true slut .. what i can i say ?

I am a slut through and through . I love cock and cunt the same . I am looking for a cunt to enjoy locally so if you have one and want to share it with me please let me know . Some of the stories are real , some are fantasy . Those of you I have fucked know if it's you I write about . My cunt is ready to be used and filled with lots of man cum . It turns out I am good for being used . I suck cock well and will let you put your cum where ever you want and how ever many times you can get off with me I will take it each time .
You know that I have not found a man lately to fuck me and you have not had a whore in some time either . When we are alone in your place I simply tell you to just have your way with me . My pussy is shaved and exposed and ready for you . Your cock is thick and uncut and freshly shaved also . You waste no time getting your cock into my mouth and throat . I kneel down in front of where you sit and you stuff my mouth full of cock n balls. Pushing my head down so that I have no choice but to throat you . I gag so hard but you just fuck my throat . This is my place in life I am a cum dump . All you want is a place to leave your load and it turns out that my face is where you choose to spray . The fact that I am a free whore makes you shoot fast the first time . You shoved a dildo in my cunt and fucked me with it while you blew your huge load all over me . You finished and just left me there . I found a towel to wipe up some of the mess . I hear you in the next room making a phone call to a few friends . I can hear you brag about what you just did . You tell the guys that you have a free whore at your place and they need to get here soon . In about 5 minutes the door opens and in come your poker buddies . No cards tonight ... just a slutty whore to use !!!! All I heard was "have at her boys "
In turn they fuck my throat and finger my twat . None of them allow me to cum as they shoot load after load onto my face n titties . Yea I know .. same old same old when it comes to how I am used . But this is what guys want from me . They just want and easy rider to use and put away very wet . I have no idea how many guys were there but I know that I was covered by many loads of sperm . I even heard a female voice at times . Telling the guys to get it going and fuck that cunt ... she obviously wanted to see my cunt pounded . Well they obliged and they fucked my cunt good and hard . Some left a load in it others pulled and shot where ever it landed . I heard fucking and sucking noises all around me the whole time so I know there was a full blown orgy going on and I again was the center of the action . I even got to eat s very well used cunt during it all . I had been throating the guys but just as easy as she could ... she sat on my face and gave me a face full of man cum dripping from her twat . She just ground until she dumped it all on me with her wet juice too . I was dazed and very confused so when it got very quiet I didn't know what had happened . Everyone just left me there .. naked and covered in cum . I had one hand tied to something so that I could not really move . As I come around out of the stupor I was in .. I hear the door busted down by the cops !!!! Holy fuck, the place being raided and there I am in such a used state . The first officer to find me just laughed at me . Asked me who I am and all the normal . But he didn't untie me . He tells the other officers he found a tramp left used and abused. In seconds I am having my face filled again this time by the cops . They never did find what they were looking for that night . But each of them ( 4 total I think ) fucked me good and left their loads of cum where they landed also . Nice to know that I am good for something ...
100% (9/0)
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1 year ago
Your a good slut, sexy whore! when can i use you?
2 years ago
A dirty fucking whore.... nice.
2 years ago
The hottest True Slut I've ever known!
2 years ago
nice story give me more
3 years ago
I would have atleast came back untied you after I dumped another load of course.....
3 years ago
Got to love a slut
3 years ago
I want to use that dirty whore slut!
3 years ago
Love dity whore