Old bird ,,,,,still loves the cock !!!

Just got home from a day of wet saggy pussy,a funny day in lots of ways in how it all worked out but i`ve got to share this one with you.
They say `every holes a goal` at our local dogging meets and today i really shouldn`t have but i was turned on and given no choice.I was called to test some electrics in a wardend block of flats,only 12 flats and it was for over 65`s.The first one i went to was some old irish guy playing Daniel O`fuckin Donnell all morning long,i couldn`t get out fast enough.
I knocked on the next flat and a woman answered,blonde hair and a little make up,black leggings and a pink jumper,a purple bra strap on show,a very warm welcoming lady invited me in and i made my way to the kitchen through her living room.The living room was full of photos on the wall,typical for an older lady but most were of a young blonde girl posing on professional pictures,some had her with just a blanket hiding her body,it was hard to see proper as i was walking through but it seemed a very well kept flat.As i was working away she didnt stop talking and a couple of times she was bending down fussing about fluff on her floor and i got a superb view of her tits overflowing in her badly fitting bra,i knew i shouldn`t look,this could have been someones grandma.
The conversation soon turned to her living alone and that her `man friend` of 30 years had recently died,i asked `do you miss him`? she said `not his moaning but i do miss the sex`,i burst out laughing and she did too,i always get a little flirty with clients and asked her how old she was with a puzzled face,`65` she replied,`well you dont look 65 thats for sure` i said,she thanked me and then mentioned it was due to a healthy sex life why she looked so young,"cums good for your wrinkles` she added,,,i looked at her in shock and tried laughing it off,she took my hand and led me to the living room and pointed out the lady in the photos was her and the closer i looked i was amazedshe was telling the truth,she looked sexy as hell in her prime and i told her so, she turned to me and asked if i did odd jobs for cash ? "of course i do" i told her "do you need a light going up or a new socket going in" i said,she again took my hand and led me to the sofa and sat down undid her purse and pulled out a wad of £20 notes,counted out £100 and offered them to me,as i took them she stood up whipped off her top and flicked open her bra,her tits nearlly knocked me over she looked down with a sneaky grin on her face and quickly fumbled my work pants open grabbing my soft cock and tugging it hard,she dropped to her knees and wrapped her big soft tits around my meat and wanked me off all the while kissing the shaft,"i want you to cum inside me" she asked,i was lost in one of the best tit wanks id ever had,the visions of her in her youth running through my head.
Babs lay back on the sofa peeling down her black leggings and pulled her knickers to one side.I didnt know if her pussy was shaven or just bald with age but it was as smooth as a baby`s bum i fell to my kneesand delved my eager tongue inside her,"christ this is one big fanny" i thought i slid one,two,three fingers in her and she didnt moan once,i pushed a forth in with ease,then my thumb and thats when she gasped,"push harder she begged" i swear on my life i was up to my wrist in one medium push and started fisting her fast.Babs was loving it,her legs twitching with every pound of my hand,she lifted her legs up in the air and she gushed all over my arm,all over her ass and all over the sofa,she reached down grabbing my cock and offered it to her ass,moaning as i slid in slowly,my arm was killing me as i ass fucked her as hard as i could,sweat running down my chest "cum inside my ass" Babs begged as i pumped my salty seamen in her hole.
I collapsed on her chest as she moaned with pleasure,"how long are you over here" she asked "because you can have double your money if your back tomorrow".
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