Slutty Wife 83 - Vacation Day 1


Vacation was always a fun time for my wife and I. My wife (we'll call her Heather) absolutely loved the beach... I absolutely hated it. Men stared at her non-stop while we were there, and she never wore anything but her g-string thong bikinis on the sand. I was used to my wife making a spectacle of herself, but I decided I didn't want to deal with that this year.

Instead, we were headed to the mountains. I absolutely loved the mountains... cool air, fires at night, forest everywhere around you. It was gorgeous. And the best part is, we didn't have to worry about hotels or anything.

My boss (we'll call him Eric) has a huge "cabin" up there. I put the word cabin in quotes because it's more like a resort, with a pool, hot-tub, two-floors and basement, billard table... everything you could ever want in the rustic woods. And since I'm his lead producer and he's a good friend, he lets me use it.

This time was going to be a little different though. We were going to be sharing the cabin with Eric and his wife... something I was really looking forward to. My boss's wife (we'll call her Sarah) is a former girlfriend of mine. We dated back in high school for a year or two and she is just as sexy now as she was then... only now, after Eric paid to have her breasts done, has the clevage to match the rest of her spectacular body.

Surprisingly, Sarah and my wife got along great and were very good friends... This would have been a really awkward stay if they weren't.

We drove up seperately. Eric and Sarah were going to show up the next day, so we would have the cabin to ourselves for the first night. Our ride up was uneventful. We joked, laughed, had an all around good time like we always did and arrived just about when we figured we would.

Heather ran up to the door and opened it while I grabbed the suitcases from our trunk. She sat down on the couch and relaxed, I took our stuff up to the second bedroom to unpack while she got started on dinner. I was floored when I laid her suitcase out.

First of all, she had packed no regular underwear. No regular bras either. Just three pieces of lingerie which was so complicated it couldn't be worn with regular clothes... It seemed to me like she was all set to go commando for this week, which is perfectly fine with me. She only had one pair of jeans in the case though... everything else was a flowy and exposing skirt, not more than six inches in length. It was almost as if she had packed for the beach anyway.

All of the shirts she had packed were tight and small, which would leave nothing to the imagination without a bra to have underneath it. I took special note that there were no condoms. It really was going to be a vacation for me.

I got in the shower and went down for dinner after that. Rain had started to come down pretty hard. Things were quiet from that point on until around 9PM or so when the door shot open, startling my wife and I while we were watching television.

In walked Sarah, dripping wet from the short walk up to the front door. My wife couldn't help but laugh. She was drenched from head to toe.

"What are you doing here so early? Eric said you wouldn't be here until tomorrow," Heather quipped over to her. Sarah took her sandals off at the door. She looked stunning, wearing a little tanktop at the mercy of her huge cleavage. They were 36C's at least, and on her 25 year-old body, looked fantastic. She was wearing a nice pair of lowrise jeans as well, which were sagging from the water dripping off them.

"I drove up tonight. Eric has something to do tomorrow night and won't be up until the day after. I didn't want to wait," she said, locking her eyes to mine while she said it. She knew I was staring at her bust which was practically hanging out of her tanktop. "But I absolutely need to change! The weather is ridiculous!"

She stormed upstairs and joined us a few minutes later. She had dried out her hair for the most part and slipped on another tank top and pajama bottoms she must have kept up here. She greeted my wife with a hug, followed by a tight squeeze to me (which pushed me right into her fun-bags) and sat on the couch next to my wife by the fire I had started.

That was quite the sight... my wife and my ex-girlfriend (now my boss's wife) sitting on a couch right next to each other, chatting it up. My mind went racing towards the possibilities.

Heather was known in college as a raging slut... basically a dorm room with a revolving door policy. I've always known my wife was very bisexual with her roommate as well, so this was just too perfect.

Sarah was similar. She was always flirtacious, but from what I had heard, didn't become a full out slut until after she married Eric. Rumors went around the company that she was a party a****l when she had a little bit to drink... and had no reservations about 'dancing' with men or women, as long as Eric wasn't around.

I went to bed around 11:30... I was dead tired, but the girls stayed up and chatted. When I woke up at 1:30 and didn't see my wife next to me in bed I was a little concerned. I crept out on to the balcony and looked over the living room. Jealousy and excitement crept into me.

Sarah was sitting upright on the couch with my wife strattling her. Sarah's hands were gripping my wife's asscheeks tight. Their lips were locked against each other and I could hear the low moans escaping my wife's lips. Sarah lifted up my wife's shirt, exposing her beautiful breasts and started pinching her nipples. I must have caught them getting started.

"Come down here and sit on the couch," Sarah called up to me. Yikes... busted, I was thinking. But then again, here was Heather cheating on me with another woman. I didn't have much to worry about. Heather looked back at me, mouth agape, not from being caught but from the joy of her nipples being pinched and twisted.

I came downstairs and sat down next to them.

"That's pretty sneaky, watching us up there, not telling us you were there," Sarah started.

"What are you talking about? You're kissing my wife," I started back at her.

"Just be quiet! I'm having fun," Heather spurted out, leaning down to kiss Sarah again. I was floored. I had not expected that reply. I could see their tounges darting in and out of each other's mouths and I was speechless. When their kiss broke, Sarah looked over at me and spoke.

"You can sit on that chair over there and watch, but for right now, she's mine." I probably should have been mad, but this scene was WAY too hot to interrupt... this was the kind of fantasy I had always had. Two of the hottest girls in my life going at each other in lust... they make porno's out of this stuff! I sat down in the comfy armchair to enjoy the show.

Sarah grabbed Heather's arms and put them behind her forcing her chest straight out. Sarah didn't waste anytime and pushed her face between Heather's breasts and pulling her hard against her face. Heather's eyes went wide and turned to fix on me. I was absolutely thrilled at the site. Sarah was having her way with my wife. Her mouth was feverously sucking her nipples, alternating between the breasts. Her nipples were out like rockets... aching to feel the pull of her mouth on them.

"Alright, now it's my turn," Sarah said, moving away from Heather tits. My wife reluctantly got up and stood in front of her. Sarah pulled her pajama pants off, revealing a beautifully clean shaven pussy. Completely bald, just like I remembered.

"Get down in front of me and lick until I tell you to stop," she ordered calmly, directing my wife between her legs. Heather didn't even blink... she was no stranger to eating pussy. According to my wife, she was really good at it, and from the instant moans from Sarah she wasn't lying.

"Arch that ass up and spread your legs so your husband gets a good look at you... You look like such a slut. Look me in the eyes while you're eating me," Sarah ordered. My wife complied VERY happily. Sarah only lasted a few more seconds before she shuddered in orgasm, grabbing my wife's hair and pushing her hard into her pussy. My wife finally came up for air, gasping, only to be stuffed full of Sarah's tongue, lapping her own juices from Heather's mouth.

"You're not done yet," Sarah said, moving to all fours, facing away from my wife. With her hand still full of my wife's hair, Sarah pushed Heather's face between her ass cheeks. "I want my asshole cleaned right, so start." And, again without waiting, my wife drove her tongue up and down her crack. "Don't let you face fall away from my ass... I mean it."

Sarah started crawling... and my wife, as directed, kept along behind her as best she could, coming up for air but making sure her face was firmly between Sarah's asscheeks. She started crawling towards me and ended up between my legs, with her arms resting on my legs.

"Your wife has a wonderful tongue... she's so skilled. Do you like the way she looks?... I mean, with her face buried between my asscheeks?" Sarah asked, looking up into my eyes.

"She looks amazing. This is so hot," I said honestly. I couldn't believe Sarah was between my legs again... but even with my dick poking through my boxers, she wasn't paying attention to it. I was so hard, and she was ignoring me.

"Are you going to let me take your wife to bed with me?" This was so sexy I couldn't have said no even if it came to mind.

"Absolutely you can."

"Good," she said plainly. She stood up. My wife followed her ass up. Sarah laughed.

"You can get up now, you're coming with me," she said, kissing my wife deep as she got up. Heather just nodded. "Now kiss your husband goodnight."

Wait... goodnight? Did she just say goodnight? Before I could protest, Heather's mouth was attached to mine. I could taste the familiar taste of Sarah's pussy mixed with the aroma of her ass against her cheeks. Sarah grabbed her hand and walked her slowly upstairs to her room and closed the door behind them.

That little slut... she stole my wife from me for the night. Within minutes my wife was moaning like a banshee from the room and I was sitting in the room with my dick in my hand. I climbed the stairs to follow them and turned the knob... only to find out it was locked. I was completely left with my imagination as to what Sarah was doing to her! After a half-hour of pacing back and forth, I realized this wasn't a sick joke... my wife was her's for the night.

Horny and jealous, I walked back to my bed and finished myself off... passing out only minutes later. My dreams raced with the image of them in a frenzied sixty-nine... wondering what the next morning would bring.
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1 month ago
Love how his ex girlfriend turned his Slutwife into a SlutKunt/AssKunt munching FuckSlut !!!!!!!!
1 year ago
excellent. part 2?
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Very hot x
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Great start to a Vaca. But not letting me come to bed too, NOT good!
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Very nice story
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very good
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Great story
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Heather wanted to eat Sarah's ass..........Sweet
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what a way to enjoy the mountains..
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it would be hot if she stole his wife ;)
2 years ago
absolutely amazing story! very well written! waiting eagerly for the continuation
2 years ago
OMG this was awesome I was so hot reading it