Slutty Wife 83 - Vacation Day 2


I woke up feeling very little relief. Heather still wasn't in my bed so I decided to get up and check in the next room. It was quiet enough... so at least they weren't still playing. I put my ear up against the door and heard nothing. I reached for the handle, and to my surprise, it turned and the door opened. I opened it slowly to avoid any creaking.

The room reeked of pussy and it was intoxicating. And right in the middle of the bed with no covers or anything was Sarah and my wife. Sarah was lying flat backwards and wrapped in her arms was my lovely wife. And they were both out cold. I stepped in and took a closer look.

My wife's pussy was beet red and raw... I couldn't guess the number of orgasms she had. There were teeth marks on her very swollen nipples and thighs, and hand prints on her neck, stomach, and her ass. Sarah's body, on the other hand, was perfectly smooth. Her pussy looked used... but it was nothing like my wife's! I figured that Sarah spent the rest of the night ravishing her body until my wife passed out... but that was just a guess.

I walked out and closed the door. I figured I'll let them sl**p... I definitely didn't want to hear what they'd say if I woke them up. That would have been awkward, to say the least.

I went downstairs and brewed a pot of coffee and made myself some eggs. I checked outside, found the morning paper and sat down to enjoy a nice breakfast. It was a gorgeous morning, considering the storm last night. Sarah was the first to come down, wearing only a little white tee-shirt and a bright red thong.

"Good morning, Sunshine," she said to me, winking and pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Um... can I ask you a couple of questions?" I asked, determined to get some information about what the hell happened last night.

"Of course!" she said, almost relishing the idea of providing me with details.

"Okay, first question: How did you do that?"

"Well, a little glass of wine or three, a massage of the tense back muscles and a little slip of something in her drink and she loosened up very nicely," she said, with a sexy little smirk. I couldn't believe that I was hearing that. She d**gged my wife to push her over the top! I needed to dig a little bit more.

"Okay then... that makes a little sense. Second question: Why did you do that?"

"Isn't that a little obvious...? From the look on your face, I guess not. I had a few reasons. First, it was my little gift to you, once I noticed you were watching. Second, your little wife is so sexy, I had to get a taste of what she could offer. Third, Eric is going to need to know what he can get away with..." I did a double take. Did I hear that right?

"What?! Eric is going to know what?"

"Well, he's coming up tomorrow, and he's going to want to have a little action. It's going to make him so happy to hear he can basically do anything he wants to her little body and she'll happily take it."

I didn't know what to think. Having my wife dike out with Sarah was one thing but knowing my boss was planning on having some fun with her as well!

"Don't you want to ask your third question?" she asked, with a smirk.

"I... I don't know what you mean..." I replied. I couldn't think straight.

"Ask me what I did with your wife last night," she stated. It was more of a command or an offer of knowledge.

"What did you do with my wife last night?" I asked, feeling my groin start to hit third gear. I was gaining momentum. Sarah sauntered over to my side of the table and made me move my chair out. She turned around so her ass was in full view of me.

"Well, since you want to know so bad... I'll tell you. Well, she started back here," he said, pointing her to perfectly shaped ass, tracing her crack as she went up and down. "She did such a good job downstairs, I wanted a little more before she got her release. She lightly started tracing my asscrack up and down, and she was so skilled at it. I know it's not the first time she's been with a woman."

Sarah turned around and stratled my lap in the chair, placing her arms around me. She put her lips right against my ear and started to whisper as her hips began to gyrate against me. I had a raging hard-on... I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I missed her body so much and this was really exciting for me.

"I got on top of her just like this and we were just kissing so sensually. Her lips were so eager to get against mine. I can tell why you like her so much... she gets so passionate," Sarah said, continuing with graphic detail. She moved her hand between my legs and started rubbing my dick right through my boxers. It felt so good I simply closed my eyes and enjoyed.

"I started rubbing her pussy very slowly, up and down... up and down. She started was moaning so loud I knew you'd hear it. Your pretty little wife was leaking like a faucet and hands got all messy, so I pulled my hands up to her mouth and made her lick my fingers clean," she said, pushing her finger into my mouth. "And she lapped them clean so eagerly. She really must like the taste of pussy."

Believe it or not, I could easily picture my wife doing this. Sarah probably didn't know how much of a slut my wife could be when she got going, and she cleaned my dick off everytime we were done having sex. I know she liked the taste. Of course, having another girl feed her own juices to her made the image that much sexier. Sarah then pulled her finger from my mouth and slid down between my legs and nuzzled against my dick through my boxers.

"I went down between her legs after that and just started cleaning up the dripping mess she was making. After only three or four seconds she practically exploded and started running even harder. She orgasms so hard, I felt like I was going to drown. She tried to clamp her legs shut, but I wasn't done, so I bit her thigh," she said, clamping down on my thigh with her teeth. It hurt. It hurt like a bitch. But I was so horny it just heightened the experience.

"Her legs shot back open for me, so I grabbed them and started lifting them up towards her head. She's so flexible, they went all the way up with no problem. Her asshole is so dainty and small, I wanted to see what it could handle, so I started running my tongue around that little button. She tried to clench up again so I slapped her asscheek hard to let her know she better just get used to it, because I wasn't done yet."

"I started slowly enough, cleaning her asshole just like she did mine. After ten seconds or so, she relaxed and started moaning again, and she really let loose when my first finger replaced my tongue... and then my second right afterwards. Her asshole was so loose, I figure you go in there all the time, don't you?" she half-asked, knowing the answer. I fucked Heather's ass pretty regularly even before we were married, usually at her insistance. I was shocked the first time she climbed on me without warning and let me bottom out in one long stroke. I knew for a fact right then that my wife's big ass had seen plenty of dicks even before me.

"She didn't need much help with her juicy little pussy at that point because I knew she could orgasm just from that alone, so I pressed my tongue against her asscheeks until she came again. I've never met someone who can orgasm just from having something in their butt. Your wife was a sweet little treat," Sarah continued. She climbed away from me, leaving my dick raging hard, and laid down on her stomach facing away from me and spread her legs.

"After that, I turned your wife on to her stomach and massaged her back... I figured that would be a good wind down, but wouldn't you know, she just wasn't ready to stop. She arched her ass towards my hand everytime I went over her... she wanted me to play with her even more," Sarah said, arching her back in a mimicing fashion, raising her ass so I could see the thin red strap flossing her asscheeks and the moist patch her pussy was hidden behind. "So I made a deal with her..." That comment caught my attention.

"What kind of deal did you make with her?" I asked, inquisitively through my haze of horniess.

"I put my thumb against her clit and held it still, just to get her in the mindset I wanted... and I simply told her, that if I was going to do anymore, she'd have to agree to a few of my concessions... And your wife was so anxious for my attention she was all about hearing them," Sarah said, continuing her story.

"What... concessions...?"

"Well, the first one, she was staying with me in my bed every night this week... and she didn't even hesitate to agree to that. So you're going to have an empty bed all to yourself at night," Sarah said, in a tone of triumph.

"Wait a seco..." I started.

"That's too bad. Don't blame me, blame your wife if you're angry... but just think about what she's going to be doing with me while you're asl**p."

I stopped agruing. I was so horny I didn't want to. The thought of them together in bed like lovers was so much more than I could handle.

"The second thing she agreed to was sharing our bed with my husband... I didn't even finish before she was saying she didn't mind that at all. She was still screaming at me to rub her again." I didn't know what to say, but Sarah knew that. I knew she was telling the truth. Sarah raised her body onto her hands and knees, pressed her legs together and swayed her ass from side to side in front of me. She turned her head around to watch me with that coy smile on her face. She knew I was entranced.

"The third thing I made her promise... well that was the interesting one. I told her I'd rub and bite and lick her all night if she agreed to let my Eric have his way with her each night. Do you know what she said to that?" Sarah asked me with an evil smile on her face. I shook my head no.

"She said, 'I'll do anything he wants! My body belongs only to him this week'."

The words stung. I knew my wife had definitely said that. I knew my balls were turning purple at the thought of what he was going to do to her. This whole scenario seemed surreal.

"So I spent the next hour or two rubbing, licking... even slapping her. She's so feisty! She loved every second of it!" Sarah said, standing up and facing me again. She put her perky and perfect breasts inches away from my face. And I'm guessing you don't have any objections to this arangement?

I was floored. Horny beyond description and floored. I shook my head no, letting her know she had my reluctant blessing. Sarah leaned in and pecked me on the lips.

"I'm glad you don't have any problems. My husband is coming tomorrow night, so I want your wife in perfect shape for him... wouldn't you agree?" I shook my head yes, silently. "But since he's not going to be here tonight, we'll need a little assistance in our room." My ears perked. My eyes went wide. What did she have in mind?

"I have a few... concessions for you to agree to though. You can sl**p with us tonight... but don't get used to this. First of all, it's a one night thing and you can't tell my husband, okay?" I shook my head yes eagerly.

"Second, your little Heather's body... her pussy and her ass, are off limits. She's raw from my treatment last night and Eric's going to want her nice and rested, deal? She or I can lick that dick of yours though... deal?"

"Yes. Definitely!" I said, without hesitation. I wanted to be in the middle of that sexy sandwich last night.

"Third, my body, again, pussy and ass... they're off limits. Eric gets VERY jealous if another man touches his property, so don't get any ideas," she said. I agreed, but then shot a question.

"If I'm not going to be fucking you or my wife, what will I be doing?" I asked, curiously horny and busting at the seams of my boxers. Sarah smiled. She climbed on me and swung herself around so she was pretty much upside-down in one fluid motion. Her head was between my boxers again, nuzzling my balls through my boxers and her ass was staring me in the face. I could feel her pulling my boxers to the side and my balls falling out against her lips. Her breath was hot on them.

"Well... I'm sure you wouldn't mind burying your face between these cheeks again, would you? Especially if your wife and I are working on you like this..." she said, and sucked one of my testicles into her mouth. I leaned backwards and moaned loud. Sarah started swirling her mouth around my balls very slowly. The pleasure was beyond wonderful and after a minute or so cum was erupting from my dick and onto her neck and breasts. Sarah smiled and climbed off of me.

As she stood up, she put her finger against her neck to get some of my sticky cum onto it and put it in her mouth. I watched her close her eyes and swirl her tongue around it, savoring the texture and taste of my stick white sauce.

"Mmmmm... just like I remember. Your cum always tasted so good," she said. She left the rest of the cum settle on her neck and chest. She made no moves to take it off. "Don't tell my husband I said so though... he wouldn't like that." She started to walk towards the stairs.

"Where are you going?" I asked, confused. She was such a tease, the way her ass wiggled as she walked, without any regard for my prying eyes.

"You made a mess all over my neck and chest... so I have to get your wife to clean me off. And don't worry, I'll tell her you agreed to everything. She's going to be so excited. I know it!" And with that, she trotted upstairs and locked the door behind her. After a minute or two, I could hear the moans from their room again...

I was in a daze... I couldn't remember the last time an orgasm felt so good. She didn't even have to stroke my dick. She just latched onto my balls, sucked on them, and finished me off in seconds. All the rules were going through my mind...

1. Heather wasn't sl**ping with me all week, she would be with Sarah and Eric.
2. Heather's body belonged to Eric... I wasn't allowed inside.
3. Sarah's body belonged to Eric... I wasn't allowed inside... but about that I had my doubts.

My wife would behave. Heather would spend her time as Eric's little slut and follow the rules. She'd love every second of teasing me, telling me all about it later too. I had a feeling, however, that Sarah would probably pull my aside sometime to get a little time in with me. I just didn't want to get caught by my boss. That wouldn't be good for my health or my career.

I finished eating my now cold breakfast, poured out my cold coffee and went back to my paper... not that I was reading it.

Heather came trotting down the stairs in a little skirt and tank-top number. I knew from her suitcase, she had no panties or bra on, which I confirmed instantly when she stood upright next to me. Her asscheeks, still with the hand prints on them, were hanging out of the bottom. Heather crawled onto to my lap and gave me a kiss. Sickly, I could taste my cum... she had eaten it off of Sarah.

"Hello, honey!" she said, cheerfully, as if it were a normal day.

"Um... hi?" I replied, not sure how I should act. "So... you're okay with this, then?"

"I don't think I have a choice. Rules are rules, and they were so nice to let us use their place... And I don't plan on breaking my agreement, however coerced it was." Heather was so... matter-of-fact about things. Since she said her body belonged to my boss, that's just the way it was and nothing could change that.

"Well, Sarah and I are going shopping for when Eric gets here. We're going to get a few nice 'outfits'." I knew she meant lingerie.

"Wait... you're really going outside wearing that?" I asked, half-surprised. Heather loved showed her body off but she usually wasn't this blatant about it. Her skirt was five-inches long and left a good inch or two of her asscheeks hanging out of the bottom. She wasn't wearing any underwear or bra, and she still had faint handmarks on her body.

"Of course... what else would I wear? See you in a little bit!" she said, and trotted out the door with Sarah arm-in-arm. I was stuck at home, basically waiting to see what they would come home with... which was erotic, yes, but made me so jealous that another man would be enjoying seeing it on her too.

They decided now, more than ever, was the time for a shower... I had to relieve myself again, plus I had some work to start.

I heard the door slam shut downstairs, followed by giggling. I looked at the clock and saw it was 4:30. I had fallen asl**p but knew that my wife and Sarah were back. I roused myself off the mattress, opened my bedroom door and went downstairs.

"Hey sweety," Heather said, getting up to give me a kiss. Her kiss tasted like Sarah, unsurprisingly. "Do you want to see what we got?" With just that statement, I was rock hard again.

"Definitely!" I said with enthusiasm.

"Oh good! Let me show you this first. Sarah said that Eric is going to take us all out to dinner on Tuesday night, so Sarah said I needed a nice dress. Heather pulled up a little spagetti strap mini-dress. It was Easter yellow, loose and flowy, and very, very short. It would cover her body entirely, but not by much... even the slightest wind would leave her lower region on display. It was still better than the skirt she had on though, which seemed like it was hiked up farther than when she left.

"I thought she looked very nice in it, so I bought it for her," Sarah said, winking at me.

"And she was very nice for doing it," Heather said, going over and kissing her on the lips in thanks. It was so sexy to see her act like that in front of me.

"Ooh... and we both got outfits for the real party tomorrow night. Wait here!" she said, grabbing Sarah's hand and their bags. They ran into the room to the side of the living room and closed the door. I heard giggling again but I wasn't ready for what I was going to see when they came out.

Sarah walked out first in a black bra and g-string set. It was very sheer, and hid nothing of her body. Her nipples were perfectly visible underneath the bra and let her breasts hang perfectly natural, which was stiff enough because of her boob-job. She spun quickly around to show me the back which came together in a perfect "T" shape against her skin. I looked at her with my mouth agape... but what my wife was wearing was even better.

Heather came out next in a little white get-up. She had gone all out. The bra was even more see-through than Sarah's, which instantly made me grab myself in frustration. The straps of her g-string, however, were pulled high on her hips. The back end wasn't "T" shaped like Sarah's, but curved and disappeared into her asscrack. The matching high-heels set the whole outfit on fire though. She looked like a stripper. I'm sure that's what she wanted. Heather turned and faced the wall and placed her hands above her head.

"Look at your wife now... doesn't she look nice?" Sarah said, standing behind her. She reached out with both hands and stroked the sides of her stomach and hips. My wife cooed against her hands and wiggled her ass, which Sarah moved to and rubbed gently.

"And just think... your wife's ass belongs to my husband now. You don't mind that, do you?" Sarah asked in a deep and sly voice. "Ask your husband, Heather."

"Honey, you don't mind knowing that my body belongs to Eric, right?" I was again, entranced. Sarah had gone to her knees and was kissing my wife's asscheeks, while looking back to see my expression. I shook my head no, letting her know I was okay with it. Heather started walking over to me.

"You don't mind if I fall asl**p in Eric's arms every single night this week, do you?" I shook my head again. She strattled my waist on the couch.

"I can't just fall asl**p though... you don't have a problem with your boss's dick inside your wife's moist and aching pussy, right?" Again, I just shook my head. She started to rock her hips back and forth, grinding her pelvis into my dick with all of her weight.

"Oh no! We don't have any condoms either!" she said, faking disappointment. I had a feeling this was coming. "Honey, I can't just quit and say no. He's just going to have to take me bareback, isn't he?" I flinched at that question, but slowly shook my head in agreement. I was so horny I just wanted to be sandwiched between these two ladies bodies so badly.

"And one more thing, hun. I know you talked about it with Sarah, but I want to hear it from you to know you like the idea. Since Eric wants me all to himself, he's going to be the only one cumming inside me... Tell me you like that idea," she said, pressing her body hard against mine, her lips breathing hot on my own. Sarah was behind me now, and had lowered her breasts against my head. I was pinned underneath them, harder than I had ever been before... I answered.

"I think Eric should be the only one allowed to cum in you."

"I knew you loved me," she said, and kissed me deep, driving me into the couch. She whispered against my lips... "You know, we're going to make you very happy tonight, since you've made me so happy." My dick was jumping hard against her skimpily clad pussy from beneath my pants.

Heather slipped down between my legs and Sarah started massaging my shoulders.

"You're such a generous husband. You know how to make your wife happy," Sarah said. My back muscles relaxed. Heather undid my pants and was met with a slap in the face from my insane hard-on. I was easily nine inches long and Heather was licking her lips, teasing me with every glance.

"Sarah told me you really liked this," she said, pulling my balls into her mouth slowly. Her swirling tongue made my head fall back, only to be met by Sarah's open-mouth kiss. Our tongues danced back and forth while Heather went to work on my hulking member. Sarah unlocked out lips, and pulled her breasts from her tiny bra and placed them above my mouth. I started sucking and licking her nipples hungrily.

My wife really had no equal when it came to blowjobs. She was an expert. I knew she had had plenty of experience before we met, so she knew plenty of tricks to getting a man's cum into her mouth. She loved the taste of cum. It always excited her.

By this time, Sarah had crawled along side me on the couch and took over my balls into her mouth like earlier as my wife started sucking on the head of my cock. Seeing my wife and my ex-girlfriend feeding on me was just amazing, and I can't even begin to explain how good everything felt. I reached out and put my one hand on Sarah's ass and started rubbing her softly. I could hear the moan escape her lips.

My wife released my cock darted her head down to greet Sarah's moaning with a deep open-mouth french kiss. I could see their tongues dancing back and forth. They broke their kiss and my wife pushed Sarah's head down to my dick again. Heather stood up and walked around behind Sarah where my hand was. She grabbed my hand and wrapped Sarah's g-string around my finger, pulling to it the side.

Sarah spread her doggystyle body and arched her back instinctively as my wife started slowly licking from the top of her asscrack, straight down across her hole and down to her dripping pussy and back up. Sarah was moaning loudly against my dick.

"I know how bad you want to fuck her, hun," Heather said, her eyes locked on me. I met her stare with my mouth agape. "I understand perfectly. She's gorgeous... but she doesn't below to you anymore, does she?" I shook my head no.

"Your boss now owns two of your girls. Doesn't that make you mad?" she asked. I'm not sure why, but I shook my head no again. "Good answer. You're such a good husband. Because you said you want it, I'm going to make Eric feel so good." I was rapidly approaching a monster climax, and Sarah knew it. She stopped licking and tagged out for my wife again.

Heather swung her body upside-down, like Sarah did earlier, and replaced her mouth on my rock hard cock. Heather ass was in my face, and Sarah was standing in front of us. She placed her hands on the back of the couch to hold herself up and started licking my wife's asscrack up and down. Heather was moaning loudly against my dick. I knew she was loving every second.

"You see her pussy, don't you?" Sarah asked me. I nodded. "Just think, Eric's cum is going to be in your wife's pussy every night this week. You like that, don't you?" I nodded again. The thought of another man b**st-fucking my wife bareback and cumming inside her sent erotic shivers down my spine. "Maybe I can talk to my husband... maybe he'll let you watch us... would you like that chance? Would you like to watch Eric fucking your wife?"

I couldn't hold back. I shot my load straight to the back of my wife's throat. and like the professional she is, she was ready. There was no run off, she caught the whole thing in her mouth and kept going, milking me for everything I had. Sarah stood upright and Heather swung off of her and stood next to her... I watched in awe as Heather kissed Sarah... or rather, swapped my cum directly into her mouth, which Sarah promptly swallowed.

"I told your wife that your cum always tasted better than anyone else's, so she promised to share," Sarah said, winking.

"Come upstairs, we're going to bed now," Heather said, grabbing my hand. I slowly got to my feet as the ladies helped me up the stairs. I was so spent and I knew they were just getting started. Sarah opened the door and Heather slid me onto the bed. They crawled up next to me, kissed each other over my body, cuddled against my bare chest and went to sl**p. This could very well have been the greatest night of my life.

I woke to the sun blasting me in the face. My wife had gone over to the curtains and pulled them to the side. She was still wearing her white outfit from last night, which did nothing to curb my morning libido. Sarah didn't even rouse at my side though. The sun was to her back. She was still dead asl**p. Heather walked over to me and french kissed me good morning.

"Good morning, hun," Heather whispered against my lips. She seemed extremely cheerful... and I knew why. She was going to have quite the week ahead of her. It was Sunday, and we didn't go back home until Thursday morning... Fivenights of being the exclusive property of another man.

She bounced out of the door and I heard her decend the stairs. Sarah's hand went up to my face and pulled me in for another good morning kiss.

"Hey lover..." she said, breaking her kiss and smiling. This really was the most amazing morning. Sarah sat up, giving me a nice look at her thong clad ass and smooth back before getting up and waltzing over to the door after Heather. "Don't forget... last night was your treat, from here on out it's a different game." And with that, she left. I got up, went back to my room and got into the shower to wash off.

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5 days ago
Yes, that's one couple well on their way to being turned into SlaveKuntWhores......both of them !!!!!
Once theyve been broken and trained that'll be pimped out to WhoreBang parties for top $s to kumplete their humiliation with cuckieboi the star Sucktraction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 days ago
Now both Lil' Miss SlutWife and CuckHubby are both learning to be used and abused as Mu.Guzzlers !!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
on to the next chapter! wonder what "party" they need new lingerie for?
2 years ago
Heather and her wimpy husband are the perfect cpl. to vacation with!
2 years ago
sorry but no way
2 years ago
perfect follow up
i'll have to read a few more times.. :))