The young postman

Jen,my wife loved her sex,loved to dress up in sexy outfits and with the body she had i couldn`t blame her,she had an amazing mind and loved role play in the bedroom but one day i made her own fantasy come true.Jen loved it when i would tell her stories of her breaking in a younger lad and when i set eyes on our new postman i new this was the lad for her,John was only 18 years old and quite shy but everyday i would let on to him and he seemed a very polite lad,Jen on the other hand took great pleasure in trying to tease him with her skimpy outfits and flirty comments.One summers day me and John was talking and Jen can to the door in her usual silk shorts and tight vest top,her huge nipples hard as steel and asked if i wanted a coffee while giving John a flirty smile,the poor lad couldn`t take his eyes off her ass as she walked into the kitchen,i laughed and said sorry but she`s a right tart and loves winding lads up.
The weekend came and Jen woke me up with an amazing blowjob and i was pleasantly suprised as i looked down to see her wearing her nurses outfit,white stockings and heels,i was in heaven as she slurped away on my rock hard cock but was gutted to hear the door bell ring,then ring again and again,when i realised they wouldn`t go away i eased Jen to the side and told her id be back in a minute she just lay onthe bed and eased her hand inside her knickers as i left the room,i opened the door to see John stood there with a letter to be signed for which i did,all the while i could see John looking over my shoulder hoping Jen was around,i just came out with it `John,my wife loves flirting with you and i can see how much you like looking at her` to which he apolagised and said said he couldn`t help it.i grabbed his armand led him in the doorway and whispered for him to be quiet,i told him that she was upstairs and was wanting a good fucking and that if he wanted to id let him,just this once,to get it out of his system,he agreed and i told him to get undressed and wait there.
I walked bsck into the bedroom,Jen was on her back legs wide open and had two fingers dipping in her juicy pussy her eyes closed as i crept to her sex drawer where she kept all maner of toys and things,i grabbed her handcuffs and blind fold,Jen was a kinky fucker and loved me restraining her.I crawled on the bed and gripped Jens hair,pulling her up and flipping her over ,she gasped as i tied the blindfold around her eyes and pulled her hands together clamping her wrists to the metal bedframe,she got to her knees giggling and saying she had been a naughty girl as she wiggled her ass in the air,i buried my face between her cheeks and sunk my tongue into her hot hole before leaving to go get John.
I looked down the stairs and waved to him to come up while holiding my finger to my lips jesturing to be quiet,i pointed him to our bedroom and as he walked in i could hear his breath hold as he set eyes on Jens ass waving in the air her shaven lips glistening with her juices, i held my hand out and whispered `all yours dude` as i sat down on the chair in the corner.
John climbed onto the bed and shuffled up behind my wife as he placed his hand on her cheek and guided his throbbing cock to her hungry pussy and pushed an inch inside,`oh your cock is cold` Jen shrieked as she pushed back to take him whole,his hands grabbing her tiny waist and wasted no time in banging away on her ,Jen`s moans rang out as she loved every thrust,i was frantically tugging away wondering what Jen would say if she knew who`s cock she was taking.
Jen shouted out `slap my ass` as John looked over at me with a puzzled look on his face,i stood up and walkedover to give Jen`s ass one almighty whack as she giggled with pleasure,her breaths deepening as she gushed her juices over the bed sheets,sweat dripping from her brow,i crept up beside her face and slowly untied the blindfold as her eyes ajusted to the light she looked up at me in suprise as i guided my hard cock to her mouth,she quickly glanced around to see John banging away with all his might at her from behind, she just took my cock in her mouth as she mumbled `naughty boy` her eyes fixed on mine as she took me deep down her throat ,within seconds i was pumping my cum in her mouth as she drank the lot i stepped back as i caught my breath and John stopped,trying to pull out as Jen looked over her shoulder ordering John back in her pussy `i dont think so` she moaned as she pushed her cunt back onto his shaft `fuck me and dont stop till you drop` she begged.John smiled and quickly got back into his rythem ,Jen buried her face into the pillow as she looked at me and said` this is what weekends are all about`,,,,,TBC
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1 year ago
Nobody better at slappin my arse as you slink mwah xxx
2 years ago
Luv it...... Keep it cumming lol!!!!
2 years ago
Great stuff!!
2 years ago
gooodddddd soooo
2 years ago
never happens to me :(
2 years ago