All in a days work

Last friday i had a visit from my boss Jane and it was a visit i wasn`t expecting.I was working in an empty flat just checking the electrics when Jane phoned,i answered and Jane was panting,out of breath she just asked `where are you working`?,i told her the address and the line went dead,i thought it was strange but i just carried on working thinking Jane would phone back but the call didn`t come.An hour past and i was just up my ladders in the bathroom sorting a faulty light out when i heard the door close,i shouted `hello,who`s there`? when the bathroom door slowly opened,i shit myself fearing the worse but the fear soon draind as i was greeted by Jane stood in a long black coat,im used to seeing her in her office outfit or her workwear so was taken back by this long coat.Jane smiled and started to unfasten her coat and it was soon aparent she wasn`t wearing much under it,my cock itched as i caught a glimpse of her black basque then suspenders and finaly the black lace tops on her fishnet stockings her heeled knee length boots finished off her sultry look perfectly `wow`i gasped `whats this about`?,she told me her boyfriend was fucking her that morning and hadnt done the job properly and her pussy was aching for more cock but before i could step down my ladders Jane had advanced towards me and was undong my belt,looking into my eyes as she slipped her hand into my boxers and pulled out my hardening meat,she looked down as she slid her hand along my shaft and while gripping my balls she softly slipped her mouth over me,my ass tensed as she gave me hell of a warm moist blowjob.
Jane took my hand and led me down the ladders as she pushed me to one side and stepped onto them herself,lifting one leg onto the steps as she leaned forward to reveal a neatly trimmed soaking pussy,i knelt down and slid my tounge in her slit,she was soaking,i thumbed her clit as i sucked her flaps all the while her groans of pleasure filled the room,i slipped in two fingers as i sucked her clit and slapped her ass hard leaving a perfect red handprint behind.Jane tunrned and pushed me to the floor and lay next to me,her back against my chest and lifted one leg up as i guided my cock to her soft pussy,slowly popping in half of me as i pulled her bra down and squeezing her hard nipple,i soon worked up a sweat as i banged her hungry pussy and with every thrust she dug her heel into my thigh.I toyed her ass with my finger not knowing how she would react but Jane didnt even notice as i pushed a finger in her tight ass,she did let out a short breath but she didnt try to stop me so i pushed in another,Jane`s body tensed as she turned to me,`your a naughty boy` she whispered,`are you going to fuck my ass`? ,i was so horny,i just wanted to get my cock in her ass so pulled out of her drilled pussy and guided my bell end to her tight moist ass,pushed in the tip as she held her breath,Jane turned to me and kissed me hard,biting my lip as i pushed another inch in her.Within seconds i was pounding her virgin ass as i fingered her wet pussy Jane dug her nails into my waist as her juices flooded from her,she lept up quivering,gasping for breath,i thought id hurt her but she smiled as she stepped over me her legs akimbo to my face as she let out an almighty moan as her cum squirted over my face,god her juices tasted good,i grabbed her heels and pulled her down onto my face as i licked her salty cum until she was dry.
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2 years ago
Now that sounds like really good sex!!!
2 years ago
How does it continue?
2 years ago
I like this! Very nicely done.
2 years ago
Awesome boss