Bruce gets used like a true sissy boy

This time I have decided to go ahead and domme one of you !!! Bruce is the lucky sissy boy today . He wants to know that he is only good to clean up my used cunt after being fucked by my real lovers. So, I arrange to be gang banged and have Bruce there to fluff then clean me.
First off is Cameron .. he knows how to fuck me well and he wants to show you how to fuck a woman right. Cameron starts out with many hot kisses and his hands go everywhere touching and feeling me. He pulls my top and bra off straight away and pulls my nipples to make them stand up at attention. he sucks them hard then removes the rest of my clothing . He moves his hands to my eager pussy pushing a finger deep then adds the rest of his hand slowly. While Cameron is working my pussy Matt shows off by sliding his cock into my open mouth . So I have Cameron's hand working my cunt well and Matt face fucking me. In the corner you are on your knees getting Fred good and hard by sucking on his thick cock . I feel a nice hot orgasm building in my twat from the fisting I am getting. Cameron takes his hand out and replaces it with a stiff hard cock. I have a cock in each end and I moan in pleasure . Matt explodes fast from the blow job I am giving him and he shoots it all over my face and he grabs you by the head and draggs you to lick my face clean . Fred follows behind you to have my face next. Meanwhile Cameron blows his nut in my cunt . You aer pushed to my cunt now and made to clean that next and Fred takes his turn in my mouth while you suck my dirty cunt.

Fred takes charge and lays on the bed and gets me to ride his cock and you are pushed down again and made to lick his balls while I ride his cock. You also put your finger in his ass which makes his cock even harder in my twat. You pull your finger out and lick that clean too. We swtich again so that you get to taste everything. I am on my knees and Fred fucks me doggie while you are under me 69 style. You suck his balls some more while he pounds my already used cunt. Fred tells us that he needs to piss and he does it in my cunt while you lie under there and take everything in your mouth as it runs out of me. After he relieve his piss he takes his turn in my ass hole . Now you have the access to my twat again and you tongue my twat and clit while I take a real cock deep in my ass hole. Cameron and Matt are both hard again and each kneel to the front so they can get blow jobs from me. I take turns sucking those hard thick cocks. As your cock lays below my head limp and useless . You know that if you get a hard on you will be punished for it. Cameron thinks its a sissy boy cock and I tell him he is right. That you only get to fuck me AFTER I have been well fucked by real men cocks .

By now Fred blows his hot load deep in my ass and I sit on your face to make you suck his cum out of my asshole. He shoots a lot and it gaggs you as I push it out of my ass and you take everything that flows with it. Fred shoves his now limp cock into your mouth to get it cleaned off before exchanging places with Matt. I have Cameron in my mouth now and Matt has taken his place by fucking my cunt over your face. Fred takes his shot at your boy cock and slaps it a few times. But this is what gets you hard. Knowing you will be punished for the hard on and you have already gotten hard you decide to try to get some sexual pleasure now. Fred is mad at your pathetic hard on and he takes you out from under my fuckfest and he puts you on your knees and makes you suck him to hard on now. When you do that he turns you around and pounds his cock deep in your ass as punishment for your tiny hard cock . I am now getting fucked in my cunt and mouth and youa re getting your ass pounded too.

By now I have both Cameron and Matt ready to explode and they do so together. I am sprayed with loads of cum from both large cocks. The sight is hot and helps Fred reach his orgasm too. Fred had enough time to pull his dick out of your ass and turn you around to suck his shitty cock to get the cum from him. After they each dress they want one more thing to humiliate you with so they make you get on your hands and knees at the door to the house and they put your collar on you and leash you for a quick walk . They parade you around the neighborhood with your little dick showing to those who can see it. When they bring you back they each take a turn at spanking your ass n cock.

I have been well fucked today but you seem to have that hard on yet. You start to ask if you make fuck me. I look at you and laugh because I know that I won't be able to feel your lick dick after the fucking I just had. But I had a few orgasms my self and you were a good boy today. Do I let you fuck me but you only have 5 minutes .

Tomorrow.. will be Jim's turn to use me while you watch. He's bringing Spike too ....
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2 years ago
Great story, where is the video!!
2 years ago
mmmmm lovely story i would love to trade places with bruce. please tell me more about Spike
3 years ago
Great story. Love to be used like that. I'll lick your cunt or shit hole anytime.
3 years ago
Very hot! I love having my asshole fucked too, so I know exactly how good it feels for you to have your asshole fucked!

3 years ago
Awesome story! I wish you would cuck me like that!
3 years ago
The way a cucks life should be
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Love it, wish I was there... take turn with you.
3 years ago
awesome story,