The night my girl let me bang her best friend

This was a night that took place 20 years ago and the night i`ll never forget so thought id get it down to share with you all.It was the winter of 1992,i was 18 years old and like most lads at that age i was like a dog with two dicks.Girls came and went but i had been seeing a girl Nicola for a couple of months and sex was ok,nothing special,Nicola had flame red curly hair and a slight body with pert tits she was always flirty with her mates and one in particlar was Rachel,Rachel was a curvy girl with huge tits and loved to dress up,she had a bit of a name with the lads and id heard she gave a great blowjob but she was seeing an older lad who was a taxi driver and due to his strange shifts was always too tired for sex and was a bit boring really we never saw eye to eye and avoided each other as best we could,for some reason he just didn`t like the way Rach flirted with me.
Id asked Nicola if she would ever try a threesome and she said if she did it,it would have to be with somone she knew,i was that brazen i asked her to ask Rachel as Rach was her best friend.Nicola promised me she would ask her if they ever talked about it.One particular night Nicola`s parents threw a fancy dress party at their town house,this house was over 3 levels and if you went in the back door you entered a garage that had been converted into a play room that Nicolas b*****r had a pool table set up with old sofas around it,upto the next level was the main living area where the parents were all partying,us younger ones went down to the pool room.Nicola had dressed as Madonna in a white tutu skirt and white lace tights with the white heels,she looked hot and as soon as i lay eyes on her i wanted to get my cock inside her but better was to come later on in the night.About 9pm Rachel and her boyfriend turned up,and as soon as she walked in my eyes was on her tits nearlly bursting out of her top,she had come as a french maid and had the usual black fishnets on.Her fella made her sit on the other side of the room away from me i think,soon the beers were flowing and everyone was having a good night,i popped out to the toilet and on my way back bumped into Rachel,she was a bit tipsy and leaned close to me whispering `Nic`s told me you want a threesome?`,i replied with a smile,she then reached down and grabbed my crotch saying it had been her fantasy to fuck me and if her boyfriend went then id get my chance.
Rachels fella wasn`t drinking and when i asked Nicola why, she said he was on call at work,that gave me my plan,later on, when people had started to leave i got a friend of mine to call Rachels fellas mobile for a pick up in Manchester,a route that would see him gone for at least an hour.
I could tell he didnt want to leave Rachel with us and he offered to take her home on the way to which she just told him it wasn`t her fault he had to work and he stormed out giving me dirty looks on his way.
Nicola locked the door behind him and turned to me and asked to go get her a fresh drink from upstairs,when i came back down i walked into the pool room to find Nicola and Rachel playing pool,i sat down and Rachel came and stood in front of me and bent over to take a shot,her skirt rode up her ass revealing her fishnet stocking tops,my cock grew hard in no time,she parted her legs and i just stared at her black thong being eaten by her hairy lips i looked up at Nicola as she giggled and asked what i was waiting for.I pulled the thong to one side and buried my tongue inside Rach as she lifted a leg onto the table,her hand reaching behind her pulling my face into her hot pussy her other hand slipping down the front of her thong to play with her clit,Nicola came over and pulled down my jeans and started to suck my balls as she slowly tugged on my growing cock.Nicola knelt down under the table below Rachels now juicy pussy as i stood up and guided my hard on towards Rachel`s hole,i asked Rachel if she wanted me to use a condom but Nicola just grabbed my balls and pulled me into Rachels warm cunt,i started to pump my cock inside Rachel as my balls were sucked.
Within minutes i wanted to shoot my load so pulled out as my balls tightened,i clenched my ass trying hard to hold back my cum,Nicola pushed me to the sofa and told me to calm down as she turned Rachel over and pushed her legs open and started to suck and flick Rachels swollen clit,Rachel loved it and started to moan loudly as her legs quivered,i jumped onto the table and kneeled down next to Rachels famous mouth,she took my cock ,only inches into her mouth and sucked away,her tounge flicking at my bell end as she gripped my balls,evertime i was about to squirt she knew and slowed the pace,the rumours were true,she knew exactly how to give a great blowjob.I heard a car pull up outside and a shadow appear at the back door Racehels man was back,he started knocing on the door and rattling the handle,Rachel pulled Nicolas face deeper into her pussy begging for her to make her come quick as she wrapped her mouth around my cock as i was trying to get off the table,the knocking got louder `Rach open the door,i know your in there`he shouted,Rachels moans got deeper as she sucked my cock harder and faster,her hand on my ass stopping me pulling away,i could hear Nicola`s slurps as Rachel gushed her juices in her mouth and that did it,i sqirted my red hot spunk down Rachels throat as she was fixing her knickers and Nicola was wiping her mouth,Id just f***ed my cock into my jeans as the door burst open and Rachels fella stood there all angry and stressed.
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2 years ago
Great story....
2 years ago
Shame u didn't fill her pussy with cum