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Ever since I was introduced to Marla, my little shemale slut, I've been a hopelessly panty wearing sissy dressing cock sucking cum drinking slut. But I still long for sweet hot wet pussy from time to time.
I've always like to run to keep myself in shape. I'm also a bit of an exabitionist and enjoy showing off my pretty panties. So to kill two birds with one stone, I usually run wearing either white nylon tight running shorts, or light weight cotton so my panties shine through.
One late afternoon down by the lake I seen a little convertible sports car with a couple girls, looked like froom the local college, drive by slow and could tell they were checking me out. A few minutes later they came back the other way and waved, so I waved back. The next time they came back the other direction and yelled out "NICE PANTIES!" I shouted back "you've seen mine, show me yours." They disappeard around the curve in the road. I grinned wondering if I'd see them again. I turned down a gravel road that leads down to a nature trail. A lot of people will drive as far as you can and fish walk the trails etc... when I heard a car pull up behind me, I wasn't sure but it sounded like the car that been stalking me. Sure enough they passed me and parked in a clearing ahead. I jogged by them and again they whistled and said nice panties. I stopped and turned back to them and again told them to show me theirs since they've seen mine. They looked and acted like they've been drinking. The passanger turned all red and tried to hide her face, when the driver lifted up her skirt showing off her baby blue lace boy shorts. The sun was starting to fall down below the trees causing the area to start to get dark. I thought we were safe so I the pulled the front of my cotton shorts down in front exposing my pink satin string bikinis with pastel hearts printed over them, the tip of my cock head begining to pop out over the top as it starts to harded with every beat of my heart, as the familiar feeling of pre cum starts to ooze. The passanger shreiked while the driver smiled and licked her lips. I walked around to her side of the car to let get her a closer look. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head when I rubbed the pre cum from my cock and sucked it off my fingers explaining that I love the taste of my pre cum. She then grabbed my cock and started rubbing it smearing more of my pre cum over my shaft making it nice and slippery. I reached down and released her perky tits from her tank top to find larrge erect nipples you could hang your hat on. I massaged and kneeded those melons and could tell her pussy was getting real warm and moist. I found out Linda was the driver and Rachel was the passanger. Linda had a good rythem going on my cock and I thought Rachel was just going to look on, but got a real big surprise when she got out of the car came around and striped down. She was a curvy girl, not fat but robust. Her tits were hugh with a shapely ass. She wanted a piece of the action and pulled down my shorts and began rubbing and patting my panty covered ass. She took over rubbing my cock from Linda, that gave Linda the chance to strip off her panties. She got out of the car and leaned over the hood of the car inviting me to take her from behind. I took the invitation and slid my cock into that soaking wet pussy. I've been pounding Marla's ass (and others) that I had almost forgot how wonderful a moist tight pussy feels like, heaven... I got a steady pace going and could tell Linda was really getting into it. She almost atacked Rachael when she started to rub my balls and kiss me, making Linda loose her tempo. I pulled out and Rachel hoped on the car and spread her legs, Linda put her head down there and began eating her out. After a few minutes Rachel started moaning and squeiling while Linda kept it up putting three fingers up her cunt and taking turns between rubbing her clit at a fast pace and licking it. Rachel let out a shreil and shot a stream of girl cum all over Linda, I had never been with a girl that squirted like that WOW! I had to get a shot at that, I took over for Linda and Rachel gave me her girl juice prize, it shot out of her pussy further than any cock i'd seen shoot cum. Once she cums like that it doesn't take much to have her go again. Linda and I took turns making Rachel squirt. She could squirt with tounge, fingers and cock, but I had to pull my cock out for her to squirt. We were all soaking from Rachel's cum that we glistened in the moonlight. Rachel wanted to return the favor so she started to pleasure Linda. While Rachel was lapping Linda's pussy I started to fuck Rachel. That little slut came again almost pushing my cock from her pussy with her powerful contractions. Her pussy was so hot and moist and the siight of her tounge funcking Linda was too much, I told her I was going to cover her with cum like she did me. I pulled out and stroked it and shot a load all the way to the back of her head landing in her hair, I shot about 3 or 4 more times covering her ass. Linda started bucking and grabbed ahold of RachelSs head grinding her head into her pussy while moaning i'mmmm cuuuuummminggg. She held Rachael's head there while she calmed down. When Rachel looked up, she looked like she had a glazed donut rubbed all over her face. I got so horney again I asked which one was going to give me a blow job and be my cum catcher. It was a tie, they shared my cock while sticking their fingers up my ass. One would suck and lick my shaft while the other would suck on my balls. These girls were into cock worship. They knew when to back off, as soon as I felt myself building up for the big finish, they'd pause untiil the felling was gone. They were on their knees changing places for at least a half an hour. I was enjoying every minute of it, their saliva mixed with my pre cum, made my shaft so slick and sensative. When Linda swallowed me to my balls and thrust two fingers up my ass, the feeling was to much, I was past the point of no return and shot forth buckets of thick sticky salty cum, they both had my cock and was stroking while aiming it at their faces and mouths. When I was emptied out they stayed on their knees and started to lick each other clean and then they would kiss swaping my cum from one mouth to another. They ended up on the ground Linda on top of Rachel and started to eat each other out again. I couldn't help myself as I start to jack off. Once good and hard again and since Linda's ass was in the right position, I got my cock all wet with her pussy juice then went to her tiny little ass hole. Taking her by surprise, I thiink she bit Rachel's clit because she let out a little yelp when I entered Linda. With each thrust from my cock, her clit was rubbing hard over Rachel's face causing her to start to climax. Her moans and grinding on my cock was the right thing at the right time. She began cumming and so did I. Shooting a load up her ass and pulling free to shoot over her pussy and Rachel's face. That's the trigger Rachel needed, she flooded Linda's face with more girl juice. We stayed there for a while to catch our breath. I said I think I had enough exercise for one evening, and would they give me a ride back to my car. They agreed, before I got out to go home I asked them for one favor. Could I have their panties to add to my collection? They giggled and striped them down, handed them to me and let me out of the car then drove off. I can't wait to tell Marla about my night, after all that pussy, I'm thirsty for her cock and hungry for her ass.
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1 year ago
This is what I know

Hard cock is something that is misunderstood. Men are more obsessed with hard cock than women. Women love all of the man, men love the hard cock.

1. Attracted to pussy, tits, and ass.

2.Watching porn and liking cum shots

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The cock obsessed man starts to like BBC. The BBC fantasy is something that is taught to us all at a young age, that the black man has the master cock. Cock is the symbol of power, and black cock is the symbol of ultimate physical power.

Or older men cock because older men are soft and understand what the cock obsessed man is becoming. Older men realize that a man is dedicating himself to hard cock and giving up his manhood for the pleasure of hard cock.

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The weak man enjoys becoming a compulsive masturbator because he knows he has submitted to hard cock. He is owned, which brings him pleasure. He begins to take pride in his cum. He may even start eating his cum, or cumming in his own mouth.

A.If you read this without masturbating then you may be a strong willed individual.

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1 year ago
like a dream cum true
2 years ago
Damn HOT Story.
2 years ago
The next best thing is a shemale cumming in your ass while 69ing a girl that squirts and swallows and shares her mouth full of cum.