I knew nothing at all and to save our relationship by any means.

I tried to renew the sexual interest between her but nothing was working. A week later, a day before the "special evening" she mentioned in her diary, she told me she had an important conference to attend in New York and would be away until the following evening. While she was taking her shower and getting ready to leave, I had a glance at her carry on bag: it was filled with most of the slutty outfits I had bought her. I knew I had to follow her. I had to find out the painful truth.

The next afternoon, she took her car and I tailed her discreetly with mine. She wasn't taking the road to the airport. She was going to her friend Julia's house. I parked a little further and waited a couple of hours. They both came out around 9pm, dressed up very sexily and wearing a lot of make up. They both looked like e****t girls. They drove to a shady part of the town, parked Julia's car close to a dance club and entered it.

In the dance club, all the girls were wearing very slutty outfits and each one of them had several guys dancing around, flirting with them, and caressing their bodies. I almost fainted with pain, I was going to burst with anger but I kept silent and watched the beginning of what was going to be a gigantic orgy absolutely powerless. All this turned me on and I was totally ashamed of it.

I saw Julia and Jennifer coming out of the cloakroom and joining the party. Julia had nothing else than a black fishnet body stocking with black patent thigh highs, her long blond hair in pigtails. My wife Jennifer, was wearing the corset / garter belt I offered her a couple of years before with black stockings, stiletto high heels, a choker necklace, long black nylon gloves and her beautiful hair in a pony tail.

They were a few feet from each other and men were circling both of them. Two guys approached Jennifer and started to dance and to rub against her. They all danced for a while until the DJ started to put some crazy techno music with samples of female voice moaning with sexual pleasure. It was like a signal for the entire room and the sex began. Jennifer kneeled in front of both guys and caressed their crotches. Very slowly, she unzipped their pants and freed two monster cocks dangling in front of her eyes, each one of them offering around 8 inches of meat. What a change it was from my average cock! She lustfully jacked them off a few minutes and started to lick alternatively the two shafts. I was painfully aroused.

Then, she blew the two studs in earnest, sucking their pricks in her mouth like a possessed porn star. I couldn't recognize her behavior. On of the guys went behind her and started to fuck her doggy style while she continued sucking the other one. In the past, she had told me jokingly once or twice that she would never be able to handle two cocks at the same time: she was proving quite the opposite. She seemed to be totally used to it. She moved backwards to meet the thrusts of her lover in total sync and kept the other cock buried deeply in her mouth like a pro.

The volume of the music had been turned down to a background level, allowing the sexual grunts and moans to come through. I saw the guy behind Jennifer withdrawing his cock and sliding it a little higher...he was entering her ass! She didn't seem to object but the surprise and the initial pain made her squeal and she stopped sucking for a few seconds to scream loudly. Consumed with jealousy, I was on my way to stop her and to take her back home when a beautiful redhead blocked my way and started to kiss me passionately. She kneeled in front of me and started the most incredible blowjob I've ever had. A few feet away Jennifer, totally oblivious of my presence, continued to suck and fuck. The guy in her ass was pounding her faster and deeper while the second was filling her mouth with his cum. She was enjoying every minute of it.

Four other guys came in; one positioned himself underneath her, penetrating her cunt, another filled her mouth with his gigantic prick while she was masturbating the two others. As the initial lover was still fucking her ass, she was gangbanged by five guys at the same time. At this moment, I glanced at her friend Julia who was enjoying three black guys in every hole she could provide. I came in the redhead's mouth very deep, almost choking her with a torrent of sperm.

The guys around Jennifer and Julia stopped their fucking, letting both girls kiss passionately and stood in front of their faces. Jennifer was also bi and she was about to receive a bukkake with her friend! I was speechless...Then I saw long ropes of cum shooting from everywhere, covering both faces, entering their hungry mouths, sliding slowly down on their cheeks and dripping on their breasts. Jennifer kissed again Julia, swapping some cum with her.

Standing up and going towards the restroom to freshen up, Jennifer saw me. She was so embarrassed; she was blushing so much that her face was flushed with guilt and shame. She was about to cry when I moved closer and kissed her fully on the mouth. She saw in my eyes that I couldn't help forgiving her. She kissed me again with passion and suddenly realized her mouth was still full of cum. She was going to move back and apologize when I sealed my lips on hers and pushed my tongue further in. Her hand checked my crotch and saw how aroused I was. She looked at me quizzically and understood in an instant the infinite realm of sexual possibilities which had just opened its doors...

To be continued?
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How in the world does one describe the situation this wife has just put herself through?
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