New House, New Adventure Part Deux

New House, New Adventures Part Deux

Chelsea and I had a nice Saturday all planned out. The boat hadn’t been taken out all summer so we decided it was time to go drop it into the lake and have ourselves some alone time. The lake was only about an hour away and everything was packed up and we were ready to get on the road.

Mandy and Misty had been out all morning shopping with each other and had just pulled into the driveway as we were just getting ready to take off. I stopped the truck and rolled down the window to tell them our plans for the day. Misty stepped out of the car and was taking advantage of the 90 degree weather and was wearing a tight little white, belly shirt and a faded little jean mini skirt that hugged her 18 year old hips and ass to her every curve. As she walked up to the truck window I noticed that her perky little nipples were practically poking through her white shirt as she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could make out the darkness of her areolas if the sun hit her shirt just right.

“Mandy and I just got back from Victoria’s Secret and we wanted to show you what we bought!” Misty said with disappointment as we had explained we were going out all day.

“Yeah, mommy, you would be very proud of us,” Mandy shouted out from the window of her car as she grabbed her shopping bags.

Mandy stepped out of the car with her bags only wearing a string bikini top that tied around the back of her neck that squeezed her massive 36D tits together showing off her incredible cleavage. She was wearing her signature skin tight jean shorts that showed off her perfect thick little ass. As she stepped out of the car she accidently dropped the keys and bent down to pick them up. The bottom of her ass cheeks fell out of her shorts as she bent all the way over almost seductively, knowing that her step-daddy was getting hard watching her tan ass come out of her shorts. She turned back and saw I was looking and gave me an innocent little smile as all I could think about was the first night I had seen her naked and filled her ass with my hot, sticky cum.

“We’ll see you girls when we get back,” Chelsea yelled out the window as I began to drive away.

Chelsea immediately looked down at my bulging cock and knew that seeing her gorgeous slutty little daughters had made me extremely horny.

Chelsea was wearing a cute black little sun dress that was so low cut that I could see the top part of her areola’s of her huge floppy 38DD tits as she also had no bra on. She knew how much it turned me on to watch her walk around with her tits bouncing to her every step and wanting to jump out of every top she wore. She took her left leg and propped it up on the middle console exposing her soaking pussy lips. She had her eyes locked on my bulge and slowly started circling her fingers around her clit as her other hand spread her pussy lips apart.

“Did my girls outfits that I picked out today for you make you happy, baby?” She asked.

“Yes, baby. My dick is so hard right now I can’t even focus on the road.” I gasped.

“Well let mommy take care of her baby then.”

Chelsea leaned over to undo the tie in my swim trunks. As she bent over her beautiful round tits dropped out of the top of her dress and were rubbing up against my leg as she now had my cock completely out of my shorts. She grabbed my dick with both her soft hands and slowly started rubbing her hands up and down my shaft. She arranged herself in the car so that she was on her knees and had her ass sticking straight up in the air, exposed to any driver that passed by.

She began to lick my shaft up and down before she finally took the head of my cock into her warm, wet mouth.

“Oh baby! Your hard nipples feel so good against my leg.” I said as I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand grabbing the thickness of her firm left butt cheek.

I began to finger her butthole as she squirmed a few times while she had my dick almost 6 inches deep down her throat. She began to moan as I knew that her little butthole was very sensitive to the touch and the thought of her getting turned on was making me get even harder. She deep throated my cock as her warm spit was running down my balls and onto the seat making a hot little mess. She pulled off my cock and grabbed my rock hard cock with her dominate hand and started beating my dick like it was the last cock that existed on earth. Her other hand was positioning her huge melons right below my cock as her erect nipples were grazing the bottom part of my shaft so that her luscious jugs would catch all of my load. She slapped my rod against her nipple violently three or four times to send me into a loud moan as I could feel my hot creamy cum working its way through my 9 inches of thickness. I exploded my sperm all over her cleavage and watched it slowly slide down the crack of her breasts as she held them together. She pulled both her tits up to her mouth and went back and forth from each one licking every ounce of cum off her amazing rack. She cleaned up the rest with a beach towel from the backseat and kissed me on the lips.

The rest of the day on the lake was filled with the same hot sex and not caring who was around or if anyone could hear Chelsea moan out orgasm after orgasm.

We arrived back at the house around 10pm to find a few unfamiliar cars in the driveway. We walked into the house and saw through the back doors that the girls had a few of their closest girlfriends over to swim in the pool. To give the girls their privacy Chelsea and I went up to the bedroom to shower and unwind after a long day at the lake. Immediately after Chelsea got out of the shower she slipped into her cute little nighty and crawled into bed.

“I’m beat, Dave. I don’t think I can keep my eyes open any longer.” Chelsea said quietly as she quickly dosed off to bed.

I wasn’t that tired at all as I decided to make myself a drink and flipped on the TV in the bedroom to relax. Mandy and Misty were being a bit too loud in the pool so I stepped out onto the balcony from our bedroom to see what was going on. All five of the girls were all sitting in the hot tub next to the pool playing what seemed to be some sort of “truth or dare” game.

Two of the friends that had come over were really good friends of Mandy’s and had played on all of her volleyball teams growing up. They both had thick little bodies just like Mandy’s from playing sports and fit in with her clothing style as they both loved wearing bottoms that revealed the bottom half of their asses.

Larissa was a petite little Latin girl that had long beautiful brown hair. She had little breasts but one of the nicest thickest asses I’ve ever seen for a 5’2” volleyball player. Her other friend Sadi was a brunette that was a little thicker in the mid region then the rest of the girls but had the biggest tits I’ve ever seen on a 20 year old. I would almost say that Sadi’s tits were a size or two bigger than my wife’s.

Misty had over a friend from her dance team whose name was Jess. She actually did a little bit of modeling for a few agencies in the area and had the most perfect body you could imagine. She had a petite cute little ass, long flowing blonde hair, tan body, and tits that were a perfect size to get an entire handful.

It was Misty’s turn to ask Jess “truth or dare.” I snuck around on the balcony so that the girls couldn’t see me so I could hear and see where this game would lead to.

“Dare,” Jess replied. I could tell her voice wanted Misty to tell her to do something naughty or dangerous.

“Okay, I dare you to go up to my parent’s bedroom and suck my stepdad’s cock.”

As I heard her say that in a very seductive voice my member began to get hard thinking about seeing Jess’s luscious lips wrapped around my large cock.

“There’s no way my pretty little mouth could fit all the way around your dad’s penis,” Jess exclaimed as she gave a little laugh. “That picture you showed me on your phone made my pussy hurt just thinking about it fitting in my little pink hole.”

Both of Mandy’s friends seemed a little shocked but became extremely curious as to why Misty had a picture of my dick on her phone.

“Let me see your phone, Misty. I don’t believe you.” Sadi demanded.

Misty handed Sadi the phone and Larissa peeked over to take a look.

“Oh my god! That’s Dave’s cock?” Larissa asked. “If you don’t go up there right now Jess, I’m gonna go up there myself.”

The girls began pressuring Jess into going inside to do the dare. As she became more and more nervous I heard a body get out of the hot tub and I peeked over to see Jess’s sexy little body soaked with wetness approaching the sliding glass door to the kitchen. I quickly sneaked into the bedroom and acted like I hadn’t heard anything they had been talking about. I made my way down the stairs to purposely run into Jess as she was making her way to the stairwell. Jess’s tight little bikini was suctioned against her young perky tits, outlining her hard little nipples.

“Oh, hey Jess.” I said trying to play dumb. “Where you headed? Are you girls coming in now from the hot tub?”

“Nope, I was coming in to get the girls some drinks. They are all feeling a bit thirsty.” She replied.

Looking at her body and watching her walk around my kitchen in her wet little bikini was making my dick very hard. She knew that I couldn’t take my eyes off her body and I watched her smile at me and seductively lick her soft little pink lips while staring at the bulge in my boxers.

“I’m thirsty for something else though, Davey boy.” She whispered playfully and seductively.

She began to walk toward me and while walking I saw her hand go behind her back to undo the knot in her string bikini. I began to stroke my cock through my boxers as I couldn’t imagine the thought of seeing this little teen nympho model’s perfect body. She pulled her top off and exposed the pinkest and most erect, puffy nipples I have ever seen, rivaling Misty’s. Now I knew why they were such good friends.

“Misty showed me how big and thick your cock is. Why don’t you let me see just to make sure she’s not a liar.”

My dick flopped out of my boxers as stiff as I’ve ever been all night, which was surprising because of all the fucking I did on the boat. Her big blue eyes got huge at the site of my dick flopping around near her lips as she got closer and closer to it. She couldn’t say a word as she was nervous and so turned on by the size of my member. She grabbed the middle of my cock with her little soft hand and began stroking it up and down. She but her head down close to the tip of my penis and lashed her tongue out on the head my penis licking it like a popsicle.

“Jesus Jess, wear did you learn to tease a dick like that?” I asked.

“Well your wife of course.” She replied. “This isn’t the first time I’ve sucked Chelsea’s significant others dick. But I’ve never seen one this big!”

She began to try to take it all the way down her throat as she could only make it 5 inches down due to her young little mouth being too small to fit around my thick shaft.

“I can’t take this anymore.” Jess moaned out. “I want to feel that big cock inside my soaking little pussy!”

Jess stood up like she was in a modeling shoot. She turned so her ass was facing me and slowly dropped her bikini bottoms off, revealing her tight little ass. Just as she stood there naked, Misty walked through the door and walked right over to Jess and started fondling her C cup tits.

“I told you it was huge, Jess. Do you believe me now?” Misty asked.

I walked over to the couch in the living room and sat down. My dick was standing at attention as both of the girls came and started playing with my cock. Misty began licking my balls and the bottom of my shaft as Jess had managed to get 5 inches down her throat. I couldn’t take all this foreplay from these 2 cute little sluts so I picked up Jess like she was a ragdoll and threw her on top of me. She gasped and moaned as she knew what was about to happen. I grabbed Jess’s little ass with one hand on each cheek and guided her dripping wet pussy onto the top of my throbbing mushroom tip. As the tip of my dick connected with the entrance of her wet pussy she screamed out in pleasure as the anticipation had made her cum harder than she’s ever came before. The tip of my cock slid into her tight little slit.

“Ooooooh my fucking shit! Ooooooooh my god!” Jess kept saying as my thick cock was now only 2 inches inside her little cunt. “Ooooohhhhh I’m gonna cum again all over your rock hard dick!”

As her body shuddered again for her second orgasm she quickly got off my cock only making it 5 inches down.

“Move aside, rookie!” Misty demanded. “I want you to watch his giant cock disappear into my little pussy.”

Jess laid down on the end of the couch panting in pleasure. Her wet pussy juices were dripping all over the coach as the site of it made me even hornier if at all possible. Misty with no hesitation ripped off her bikini and straddled my athletic frame and clamped her pussy lips tightly around my throbbing cock. Jess was rubbing her clit watching her best friend take her step daddy’s cock deep inside her pussy. Misty slid her hole all the way down my 9 inch rod slowly until my balls rubbed up against her little ass. She went up and down slowly. As she inched her way up my cock she leaned her erect hard nipples into my mouth to suck and taste. Her body began to quiver and shake as she couldn’t take it anymore. She started fucking me faster and with shorter thrusts bouncing her ass up and down on my dick.

“I want you to um inside me daddy!” she yelled just like she had learned from her mom. “Fill my little cunt with your hot load!”

I quickly gave her a few thrusts driving her all the way into my hips, letting her feel my entire cock inside her tight little hole. As soon as she gave out a massive screaming orgasm I filled up her entire box with the biggest load of the night. I slowly guided Misty’s frame off my huge cock watching her juices and my cum run down my still hard shaft. Misty moved over and straddled Jess’s face with her legs and opened her pussy lips to let the rest of my hot goo stream onto her tongue sot that Jess could get a good taste of her best friend and my sweet nectar. Jess and Misty swapped my cum into each other’s mouths back and forth until Jess swallowed it all.

I sat there looking at two little perfect young teen bodies holding each other, naked, after kinky hot sex. I sat there and thought; how the hell did I get so fucking lucky? My dick started to get hard again looking at their tight little bodies and had them both get on all fours side by side as I fucked them doggy style watching their perky tits bounce back and forth. Jess's tight pussy wrapping around my dick made me cum quicker then expected as I let another hot load go deep inside the little model's box. I collapsed on the floor as I watched the 2 girls remain on all 4's, too tired and worn out to move. Jess's little ass was straight up in the air revealing her stretched out pussy as i watched the rest of my load just run down her thighs and drip down onto the carpet.

The other 3 girls walked in shortly after seeing all 3 of us passed out naked in the living room running the scenarios through their mind of what just happened, wishing that it could've been them.

The end.

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2 years ago
"The end"???? You have got to be kidding! The sexual atmosphere is getting thick, the young pussies running around wantng to give their all, at least three of wom have yet to partake in step-dad's fuck harem.

More, more! Give us more of this steamy fuckfest. A great story plot as well written as this cannot so soon end...
2 years ago
Another great chapter.
2 years ago
Great story friend
2 years ago
awesome story