First Meeting

MS M. and Mr N. first made contact on a popular site where people contact each other pursue erotic meetings. At first they made brief comments to each other on the chat line but later started chatting on a messenger service and after building up trust they decided to meet in person.
Both were sexually frustrated and needed the touch of a real human. Plans were made and anticipation grew as the date of their meeting approached. Jittery nerves prevailed as they both wondered if the other would carry thru with the meeting as the date came close. Phone calls were made as the and the day finally arrived. It seemed like forever even tho it only had been a couple of weeks.
He arrived at her house and knocked and she answered the door and there was a brief hello kiss and hug. He was impressed by her conservative dress and tall height because he was use to shorter women. As they walked out to his truck he opened the door and she stepped up inside his 4 door pick up. They had decided to go to lunch at a nice steak house. As they drove from her house down the crooked road he reached over and took her hand. She sat rigidly because she was afraid that him being from the coast he would not know how to drive on the mountainous roads. He did fine and she relaxed and lean toward him and slipped her hand out of his and put it on his leg and told him to drive with both hands. His body relaxed and he knew that he had made the right decision in coming to meet her. She hated that there was a center console between them and he did too. He reached over and put her hand on her arm and gave it a gentle rub. She in turn gave his thigh a little rub and said are you ok because she sensed he was nervous and he said he was wonderful now.
As they drove along to the larger town her hand began to wander on his leg and he could tell that she was becoming excited and he was too, They felt like 2 teenagers on a first date even tho she was in her 50s and he was in his mid 60s.. Just before they arrived at the restaurant she ran her hand up and touch his stiffening cock and gently rubbed her own inner thigh. He thought why are we eating and can we eat fast but he really liked being teased and knew that their afternoon would be fulfilling and fun.
They talked over lunch and go to know each other better in a way you can't on the computer or phone. After lunch they went to a local motel .He had reserved a nice room along the interstate with a king sized bed. He checked in while she waited in the truck and he went back out and parked the truck in the parking lot and went inside. As soon as the door closed they began to kiss and caress each others body. He had promised her a sensual massage and he slowly undressed her and pulled back the covers and ask her to lay face down on the freshly made bed. He slipped out of his clothes except his skimpy underwear and opened a bag and took out some oil that he had bought on the way. He squirted some on his hands and rubbed it together and it began to warm. He placed his warm hands on her back and gently began to rub from her mid back up toward her neck, He could feel the tension in upper back and shoulders and he added more oil and work the knots out of her muscles. Then he move to the lower back and gently rubbed oil in it also. He could feel her whole body relax, He did the same thing with both her arms and hands. Moving to her leg he massage oil in both legs at the same time. As he reached her upper thigh each time he rubbed up and let his thumps came in contact with her beautiful mound and she squirmed a little.
He the placed some oil on his chest and stomach and also his now hard cock. Gently lowering his body down on hers he began giving her a massage with his body. As he did he could feel her start to gyrate her hips and start humping the bed. Every time he would pass her ass with body his cock would move down her ass crack and brush her asshole and touch the lips of here now wetting pussy. She was now moaning softly and her hips were moving like they were craving a cock, She said let me massage you. She took oil and put it on her tummy and tits and asked me to lay down on my back. She did the same thing to him for a few minutes and on one trip down she stopped and took the head of my now hard cock in her mouth and gently swirled her tongue around it and it felt so good. I was craving the taste of her sweet pussy juice and almost as if she had ESP she spun around and lowered herself on my face. My tongue was waiting and parted her lips and began licking on her swollen lips. It tasted so great even better than the steak we had eaten a little while ago. His cock was about to explode and he needed to do something so he wiggled free and reach in the same bag that held the massage oil and took out a cock extension. My cock is not that large so I took out an eight inch vinyl cock ( that is hollow inside ) and slipped it over my cock and clicked the retaining elastic strap around my waist.
I laid on my back and she straddled me as I guided the the head of the plastic pleasure probe into her . She moaned as lowered her pussy onto my now toy enhanced cock and I could see a smile come on her face and she began letting herself up and down fucking me and my toy. The heat of her hot pussy was still making my plastic wrapped cock feel good, Every stroke she made her tits bounce. My mouth found one tit and sucked on its nipple trying to take as much titty in my mouth as I could, One hand was on her ass helping her pound the cock. My other hand had her erect nipple in between my fingers. I knew by the rhythm and speed at which she was going that she couldn't last much longer and I wanted to cum in her pussy. I lifted her up off my cock and removed the cock extension and she lowered herself down on my real cock without losing a stroke. Her wet pussy felt so good on my cock as she continued to bounce on it, In a few minutes we rolled over and I was on top. I placed her legs over my shoulders and continued to stroke her with all my might. I didn't know how much longer I could last. Just then I felt her start to tremble and I new she was about to cum. A few more strokes she squealed and moaned and bit into my shoulder to keep from hollering to loud. My hard cock was still in side her. In about 30 seconds she spun around again and took my cock in her mouth and lowered her pussy back on my face. I licked every drop of her fresh juices out of that sweet pussy as she sucked me. I only lasted a minute or so as I shot hot cum into her mouth. We lay there exhausted but satisfied in each other arms and fell asl**p .
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