She`s the boss !

My story starts with an innocent visit to my works office.
It was a rainy day when my boss called me to tell me she wouldn`t be in due to meetings at her office but would be still available by phone only.My boss was a lovely lady,very professional in her work and to be honest had a very sexy,curvy body for the purpose of this story i will call her Jane.I would only ever see her in jeans and a polo shirt and had never seen her in anything else.This particular day around 10am i needed to pick up parts for my job but needed an order number,so called Jane but the reception was poor,i drove to the wholesalers and still couldn`t get a signal so decided to drive via the office.I pulled up outside behind Jane`s van and rang the bell at the office,waited and waited so went around the side to knock on a window,climbing over the fence i saw a small window slightly open and walked over not knowing where the window was in relation to the office,stepping on a box i looked through,Jane was just coming out of the toilet with just her jeans and a bra on, i would have calledout but feared she would shout at me,my heart thudded as i watched her take off her white plain bra and reach into a bag to pull out a black lace one,her nipples hard as she slipped into the bra to cover them up.She bent down as she slipped off her jeans and knickers to reveal a silky smooth shaven pussy,my cock was as hard as ive ever known and she picked up her bag and walked back through the door to the toilet. I didn`t know what to do,i wanted to get down and bang harder on the front door but i was so turned on that i just had to wait to see what she was wearing when she came back out.In no time the door opened and Jane stepped out in a black thong with lace top black stockings and a pair of very high heels,she had her dress in one hand and stepped into it and pulled it up to fasten it but stopped.She looked at her watch and sighed,dropped her dress and walked over to the sofa inher office,i could only just see but she bent over ,giving me an amazing view of her ass.As she turned to sit on the sofa ,she opened her legs and with one hand pulled her thong to one side and pulled what i thought was a lipstick from her bag,she turned the bottom of it and it started to buzz,i was shocked to realise it was a small vibrator,she sucked it very quickly to make it wet then in one go slipped it inside her shaven pussy.She just wiggled it around as it buzzed away,her face waslost in fantasy as she pulled her bra cup down under one breast to rub her hard nipple.Within seconds she was gasping and lifted her foot onto the glass table in front of her.I couldn`t take my eyes off her and by now i could feel a damp spot forming in my boxer shorts,i looked around but it was an alleyway and no one was going to come down so i unzipped my pants and pulled my very hard cock out and startedto wank myself.I looked back throught the window and noticed Jane`s eyes was open,she was looking around and sat up quickly grabbing a banana from the fruit bowl on the table and falling back down into the sofa.She slid the banana along her juicy pussy lips rubbing it hard into herself and pushing just the tip in let out a shriek as she gushed her juices over the sofa,then pushed it inside as she continued to squirt out,her pussy was soaked but she rammed it deeper intil she could barely hold onto it,lifting her knees up to get better access she began to pump it in and out of her hungry cunt.Jane started to moan louder as her breathing became sorter and deeper and pulling the banana from her a huge gush of her cum followed out.I was about to come myself when the door bell rang.Jane sat up looking at her watch and swearing as she clambered into her dress, zipping it up quickly and checking herself in the mirror,she straightend her hair as she ran to the door.I fell off the box and quickly tucked myself away,tiptoed back to the front door as it was shutting.
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