Slutty wife,,,now my EX slutty wife !

This starts in the summer of 2006 when after a year in her new job i found out of my ex wifes love for cock.
Jen was a lovely girl,mid 5ft with a size 6 figure,she had always had small boobs but due to her having a good job had paid for two boob jobs and went from a B to GG tits,they were amazing and i loved playing with them.Sex was great but as time went along Jen`s need for me became too much and i was often out of service with a sore cock.
We had not had sex for about a week and one weekend my friends and i was going for our usual weekend away fishing,Friday came and Jen had gone to work,my friend came over and we loaded his car and headed off to Wales for the weekend.That evening i phoned Jen to see how she was and she said she was just getting ready to go out for a few drink with her friend.
The fishing was going well but around 10pm,Dave my mate got a call saying he had to get home so we quickly packed away and headed home,we rolled upto mine about 11pm and i threw my gear in the garage and went to go inside the house and realised i didnt have my house key,i tired to call Jen but it was going to voicemail so decided to get inside the garage for a quick sl**p as when Jen went out it was usually till the early hours.
I was out for the count when i suddenly woke,looked at my watch,it was 3am not wanting to wake the neighbours i quietly opened to garage door and noticed the lights on in the house,went over to the french doors at the back and looked in,,,my heart dropped as i saw Jen on the sofa with just her stockings and bra on,she was bent over with some guy banging away at her from behind while she was face deep in her friends pussy,i stepped back,i could actually hear my heart pounding,i was shocked to say the least but couldnt help myself and peeked again,i could hear Jen ordering the guy to slap her ass hard,,her screams muffled by her firnds hairy pussy,he was giving her a right good seeing too,she stood up ,straightened her stocking tops and pushed the guy to the sofa starddling above him grabbing his huge cock and lowering herself down onto it,slowly sliding downhis thick shaft and starting to build up a steady pace up and down.
Clair,her friend sat next to the guy ,kissing him as Jen`s hands wandered between Clairs legs,her fingers working away inside.The guy was sucking Jens tits and i could see how much she loved it as her riding got harder and faster,Clair started slapping my wifes ass and i noticed her fingers getting closer and closer to Jens ass,Jen leaned forward and Clair slid a finger inside Jens ass as Jen pushed her huge tits into this mans face.I didnt notice until a light breeze came by but i could feel the cold air on my groin as my boxers filled with pre-cum.
I looked down and took out my cock and started to wank myself ilooked back into the room as my wife was standing up and turning round,leaning back she took theguy`s cock in her hand and guided it to her ass as she lowered herself down,his tip starting to push against her ass Clairs fingers working away at Jen`s clit,my wifes ass popped over his bell end and she gasped as sheslid her tight ass over his shaft,he grimaced as she didnt hold back and took his full length in her ass her fingers grabbing his balls and squeezing them hard,she didnt ride him but grinded around on his cock as Clair screamed as she squirted over the floor,four of her fingers inside herself,Jen looked down at Clair and kissed her as she rubbed her clit,,,the guy let out a loud moan as he shot his hot load inside my wifes ass.
Jen hadn`t cum and i know how much she hated that,she lifted off the guy`s cock as his cum dripped from her ass she reached downscooping his cum from herself and licked her fingers with anevil smile on her face.
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2 years ago
Nice, can not wait to hear more!
2 years ago
oh that's hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great short one! The only thing I seen she did wrong was doing it without him!!!
2 years ago
Perfect situation to begin a life of a cuckold. Get in there and lick all 3 clean and start living.