From big band to big bang

My special friend Marla and I like to get all dressed up and go out dancing. Well we ended up at a club that has different thems. The night we went was the Big Band era that played a lot of swing music. If you're not careful some of the moves has your dress flying out and even over your head. It's not unusal to see two girls dancing, so we could scan the patrons and see who was going to be the lucky guy. I spotted a tall handsome prospect so I gave him a little sneak peek up my dress to peak his interest. He took the bait and ask to dance. he was a very good dancer, swinging me around so my short skirt would fly out giving anybody who looked a clear view of my white satin thong and matching garter. Just knowing I was getting the crowd hot and horney made me hot and horney. I didn't want my secret out just yet so I ask to sit down for weanother drink. Marla joined us and introduced Tom to her. Marla told Tom he was really putting me on display out there. We all just laughed about it. When the drinks arrived I started rubbing Tom's leg then moved to his cock. I unzipped his pants, and under the. Table cloth I gave him a hand job until he shot a load covering my hand. He knew it was his lucky day when i licked my hand clean. Marla pouted that she wanted some too. We decided to go back to our place for a night cap. When we got there Marla and I went to slip into our matching pink teddies. Tom was ready and waiting stroking his big fat cock. Marla and I took turns licking and sucking that massive cock trying to out do the other. He had gobs of pre cum that tasted sooooo.good, I could hardly wait for the cum explosion again, this time on my face. He did not disapoint, his balls tightened and he started cumming bucket loads. Marla and I got right in front of him, he hit our faces and in our mouths. He still didn't know what packages we had for him. He just layed there watching Marla and I lick each other clean. This got him horney again, and so while Marla was sucking his cock again, I pulled my panties to the side and started kissing him. His hand reached down and found my erect cock. He took a double take not knowing what to think about that, but he knew he didn't want Marla to stop. He started stroking me and when I thought the time was right, I got up on my knees so my cock was right in his face. He blew on it kissed it licked it then opened up and swallowed it. I pulled awway after a minute and layed down on my back. Now he had to get on his knees with his ass in the air if he wanted to continue. He did, and Marla grabbed the lub. She started working his ass opening it up with her long slinder fingers at first. When she thought he was ready, she gently pushed in the head past his ring and then he was fully opened up and could take all Marla could give. He seemed to really enjoy his. New experience as he started to cum without any cock stimulation at all. All of that beautiful tastey cum just wasted on the bed sheets. After Tom's first cock sucking I blew a load in his mouth, but he pulled away and the rest shot on his face and my chest. Marla pulled out of his ass just in time to come close to me stroking her cock so she could hit me in the face and mouth also. I LOVE the taste of Marla's cum. Seeing Marla and I in our teddies with out cocks sticking out or our panties was a real turn on for Tom and he stayed hard the whole time. I wasn't going to let that go to waste, so I lubed him up moved the thong to one side and slid his enlarged cock up my ass for a good pounding. Marla was a good girl and gave me one of her famous blow jobs. I shot a good size load in Marla's mouth, she always was a good cum catcher. She then went to Tom and shared my cum with him. This was too much for him to handle and he shot a load up my ass, I swear I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. We all just passed out. The next morning Tom was gone, but not forgotten.
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11 months ago
Awesome story!
2 years ago
wow made me cum all over myself thanbks
2 years ago
Very nice.