My Bi-sexual Married Sex Mates

About seven years ago I went into a contact site to try and meet a sexy woman, who was married, but had an understanding relationship with her husband. After some searching and introduction messages I finally found a 48 year old married woman who was extremely keen to form a sexual relationship, with the blessing of her husband. We went through the usual initial meetings with her hubby and eventually we made a date for sex in my car.
Well was she hot!!! She had told me earlier that this was her first venture into this scene, but my God she knew how to turn a man on. She wore a very light dress with high-heel shoes and magnificent make-up. She looked a real godess. We went to a quiet place which I had been to before and knew we would not be disturbed.
Well this was an eye-opener for me. She was into sex like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't believe my luck. We started kissing which inevitably led to groping. She had wonderful tits and it wasn't long until she had them outside the dress. No bra!!! I concentrated on her tits for about ten minutes and she was beginning to murmur. I put my hand down on to her legs and started working my way up. She was reluctant at first to open them but after a few minutes she did. This woman had nothing on under her dress. When I started to fondle her pussy she began to moan and push her groin into my hand. next she was working her pussy up and down my hand, really exciting herself. Her pussy had juice streaming from it. The back seat of my car was soaked where she lay.
Suddenly she stopped and said she was carried away and not doing anything on me. So off came my trousers and out sprang my cock which she started to wank. God it was beautiful. Next she had my cock in her mouth, sucking me almost to cumming.
My God this was one hot babe and I loved it.
Well we fucked and fucked in every position we could manage in the car. Then she said "I want you to fuck me outside with me lying on the bonnet of the car". So we did and that was the most ecstatic fuck I had ever had.
We then went for a drink and something light to eat, during which she said she wanted to continue having sex together. So we made a date for the following week. Well that turned out to be something and she gave me an even bigger surprise, which I never expected. I will tell that when I continue this story later. This woman was sex driven and I couldn't believe my luck.
So keep watching for more of this purely sexual relationship.

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