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The bang

I looked around the room at the guys playing pool and wondered if our little game was getting beyond the joke it had started out being.

Six men were in the back room, two were playing and the others were chatting and drinking their beer as they watched. They looked up as I entered the room and asked ‘can anyone play?’

They looked at each other and one guys said ‘ of course, come in’

I walked into the room, drink in hand and sat down, crossing my legs and waited until they game they were playing had finished. One of they the guys racked up the balls and asked if I wanted to play the winner, I shot them all a big smile and took a cue.

‘D’ya wanna break?’

I smiles and said sure and walked around the table to take up position.

The guys looked in their 30s and 40s except for one fella who looked about 22. They eyed me up and down, not sure why I was there, dressed in a cami top and shortish denim skirt. It was a warm evening and as I bent to take the first shot, neither garment left much to the imagination.

I thought back to our last girl’s night out. We had formed this little group of married friends, we met at least once a month and planned to do something naughty before the next meeting.

It had all started at an Ann Summers party when we had been discussing the film Fight Club, about Brad Pitt to start with but moving on to talk about the notion that you could have a band of people who could do things that would never be talked about outside the confines of a certain situation. And so Slut club was born.

It started off innocently enough, collect a phone number, snog a hot guy, the usual stuff but moved on to bigger and better things. We talked about our fantasies and the things we would do if there were no consequences.

We were liked minded, some of us bored with our marriages, some feeling life was passing them by and all up for the challenges!

It started with Cassie, who had to go in to the gents by mistake and be taken aback by the sight of someone’s cock and claim she wanted a pic for her wank bank. She came back red faced but with 3 photos and a number. We all felt like very naughty school girls and things became more serious as time passed.

We moved to flashing in a public place, watching (from afar) at a well know dogging spot, Liz gave a stranger a BJ, Amy had always been bi curious, so her challenge was a no brainer (btw she is no longer curious, she is bi!)

By day we were straight laced, mums, professionals, and wives but on our nights out we were the Slut Clubbers.

I had told the girls that I had always wanted to be gangbanged and so was born my challenge. We originally planned to go to somewhere like a garage and see if I could entice the guys to make my dreams a reality but felt that had too many risks, CCTV that sort of thing.

We decided instead to find a pub (not near where we lived of course but on a weekend away, scope it out and then I could go in for the kill!

So here I was. I drank a couple of glasses of wine and entered the lion’s den! I felt eyes boring into me as I wiggled with glee at the break and then picked up my drink and surveyed them, all watching me lick the wine from my lips.

As I took my turn I made sure to flash someone an eyeful of my ass, my tits (full but still able to not wear a bra when I chose) as I bent over to assess a shot. I made some look more difficult and so had to lift a leg on to the table ensuring a glance at my now quite wet knicker crutch.

I made it obvious that I wanted to play and not just pool! I flirted and responded to their banter, which made it clear we all knew what I wanted.

I asked if I won did I get a prize, a question that was met with laughter and variations on ‘I have a prize for you love!’ I once again bent forward over the table, stuck my ass in the air, took a shot and staying in position said ‘only one prize?’

I won the game, I’m not that good so I think it was allowed to but it didn’t matter. I jumped up and down with delight and watched as they followed my bouncing tits. One guy came and said let me congratulate you and kissed me full on the lips. I responded and felt my wetness dripping as he ran his hands over my ass, lifting my skirt a little to get a handful of flesh.

Things moved fast then as man after man came and kissed me and copped a feel of me. One man slide his hand over my wet crutch and said, ‘my my we are ready for a proper prize I think.’

I responded with a moan as he slid my knicks down to my knees and began fingering my pussy. Another guy slide my cami down and began sucking on my tits, all I could do was revel in the feeling of being touched.

The others gathered around and began rubbing their cocks through their trousers, watching me being touched and enjoying it. Someone ran a finger over my ass and then probed between my cheeks finding my tight hole, rubbing it with a fingertip.

My legs became like jelly as I felt the threat of an orgasm buzz through my sex as the men made their attention more frantic and I was soon stifling a cry as I quivered over their fingers, juices running from me.

The men stood back and I steadied myself against the table. ‘Do you want more’ one asked and all I could say was yes. As I steeped out of my knickers ready to be entered.

Someone lifted me on to the edge of the table and parted my legs and began lapping at my wet mound in one smooth action. Someone was standing behind me on the table; he laid me down and dangled his cock above my face. I opened my mouth and began to take him in like I was hungry for him. He fucked my mouth deep and relentlessly as a thick cock teased my gape and then slammed in to me hard.

I let out a mew unable to do more because of the mouthful of cock but making it clear I love the sensation of being roasted. Both me fucked me hard and fast, coming quickly through fear of being caught. I licked my lips after feeling the salty liquid slide down my throat and feeling it trickle out of my gash simultaneously.

I was then lifted down and bent at right angle to the table, another cock, not long but very thick slide easily into my creamy pussy, which squelched as he slid in. He slapped my ass repeatedly as he rode me, grunting with every stroke and being encouraged by his friends to fuck me hard!

His groans became more guttural as he prepared to come and I felt his hot load filled my hole, he then pulled out of me and splashed his remaining jizz all over my ass crack. I felt someone behind me, I felt his stiffness rubbing into my ass and using his friend’s cream to lube him he pushed against my tight ass hole gently teasing me apart until he could slide just the tip of his cock into me.

With care he stretched me until he was slowly fucking my ass, he reached around and filled me with his fingers and then picked up the pace. I exploded into a noisy climax as he rubbed my Gspot with his fingers and was rewarded with his hot seed filling my ass.

My legs were once again like jelly and I was grateful when the young guy laid me down on a bench seat and to a chorus of ‘get in there’ as he kissed me hard he sunk his cock into my pussy and fucked me, without much finesse but hard enough to reignite my orgasm and I spurted on to his rigid shaft. Watching me buck and return his stokes with my own was enough to have him let loose and deposit his contribution to my now very full pussy.

By my count that only left one who hadn’t had a chance to give me his deposit. He stepped forward and told me to sit up. He pushed me back into the chair and stood between my legs and began wanking himself in front of me. I tried to grab him but he pushed my hands away, preferring to make me himself.

He groaned as I licked my lips and opened my mouth, ready to taste more hot jizz. He took sharp breaths as he said’ have this you dirty bitch’ and covered my face and my tits with globs of white spunk before sliding his cock in my mouth to be sucked clean.

As I stood up the guys began to look a little sheepish. I wiped myself with a bar towel and thanked them for the game and most of all for my prize. They replied ‘anytime’ ‘do come again’ ‘pleasure’ and from they young guy just ‘fucking hell!’

I smiled and rearranged my clothes, pointedly leaving my knickers where they had been taken off. As I left the room I simply said ‘see you again maybe’ and pondered on what the next challenge might be.

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1 year ago
sounds like you have some horny friends do any of them want a meet if you dont pass them on please
1 year ago
another great story can't wait for the next one ;)
Taff x
1 year ago
More slutclub please!