P punished me with his belt

Yes P was at it again . he tied my titties and abused them again . He slapped them around and when my cunt got creamy he humiliated me for it. I got turned on from his abuse . I was blindfolded and he attached his electro stuff to my nipples and my pussy lips . WOW He could only be amazed by what I endured and the cream in my cunt . He fingered my cunt when it was so creamy and then fed it to me . I was warned to not lick it off my lips but just let it there under my nose the whole time he used me . I could smell my cunt juice all over my mouth but I knew that if I licked it I would get more punishment from him . He is already mad at this cum whore for being a bitch to him . I almost came on his fingers and he quickly slapped my face when he realized I was about to squirt . It quickly stopped my orgasm . After he smacked me he put his hand on my neck and choked me a bit to remind me just how much in control he is . As I passed out he released his hold and slapped me again to bring me around . I yelped in pain forgetting that I was with him . It angered P again that I was being loud . I know that I must be quiet for him or the spanking is worse . But I wanted to beg for his forgiveness . Though he would love me begging. Boy I was wrong .He didn't want to hear it at all . So I again got slapped good and hard . Telling me "Shut the fuck up you nasty dirty whore " . I cried under the mask because I know I have upset him instead of pleasing him . And I know that if he is not pleased I will not have his thick long cock shoved in my cunt at the end . And when he punishes me I need to be well fucked .
So anyway , he makes me turn onto my belly with my tits still tied up . He starts by just running his fingers up and down my back to tease me . I quiver under the touch . It makes my cunt even more wet and I know that when he sees it he will laugh at me again for being so easy . He touches me to make me want more . I start to grind my mound against the bed and he touches my cunt lips and I grind more . He is not pleased by my grinding so I am beat on my ass with a hair brush several times. I forget that I am to count when ever he spanks me and he smacks me about a dozen times before he pauses to tell me I am a bad whore for not doing what is proper . So he begins the session of spanking again and this time I count for him ----1 sir ... 2 sir .. so on until he makes 15 . I am in tears under my mask . He shoves his limp cock in my mouth from the side and tells me to make it hard and that I only have 2 minutes to make it hard . Lucky for me I suck cock the best . He is hard right away .
He decides to reward me by shoving his fingers in my cunt hole and makes me moan deep . He takes me to the edge again and stops as I am about to spray my cum everywhere . This night he enjoys giving my ass the beating but it turns out that he really enjoyed the session because he dives into my cunt face first and fingers me while he eats me . I cream his hand and face and he wipes his hand over my face then rubs his cock out and shoots another hot full load all over me as always . This time .. he continues the humiliation though and sends me home with out any of my clothing that I arrived in . He walks me to my car and kisses me good bye then gives me one last swat on my sore ass . He will not give me my clothing as I said and he knows that I have room mates that will see me arrive back home and they will see my red sore ass and see the cum all over my face and in my hair . They will laugh also I am sure .
When I walk through the front door I just want to get to my own room fast with out them noticing me . But alas that won't happen because P called them and told them to expect me naked and used . He tells them to use me also if they wish . Turns out, my male room mate needs sexual relief tonight and he stops me and makes me lie on the floor while he jerks his dick over me . He adds another hot load of cum to the mixture that is on my face . He tells me that he heard I am a dirty cum whore and deserve to be humiliated more . He tells me to stay on the floor and makes a phone call . Turns out he knows a guy .. who knows another guy ....
Let's just say that I now know what a true cum bath is .
Thank you P ... for telling my room mate about me being a dirty cum whore ...
oh and yes he took pictures this time . He is going to post them here so watch for them ....
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She should start a career as a playwright