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[Story] A Gender Bent- losing control.

"Nick was it" david asked as me Him and Kandi sat in the living room of Kandis Posh apartment in NYC. "Yea its short for Nicholas" I said. "I figured: he said smugly. "So Kandi told me you have a Nice ass, any chance you would let me fuck you?" David said happily. "I don't Swing that way" I muttered. "oh come on" David said. Kandi Fucks me, I fuck kandi we all fuck each he other " he laughed out. It will be fun. "Sorry david" I said."Its ok Nick" He said.

My head was still zooming from he d**g Kandi gave me in my drink earlier and David notcied its effect on my. "so david is like my pimp a... Continue»
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Letter of Introduction

If you didn't know from my profile, i am a consensual slave who is so proud to be the property of my Owners, Mistress Lady K and Master G along with my s****r, slave alex (aka LadyCrow). my s****r and i enjoy the "Freedom of Slavery" for our Mistress and Master or whomever our Owners may wish us to be the entertainment and pleasure for.

Perhaps i should give you my 'normal' daily routine so as you'll know when i am available to play for you.

First of all, i am a kept woman who does not need to work outside of the home. my "job" is to plea
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[Story] The Surprise Vacation

The Surprise Vacation

by an unknown author and Tristmegistus

1. Chapter - Innocent Beginnings

"Did you take your vitamin, dear?" Ellen called from the bathroom.

I rubbed sl**p from my eyes and picked up the pill bottle, rolling a big
tablet into my palm. "My horse pill? I'm doing it now."

"Have you noticed any difference yet?"

"Nah. Vitamins are pretty much all alike." She'd gone on a minor health
kick a month before, insisting that I needed to lose a little weight and
take better care of myself. I hadn't actually made it to the gym to wor... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Emma is Turned chapter 2

At that point I was allowed to go back upstairs and remove everything and go home. As I was walking out towards the door, John said he would see me the next week. Not if I can help it I thought.

Once I got home, I quickly got into the shower and washed away the thoughts of what had happened to me and was soon in bed and fast asl**p.

Over the next few days, I began to forget of my ordeal and resolved to keep away from any of the chat rooms. I hoped I had learned my lesson.

That was before I received an email from him. Attached was the video of me, but it had been edited. None of the pa... Continue»
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[Story] Hotel Sissy Boy- Bell Boy Fucked by Dominant Guest

I have a job as a bellboy in a small very exclusive hotel. I see many interesting people, especially attractive men. Almost always they are accompanied by attractive women or other attractive men.

One weekend, a very attractive man checked in, alone. He is 6'3", around 225 pounds, with fierce blue eyes and jet-black hair. His trim waist and broad shoulders turned the head of almost everyone in the lobby. I almost knocked over the other bellboy to have the chance to carry his bags.

As I e****ted him to his room, I was blown away by his engaging smile and easy, confident manner. He gave ... Continue»
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The art and beauty of deepthroat

This is a 3 part article I have written myself for the sole purpose of sharing my journey and experience through deepthroat training.

The art and beauty of deepthroat-Part 1

I am an expert cocksucker and I play one on TV. LOL! Well, the internet that is.
My Master and I are oral fetishists and exhibitionists. That has lead the way to over 20 videos and many photos s**ttered over the free tube sites such as xhamster and xtube as well as Fetlife.

Because of this I get a lot of messages and comments from all over the world asking about my skills, praising them, and of course oc... Continue»
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[Story] f***ed feminisation

It all started as just a game. i logged into a f***ed feminization chat room and portrayed myself as a slave being punished by my Mistress. Saying She had instructed me to enter this room for 5 minutes and obey any command given to me. It seemed harmless and exciting. How stupid could i have been. Instantly i began getting messages for me to strip and show my ass and my face in various poses. There was one in particular who led the show. He f***ed me to put on lots of makeup and lingerie and pose myself as a sissy slut begging for cocks to serve. Everything was done on cam. i was naked sprea... Continue»
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