Slutty Wife 83 - Vacation Day 3


The day went by so quick to my surprise. It wasn't long before it was show time. I wasn't quite sure what I should expect when he walked in... I figured Sarah had told him about the arrangement so I knew he wouldn't be very hesitant. Sarah suddenly jumped up after seeing the clock.

"Oh my God, we have to get ready!" she said, grabbing Heather's hand and running upstairs. I figured it would be some kind of sexy outfit... inhibition and modesty were out the window. And sure enough, a few minutes later, two lingerie clad women came sauntering down the stairs. Their outfits matched perfectly... red, lacy red g-strings and demi-cup bras designed to hide nothing and promote a spectacular view of their breasts, making them look a full cup larger. Perfume was permiating the air and smelled intoxicating. Paired with their 'fuck-me' red heels, they were aiming to please.

"I'm sure you know, Eric's always very punctual. He'll be here any minute, so you behave," Sarah said, winking at me. I was hard already... I was really starting to regret coming, but something in my stomach was telling me that it was something that I was going to want to see. The door opened slowly, and in walked Eric... It was a surprise because we hadn't even heard a car door. Sarah ran over immediately and greeted him with a loving wife kiss.

"I've missed you, hun," Sarah said, in a pouted, fully acted voice. "There's someone else here who wants to say hi to you as well!" My boss looked over at my wife and licked his lips. He liked what he was seeing, obviously, because I could already see a rise in his tailored suit-pants. My wife slowly walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I've been really been looking forward to seeing you, Eric," she said, and pulled him in for a deep and passionate french kiss. I flinched at the sight but otherwise kept my composure. "And my husband has been looking forward to seeing you too, haven't you, hun?" she asked, looking at my direction. Eric turned his eyes toward me with a look of surprise, as if suddenly realizing I was in the room with them.

"Is that true? You wanted me to show up also?" Eric asked, with a grin on his face. I sighed and looked at him.

"I've been looking forward to it," I said, through slightly gritted teeth. Eric's grin grew wider.

"You're a smart guy... I fired Rich because he was too stubborn to share his wife," Eric said, with an evil chuckle. I hadn't realized that. The corporate tag was, 'He's pursuing opportunities away from the company', but they always say that when someone leaves or gets canned.

"Well, darling... I was thinking... Since your employee has been so generous for handing his wife over to you, don't you think it would be nice if he could sit in and watch what happens?" Sarah said, with a pout on her face.

'How generous...' I thought to myself.

"Hmmm... I guess that would be fair," he said, after contemplating for a few seconds. "But not tonight," he finished, wrapping his arm around and pulling my wife in close to his body. "Tonight, I want to be alone with you and our little toy." And with that, he reached in again and shoved his tongue into my wife's mouth. I could see that she willingly accepted it as she was tasting every inch of his tongue right back. They broke after five seconds or so and Heather took a deep breath before talking.

"Of course! I like that idea... Why don't you take me upstairs now, then," Heather said, causing my stomach to churn. She looked right at me as she said it to, knowing my hard-on must be raging through my pants. Eric grinned again and shifted his glance to me.

"Don't go to bed. I'll be back down to talk with you afterwards," he said plainly and with that, and both women at his side, they slowly trotted upstairs to the bedroom and out of my sight. He had his palm planted to my wife's asscheek as she wiggled and giggled her way to the stairs. Past there, I couldn't see.

I was so horny... it really wasn't fair but I was so turned on I didn't care. Things were quiet for the first few minutes... but it didn't stay that way. I almost jumped out of my seat when I heard my wife practically screaming! I started to get up to see if she was okay when I heard the follow up from her!


I sat back down and got comfortable. My dick was a nightmare in my pants, straining against the demin fabric of my jeans. I could only imagine what he was doing and I wanted to know so bad. But judging from her wailing for the next hour or so he was pounding her with everything she could take.


That was Sarah. I had this image in my head of Eric railing on my wife from behind and Sarah on all fours in front of her like Friday night. Even through all that, I could hear my wife's muffled screams from above. I pulled my dick out and finished myself off, leaving a gallon of my cum right in the middle of the floor. I could hear Eric finishing up above me.



I heard a roar come from Eric and my wife simultaniously. I knew they came at the same time, and after another few seconds I heard nothing but silence from the room. A half-hour later, I heard the door open slowly and close just as quietly. Eric came down the stairs in nothing but his boxers. He was smiling from ear to ear and gave me a pat on the back before sitting down on the couch next to me.

"I'm not even joking... your bride is a real fire-cracker! Her pussy is so tight."

"Um... thanks," I said quietly, glaring at him to know of my semi-disapproval. Eric sighed but smiled... it was more light-hearted, like the friend I always thought about him as before this week.

"Don't act like that. You're my best producer. I couldn't have fired you even if you said no... my managers would have buried my ass if I let you go for no good reason."

"Rich wasn't that bad of a producer either," I retorted, looking for a bit more information.

"Rich wasn't anywhere in your league. Listen, I really like you and your wife. You've been a good employee and a great friend. I want to make you feel a little better about this," Eric replied. I was intrigued as to how he could make this better.

"Now that I've broken your wife in, you're going to be allowed to watch every night from now on," Eric started.

"Gee, thanks.." I snapped back, sarcastically.

"I'm not finished, I'm not a cruel man," he said in a voice of sincerity. "I'm up for promotion... no, let me rephrase that... the promotion is mine already. That's why I was away for the first two days. Do you know how I got that promotion?" he asked, squinting at me and looking, expecting me to know the answer. I simply shook my head. I wanted to hear him say it.

"Your numbers got me there. You accounted for 50% of my entire eleven man team... all of your peers combined do what you do! That's phenominal!"

"Is that why you're banging my wife now?" I shot back. He could flatter me all he wanted, but I wanted to know what this had to do with this week.

"In a way, yes," he replied, matter of factly, before continuing. "You're being promoted too, to my position. It's already been approved by the board." My eyes went wide. Eric easily made $100,000 more than me per year on salary alone. "I'm fucking your wife because I need to have people around me that I can trust and trust me enough with their f****y."

"That... doesn't make much sense," I said, flatly. It didn't. I trusted him far less now.

"Let me put it differently then," he said, in a colder tone. "It doesn't have to make sense. All you need to know is that your wife was begging for my sperm, and if you want this promotion, you're going to tell me right now that she belongs to me for the rest of the week."

I was furious. I wanted to kill him. This was fun when it was Sarah, Heather and I, but this was just cruel now. And even through all that, his words had my dick up like a spike. I had heard it... she did beg him to cum inside her. She was in his bed right now, waiting for him to come back to cuddle up against. But for my wife's sake, I had to play along for the rest of the week. I swallowed my pride and said what he wanted to hear.

"Go upstairs right now and fuck my wife. She's your slut." Eric laughed, got up, and gave me a firm slap on the back.

"I'm glad you're sticking with me! Don't worry about her! You'll see, she'll be in a great mood all week! And she'll spend some time with you... just don't spoil our game by fucking her and we'll get along great this week! And you're going to love dinner on Tuesday. Ritzy place. Filet mignon, crab legs... no sneaky bullshit. The tabs on me for that meal! We'll all celebrate our promotions!... just some more than others!" He laughed at his own joke and trotted upstairs.

I bit back tears. This was tough... but I'd make it through it. Heather and I would go home a very happy couple. I knew it.

A couple of seconds later, I could hear my wife again from the bedroom...


I sighed and walked upstairs to my bedroom. I figured it would be louder for the next hour or so, but at least I'd have a bed to sl**p in. I heard nothing but screams of ecstacy from my wife for the next hour or so...




Silence again. I knew they were out for good this time... and I finally got to sl**p.
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3 days ago
Thats it, he's now hooked on being cucked big time !! I know soon his hot little SlutWife will bekum a a kumcrazy WhoreWife that loves being WhoreBanged by anyone her owner (the boss) KumMands they service !
Being a Dom myself I can see where this should be headed !!!!!!!
2 years ago
Its getting better and better!
2 years ago
yea but your not happy nor getting any
2 years ago
very very good still like me can we see her all nude i want too see her breast
2 years ago
These stories get better and better !
Amazingly arouzing, you don't photo's to picture it to your mind. Can't wait for the next part !
Keep it up
2 years ago
Great story,,, cant wait for the next installment.