My First Threesome

After a long-term relationship ended, I decided to throw caution to the wind and expand my horizons. I completed a profile on a swinger’s site, browsed and friended several potential couples. I did not think I would have much luck as a single male, but I was getting hit on right away. One couple was about an hour drive from me. That was ideal as I did not want to come out of the closet. After several back-and-forthes, we agreed to meet at their place.
A short drive up the interstate while rubbing my freshly shaved cock the whole way, I was ready for anything. She was HOT! Skinny with ‘80’s style long stripper hair. She was wearing a teddy, stockings and a garter belt. He was wearing a bathrobe and tight biker shorts. He was a bit heavier than I thought he would be, but I didn’t care. Their computer was on, and a picture of ME, spread legs showing my ass with my cock pushed down towards the camera, was on the monitor. We quickly exchanged pleasantries. Tom said “The worst part about these encounters is breaking the ice, so we like to just get to it” With that, he pulled his shorts down, revealing a nice, thick, shaved cock. He was about half hard, and already wearing a cock ring, encircling his dick and balls. This was the first time I had ever seen a mans aroused cock in person. I froze, just standing there staring at it. Kim grabbed a video camera and started filming as Tom dropped to his knees in front of me and removed my shorts. He pulled my boxers down and sucked my soft cock into his mouth. His tongue rubbed the shaft as he sucked me down to the hilt. I felt his facial stubble rubbing against my freshly shaved skin. His mouth was cold, he was drinking a beer when I got there. As I grew harder, he could not take all of it anymore. He bobbed up and down sucking half of my cock like a pro. He pushed it down his throat to the base a few times before he gagged and had to stop.
We moved to an air mattress they had on the living room floor. I told Kim to put the camera down and join us. She did as she was told with a smile, and laid on the mattress. I lay next to her, feeling her tight young body, running my hands from her ankles up to her neck. I pulled the bow string behind her neck and started tugging at her lacy top, exposing her tits. They were firm with small nipples, perfect fit for her small tight mounds. I was enjoying the newly unwrapped flesh in front of me, and was about to lean in to suck her hard nipples, when Tom kneeled over her face so his balls hung down to her mouth. She started sucking and licking like she was starved. This put his hard dick just inches from my face. I felt flush and nervous.
I have fantasized about sucking cock for a long time now. I even practice on my realistic dildo. Now, here it is, the real thing, just inches from my mouth, begging to be sucked. I had it all planned out. How I was going to kiss the head, then lick it, then take it gently into my mouth, licking and sucking it inch by inch until he was deep down my throat. He didn’t know my plan…
He was fully hard, throbbing, aiming at my mouth. As I leaned in to start my perfect first cock sucking, he put his hand on the back of my head, pulling me to him too fast. His hard meat pushed into my mouth and half way in before I could pull back. Oh well, plan gone to hell. Now I will just play along. My first cock tasted good, I sucked him down as deep as I could, which was only about half way. I worked my tongue against the underside of his sensitive shaft, like I know I would want to feel. I sucked hard on his plump head, rubbing my tongue around it, then pushing it deep into my mouth. I was really enjoying this new sexual experience, really getting into it, as I felt his wife under me, sliding herself down to my cock. As soon as she touched it, I knew I was going to cum soon. She grabbed it and swallowed it like a pro. I focused my attention back to Tom’s hard meat in my mouth, trying to ignore the talented mouth on mine. I didn’t want to cum too soon. I wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. I pulled him deeper into me, long slow strokes as I sucked gently, moving my tongue around. Now I was pulling almost all of him into me, feeling proud of myself, but I had to stop. That hot young girl was working my shaft so good I couldn’t hold back another second. I told her I was cumming, she took every inch and held her grip still on my shaft, just before I exploded. I had to fuck her face for a few strokes to push me over the edge. When I came, I pressed against her face as hard as I could. I felt my cock throb deep in her throat as my cum sprayed inside her. She then sucked softly as she swallowed the last drops.
She crawled out from under me and grabbed the camera. I turned back to Tom, but he thought it was time for a break. I could have kept going, and I should have insisted, but I didn’t.
They smoked some weed as we sat naked on the couch. I was staring at Kim’s shaved pussy and Tom’s still half hard cock. My still hard cock was the topic at hand. They thought I had taken a pill, but I hadn’t. I have always been able to cum and keep fucking, which is what has turned several “one night stands” into long-term relationships!
Kim spread her legs for my prying eyes, and started rubbing her pussy. She was already wet. I could see the light reflecting on her wet fingers. Tom asked if I wanted “some of that”. “Hell yes!” I said, as I got down on the mattress in front of her. I pulled her to the edge of the couch and dove in, licking her naked slit as she tried to toke the joint one last time. Tom took it from her when he saw her eyes glaze over. I was licking up her wet slit, pausing on her clit to suck it into my mouth, then back down. Slowly up and down, over and over. Sometimes sucking her clit, other times gently nibbling at it. Each time I went down a little farther, until I was teasing her tight little ass. I think she was falling in love with me, and I think Tom thought so to, so he jumped in again. Standing on the couch, he roughly fucked her face, changing the tempo I established. So I licked my way up her tummy, up to her tits, sucking each nipple and biting them in turn.
On my knees, my rigid cock pressed into her tight little pussy. She was so wet, I pushed in all the way to my balls. Slowly at first, I pumped into her. I picked up the pace quickly. Soon I was slamming my cock deep inside her convulsing cunt. I fucked her as hard and rough as I could. She was screaming so loud I thought the neighbors might call the cops! She put her foot on my chest and pushed me back onto the mattress. Her pussy sprayed cum which landed on my chest which was about 3 feet away now. She spasmed and squirted again. She collapsed into the couch, her fingers stroking her dripping pussy. Tom was surprised by how easily she came so hard. He said she would have to rest after that explosion.
I laid back on the mattress, watching her trying to catch her breath, licking her fingers. I rubbed her juice around on my chest, feeling very proud of myself. Tom got down with me and grabbed my still throbbing cock, stroking it slowly. This lasted longer than I wanted, waiting for her to join us. Finally, with some coaxing from me, she crawled down on top of me. She sucked my nipples as she positioned herself over my raging cock. She sank down on me and began a slow grind. She was staring into my eyes with such an incredible level of lust, I was not sure Tom would like it. I just stared back into her soul as she built herself up towards another orgasm.
Tom got up and got behind her. He pushed a finger into her ass and asked if she was ready for him. Kim could only manage to grunt “uhh huu”. His knees pressed against my thighs as he eased his dick in her tight little ass. He was pumping into her rhythmically so she was rocking on my cock to his thrusts. I was loving this. I could feel his cock rubbing against mine through the thin wall inside her pussy. I realized a man was between my legs, hard, thrusting back and forth. Kim started screaming again, bucking back against him hard, then up and down on my cock. Harder and harder she bucked and screamed, fucking both of our hard dicks. She pulled forward off of him, then up off of me, and she squirted again, heavily gushing on my stomach and cock. It was running up my chest, down my sides, and down the crack of my ass! She fell forward onto me, then rolled off to the side. She came to rest in the space between the mattress and the couch. I looked up at Tom, still between my spread legs. He said “she’s gonna be out for a while”. She passed out right there next to me!
I looked back up at Tom, suddenly realizing a man was kneeling naked between my spread legs!!! He was stroking his cock staring down at mine. I lifted my feet from the ground and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him towards me. “Are you sure?” he asked. “uhh huu” I replied. His cock was still slick from the lube he used for her. He rubbed the head up and down my ass crack a few times, then pressed firmly against my virgin hole. My eyes closed tightly as his plump head popped my cherry! A real cock, finally, inside my ass!!! He was very gentle, he waited a minute till I was pushing against it to get it deeper. He pushed in deeper and paused again. I pulled him with my feet to make him fuck me deeper. It felt so good to feel his cock stretching my tight ass. I have fucked myself with dildos before, but never without working up to the size of my favorite realistic dildo. So, now I know what it must feel like to a girl to lose her virginity to a real cock. It hurt at first, but I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t care. I wanted him deep inside me now! The pain made it even better for me! I pulled him with my feet again, this time I felt his stomach press against my balls. I reached down to grab my cock. It was so hard it hurt a little bit. I stroked it a few times until I could feel my cum boiling in my sack. I let it go so I could enjoy the moment as long as possible. He was slowly stroking his full length in and out of me now. I rolled my hips back and grabbed my knees, spreading my legs a bit. It felt like his cock grew two more inches! As he pushed all the way in, I could feel his dick hitting deep in my ass. I thought I was going to cum without touching my cock. He pumped into me, faster and faster, groaning with each thrust. I knew he was about to cum. I grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. The pressure was insane. I started rocking in time with his pounding, making his cock hit that sweet spot deep in my ass! My cock erupted like never before. I shot my cum so hard some landed on my neck, some on my chest, and one drop landed on my lips!!! I squeezed his thick meat with my ass, feeling it throb against my muscles. When I licked my cum from my lips, Tom tensed up and came deep inside me! I felt his cream fill my ass, making it slicker than it already was. He kept pumping into me, sliding in and out with long powerful strokes, his cock throbbing as he shot more and more cum into me! It was incredible! My legs fell limp to the floor. He pulled out of me and fell back against the couch. We stayed like that for what seemed like 10 minutes, just catching our breath. Kim never did wake up. We cleaned up and I left, no longer a virgin to real cock!

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1 year ago
Great story, thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
That is sooo hot and sexy....perfect first time!!!
2 years ago
You just cannot beat bi. Great story.
2 years ago
Wonderful story. The best of both worlds isn't it?