A Night of Makeup, Cock and Cum - froam Annamalice

It was all I could do not to accept. After all, it's been a fantasy of mine for years. When given the opportunity, I had to go for it.
I had been surfing the internet for crossdressers, shemales, transvestites and transsexuals. The idea of a hot woman with a cock had always turned me on. Further, I had always wondered what it would be like to be with one and turned into one for a night of being a cum-guzzling whore.
I popped into a chat room and started talking with others when I got a private message.
"So you want to be a whore for a night, do you?"
Thinking this would be another night of hot cyber sex, imagination and jerking off, I said "Yes."
"How serious are you about doing it?"
"Serious enough that I'd be willing to do it under the right circumstances."
The person asked for my e-mail. I gave them my "slut" e-mail so as not to give away anything. Minutes later, I received this e-mail:
"If you are serious about living out your fantasy, I can help. My partner and I have done this before. However, if you are going to do it, you have to be willing to go all the way. If I do this with you, you will look like a total tramp and you will take at least 4-5 cocks. You will submit to me for 24 hours. At the end, we'll clean you up and you can go on your way with your fantasy fulfilled."
I was stunned.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think this fantasy would come true. Being a pretty straight-edged guy with a good job, the odds of me ever carrying through with a fantasy like this was slim.
But this was too much.
I went to the bathroom, showered and thought. I finally decided to e-mail the person back.
"OK, I'm interested. What should I do?"

Seconds later, I got a response: "Be ready at 7 a.m., and meet us at the Central Lines bus stop. We'll pick you up."
I got up early and got ready. At 7 a.m., I was at the bus stop when a black SUV with tinted windows pulled up. The back door opened and a beautiful woman stepped out. She said "Get in" and I did.
I was sandwiched between two people in the back -- the woman and a big black man. A white guy was driving and another beautiful woman was in the front passenger seat.
The woman in the back spoke.
"OK, you are agreeing to submit to me for the next 24 hours. We won't hurt you, but you will do a lot of slutty things as you are becoming a whore. Please realize that you will suck cock, get fucked, have cum shot all over you and other things. Are you sure you want to do this?"
After a deep breath, I said yes.
She grabbed my chin, pulled my face toward her and lined my lips with red lipstick.
"We'll fix this later, but we have 25 minutes to my place. So let's get you primped a little."
While this was going on, I heard a zipper.
Seconds later, the black guy took my head and pushed it down on his enormous cock. It had to be 9 or 10 inches of pure meat. My red lips were around the cock now as he pushed my head up and down for my first blowjob.
It couldn't have been that good, but he didn't seem to care.
I took my hand and wrapped it around the cock in hopes of limiting the amount going into and out of my mouth.
Twenty minutes later, I heard him moan. His cock started to grow a bit and soon I had my first taste of cum going down my throat. He held my head there as he unloaded into me, making me his little cum dumpster.
When he was done, and I had swallowed his entire load, he slightly pulled my head back and wiped his cock all over my face. Pieces of cum stayed on my cheek and chin.
"Don't remove it," my mistress said.
I then sat there for the rest of the trip with a tummy full of cum and traces of it on my face.


Moments later we arrived at her house. We pulled in and I was led to a room and sat down in a beauty chair. The room looked like a mini beauty salon.
Two women came in. Both were chewing gum and one was smoking as they looked me over, giggled and whispered to one another.
The one smoking took a long drag and exhaled as she got a serious look on her face.
"So you are the new little sissy faggot, eh? You're soon going to look the part, that's for sure."
I didn't say a word.
"Get undressed," she said.
I did as I was told and stood there, semi-erect and naked in the room.
The second girl came behind me and reached around. She started jerking me off and going quite fast. She held a glass under my cock and caught every bit of my cum as I had a pretty intense orgasm. She then wrapped my cock with a moist towel to clean it off and dried it as it softened.
Then, as quick as I came, she had applied a small chastity devise to my cock.
"You'll not be using that tonight, so let's put it away," she said with a giggle.
The first lady took my glass of cum -- which was quite a bit -- and slowly poured it into a dildo, which had a squeeze ball attached. She then instructed me to bend over. After using some lube on my ass, she shoved the dildo deep into my ass, of course getting a moan out of me.
"While we turn you into a little whore now, you need to make sure you know what it's like to have cock in your sissy pussy. So this dildo is a vibrator and we'll be using it while we make you into a trampy little slut. At times, it will cum in your pussy -- with your own juices."
They sat me down at the beauty chair, locking my hands and feet in place so I couldn't move anywhere. Then they went to work.
The older lady, still with the slight smell of cigarettes, started to work on my eyebrows with tweezers. She said she was shaping them. The other girl was shaving my legs, private area and anywhere else that needed it. She released my arms briefly to shave my armpits. I was soon smooth as can be.
Then the vibrator came for the first time in my ass, which made me jump a little. They both laughed and went back to work. Let me say I have shoulder-length hair as it is. The one lady went to work on that, shaping my hair and using some blonde highlights to work it into a very sexy looking hairdo. My eyebrows were shaped perfectly.
The second girl was trimming and painting my toenails. She was also putting fake nails on my fingers and styling them. The older lady then got closer to my face and started to go to work.
She applied a heavy base before working on my eyelashes and put on a lot of mascara. She put bright blue eye shadow on, pink blush and a deep red lipstick. I wasn't ready for the next part as she took out a piercing gun, gave me two earrings in each ear, a nose ring and an eyebrow ring. She then told me to stick out my tongue and I soon had a tongue bar.
I finally got a look at my fingernails, too.
They were long and painted red. The right hand had the word "Fuck" on it and the left hand had "Slut" on it. So if you read it across, it would say "Fuck Slut." On each thumb was a picture of a small cock exploding with cum.
I then got another shot of my own cum in my ass. What a celebration.
They stood me up and fitted me with false tits -- 44 DD monsters. They then put a bra on me and had me stand there as I was pierced again -- with a belly button ring. The second girl -- who turns out was a Henne artist, placed a temporary tattoo around my belly button -- a cock exploding with cum.
Pink fishnet stockings were then rolled up my legs and attached to a pink garter belt. After my cock was tucked back, I was put into a g-string pair of panties, red of course. They placed me into a very short red miniskirt. Very tight (PVC) and short -- so it barely covered my ass. If I walked, it no longer covered my ass.
They then put a tight shirt on me. It was pink and in rainbow letters across the front, it said "Sissy."
The final touches were a pair of thigh-high boots. Pink with 6-inch spike heels. They placed those on and I got a look in the mirror.
Holy shit, I thought. I am a total whore.
The older lady reached under my skirt and slid my panties aside so she could pull the vibrator out. She then said I was ready to do my job.
She handed me a purse and said it had everything I would need. Inside were about a dozen condoms, some tissues, lipstick and two packs of cigarettes and a lighter.
"Not sure if you'll need everything in that purse, but you never know," she said with a laugh.
She then led me to the main room where the original four were waiting and I was greeted with whistles and catcalls.
We all piled into the car once again and headed down into the city. I didn't know where this was going to end. All I knew is I was dressed for success.
Or suck-sess if you will.
We pulled up to a shady little sex shop in a dirty part of the city and I was ushered into the back and into a booth. Soon, I was joined by one fella who started pawing at me and touching me all over. He smelled of cheap booze and cigarettes as he kissed my neck and touched my tits. His cock soon came out and he directed my head to his dick.
I went to my knees in the video room and felt a sticky sensation. I soon realized I was kneeling in old and new cum as people had left their seeds behind. As I was preparing to suck this cock, I looked over and saw a cock coming through a glory hole. The guy I was about to give a blowjob to positioned me so my ass would be facing the glory hole.
As I started to blow the guy, he pulled my skirt up, pulled the g-string to the side and led my tight hole onto the other waiting cock. Soon, it was cock in the mouth and cock in the man pussy. Ten minutes later I was getting filled with cum from both sides. When they both had unloaded, I was left there with cum all over.
I slowly made my way to my feet and looked around. I had cum on my knees and could see gobs of cum all over the floor. This must be a popular room.
Another guy came in and instructed me to get to my knees and I did as I was told. He sat on the chair and instructed me to lay face-down in front of him. He was very specific on lining me up and he then put his feet on me and pushed me flat down onto this floor. I then saw why he positioned me the way he did.
It seems this small corner area he had me at was the spot where people spooged.
In front of my face was a large gob of cum -- probably 10-12 guys worth of release.
"Eat it," he said.
"No... please, I can't do that," I pleaded.
He pulled my hair back and looked me in the eye saying, "Your mistress said you'll do what you're told. Do it, you little dog."
So I lapped it up. Little by little I licked up all the cum in that corner. He then got on top of me and mounted me, fucking the shit out of me harder than I had been fucked all night. In the end, he released deep in me with a monster cum shot. He then stayed in me for a little while, making sure I got all of his seed.
This continued throughout the night. I never got to leave the little video room. Some guys came in and watched a porno as I sucked them or got fucked. Others made me lick the other cum spots and then fucked me some more. I gave many blow jobs and had a lot of cum shot in my ass. Each of the guys signed something to my shirt, too, obviously as a keepsake for this night.
When the night ended, I was exhausted and almost out on the floor when the two original guys came in, lifted me up and took me to the SUV. The mistress lit a cigarette and gave it to me. Though not a smoker, for some reason I took a long drag and exhaled.
"You got your wish to be a slut. This is your reward."
I took a deep drag again and just stared ahead.
Back at her place, I got a good look at what I had become that night. Lipstick smeared. Makeup running. Hair messed up and my outfit filthy from being on the floor all night. There were dried cum stains all over me and my stockings were ripped some and a couple of the garter belt strands were hanging loose.
I looked like a mess.
"We'll clean you up fully and have you back to the bus stop by 7 a.m., 24 hours from when this started," she said.
She started to walk out of the room.
"Oh, and if you want to explore other slut fantasies, you have my e-mail address," she said as she walked away.
And that was the end...
... or is it?

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4 months ago
Amazing! Licking the olds loads from the floor, assfucked while your face lays in the puddles of jizz..... used and abused by strangers... a true cumdumpfucktoy! Very nice read! :)
8 months ago
Dreams can cum true :)
Very hot story !
1 year ago
I have a fantasy almost thesame
2 years ago
You are such a nasty cum slut whore. Wish I was there to lick your ass clean then feed you all that ass cream.
2 years ago
great story!! let hear the next adventure!!
2 years ago
Extreme and very hot..excelleny story..!
2 years ago
you are so crazy would like tobe like you so did you go back
2 years ago
Came as I read!
3 years ago
Great fantasy well written
3 years ago
My favorite story every time I read it disconnected from excitation
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
fucking hot!!!
3 years ago
wonderful experience
3 years ago
I want this lol