my cheating gf #1

i have been off and on with this girl for about 7 years now and whenever we break up and sometimes even while were together she cheats. lately i have found out all the storys and kinda like it so i wanna share them. the first time she said she cheated she went to the bar for a party there was a guy there older then her by a few years that she had a crush on so as they got d***ker they started dancing and kissing and eventually they went back to her s****rs with this guy. she tells me every detail when it gets to this point. so they walk in the house and shes really d***k and they are all talking then he goes to the bathroom which is downstairs she goes downstairs behind him and waits outside of the bathroom once hes done he comes out and she pushed him into the guest room next too the bathroom and they make out more. whenever she goes out she always wears hot dress's and no underwear. so he starts fingering her and when she gets touched on her tits or around her pussy she needs it so hes fingering her and shes really d***k laying there takes her dress off and bra and he gets naked and he just rams it in her whish is what she likes she said he fucked her really hard for about 45 minutes but because they were d***k he couldnt cum so she got on top she loves being on top and she grinds and bounces up and down she said she got really into it and started telling him too cum going faster and faster moaning and moaning eventually he pushes her off and she gets on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind for about 5 minutes his body making the slapping sound against her the whole time her saying cum in me cum in me fuck me over and over again until he came they went to sl**p and the next day she came back to my place and i didnt find out for a couple months later. sorry if its short more storys to come :)
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