BBC Birthday present for Jane !!!

As some of you know i have a flat which i rent to an african guy called Dedryk and i love going round to see him,he`s a dirty bugger and always has his fill of women,some of the photos he shows me are filthy but we have a good laugh about his exploits.One day at work id heard it was Jane`s birthday (Jane`s my sex mad boss) and id wondered what to get her but i didn`t have a clue,me and Jane had a sneaky shag once a month or so,or when her fella just didn`t cut the mustard and it was that night id text her to see when our next `meet` would happen.Jane and i agreed to a little session at the empty flat of mine next door to Dedryks later that week,i went into town and bought Jane a brand new rabbit vibrator and was going to wrap it up and give it her as her birthday gift.
The day came and i went round early to warm the flat up because it was empty,on my way in i bumped into Dedryk,we had a chat and i told him i was bringing a friend over to use the flat,he was staying in that night and said he`d stay out of the way,Jane turned up in her usual short black dress and high heels and it wasn`t long before i was tongue deep in her trimmed pussy,Jane was very horny that night and her hole was so wet it was like a tap,she must have cum 2 or 3 times before id even had my cock inside her,it seemed as soon as i slipped a finger in her she squirted.I was in my element and knew i was in for a long night,Jane loved to be handcuffed to the bed and i dont like to let her down so she didn`t argue when i pulled out my cuffs and told her to climb on her knees, as soon as i clipped them shut she was wiggling her ass in the air as an invitation for my hard meat,however,knowing it was her birthday and she deserved a nice treat i tied a cloth around her eyes,and went over to the drawer,pulled out the new rabbit id bought her earlier that week.
As i opened the drawer i heard a tapping at the door,i walked over and peered through the spy hole to see Dedryk standing there,i opened the door quietly and he was smirking,`who you got in there you dirty fucker` he quizzed me,i laughed and explained it was my boss that id told him so much about,`ha ha you bastard,are we sharing or what`? Dedryk asked,`well she is a handfull mate do you think you could sort a milf out tonight` i replied,i opened the door to show him Jane happily waving her ass in the air,well he didnt need another invite,he barged past me and had his shorts down to his ankles quicker than i could lock the door.
I walked past the bed and noticed Dedryks impressive dick,it was huge,i thought im not following him,Jane wouldn`t feel a thing,i stood next to Jane as Dedryk climbed on the bed and delved his tongue into Janes soaking fanny,i softly placed my hard cock against Jane`s lips as she pulled her head back `whats going on` she asked,`it`s a birthday present` i replied,Jane smirked and let out an deep sigh as Dedryk slipped his tongue in her pussy again and she wrapped her mouth around my cock.Jane was in her element and was squirting her juices with every thrust on his toungue,i didnt think it was possible because Jane`s blowjobs are amazing but it seemed with her pussy getting a good servicing from Dedryks tongue her blowjob was ten times as good,i was near ciming within minutes so withdrew from her to get my composure,Dedryk licked his fingers and slipped on a condom,i collapsed on the chair to get my breath back and watched Jane`s face as he pushed his wide black cock in her,the strain on her face told the story as he slowly inched his cock in her,`oh my god` Jane screamed,it was too much for me and i lept to my feet and rammed my cock in her mouth,Dedryk laughed as he pushed in her deeper and i reached down to play with Jane`s ass with my finger,she was loving it,`fuck me harder` she moaned as Dedryk finally had his full length inside her,within seconds he was banging away on her hungry fanny,his balls slapping her ass with every thrust.My legs was shaking so i sat in front of Jane as she expertly gulped on my man meat,i untied her blindfold her eyes was filled with a sultry sexy horny look,as soon as i saw how happy she was i felt my ass tense and pumped my hot cum down her throat.Jane looked back to see Dedryk working away on her,she ordered him to take off his condom,which he did,`now fill my pussy with your spunk` she begged,as Dedryk slipped his cock back inside her again and banged her hungey pussy with vigour,`im going to cum` she cried as her screams filled the room Dedryk exploded inside her and as he did she came too,her orgasm was so strong her juices squirted everywhere.
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Its my birthday soon!! Lol!
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