My Teenage Surprise

I was a late bloomer sexually because we lived on a farm where there wasn't many girls and I was a shy thin freckle faced thin boy. My first time having sex was at a whorehouse in Southeast Asia during the war All the strawberry boys were taken to Lilly, a plump Vietnamese prostitute, who was gentle and had broken in many a young military man. She would cover the small lamp in here room which was over the water with a red cloth to dim the room. the light made her look beautiful as she undressed,stroked, sucked and fucked the virgins to a climax. Also in the house was a secret room in the walls where soldiers and sailors were hidden when the MPs came by because the villages were off limit.
Fast forward to 5 years later and I was married to one of my military buddies s****r. We always spent one holiday a year with another friend I had made and his f****y. We didn't have any c***dren yet. He was about ten years older than me and had taken me under his wing and trained me before he retired and went to work in the civilian world. He was married to a women who was about ten years younger then him. She was 35 and I was 25 and my wife was 21 and we had been married 2 years. They had 2 girls and a boy. The boy was 8 and the girls were 10 and 14/15. His wife was only 15 when they got married and that was not uncommon in the 50s and 60s in the South. His wife was only 6 years older than me.
On this particular trip which was over the Thanksgiving holiday in 1974 my wife and I took leave from the Navy and went to spend 4 or 5 days with them. Jim had to work the 11 pm to 7 am shift a couple times during our visit.
Stepanie, Jim's wife, loved to shop and my wife Brenda was no slouch either when it came to long shopping trips. After an early supper about 4 pm the women left to shop. Jim laid down to sl**p for a few hours and I watched their 3 k**s and keep them quiet while Jim rested for his graveyard shift. Bobby their son was a bookworm and read all the time so he was no trouble. The ten year daughter Stephanie was a chunky muscular tomboy who mostly played with the neighbor son next door. Dana, the fifteen year old daughter, was a girly girl who like lacy clothes and bright color. Dana stayed and watched TV with me and checked on the other k**s. I had driven a long way the day before and decided to turn in around 8:30 to go to sl**p. All of the k**s called me Uncle but I was not kin to them at all. It was an honorary title that they bestowed on me. Dana called them all in and all three of them came in to give me a goodnight kiss on the cheek and tell me good night. Dana, the 15 yo, kissed me on the cheek and then gave me a peek on the lips and smiled.
I laid down and went immediately went to sl**p and about an hour later Dana came to the door and knocked and told me that the 2 other k**s were asl**p and Daddy is leaving for work. I look and saw thru the light of the open door she was only wearing white panties and a tank top that only covered the top of her panties. Even though she was 15 she only had very small breast. She could pass for 12 and hated that. She was a little 4 foot 10 inches tall and weight about 85 lbs but she did have a little round butt. I told her thank you and she asked when Mom and Aunt Brenda would be back. I told here I didn't know but that the new mall was staying open till 1 AM for the black Friday sale. She said OK and told me she was going to bed. In a few minutes she came back and cracked the door and asked if I was asl**p yet and I just mumbled something.
A little later I felt someone laying next to me and they were humping on my leg. I moved a little and they moved away. I thought it was my wife Brenda but she had a fear of having sex at anyone else's house. Her fear came from us being caught by her Dad right after our honeymoon. Her Dad was an early riser and after he had his first cup he woke everyone in the house up. My wife was a virgin when we married and it took me 3 days to have sex the first time. We would start and it would hurt so bad and she would bleed. She was the happiest person when both of us came and after that for the first year we had sex at least three times every day. I was in the long stokes and we were about to cum when her Dad burst into the room and held reveille (he was in the Navy during WWII). That was the last time he ever came into our room and the last time we fucked at anyone else house.
I couldn't believe my wife was horny and wanted to fuck. I acted like I was asl**p and did not move to see what was going to happen. The humping started again and I move my hand to touch my wife but it felt different. There was a bare skinny leg touching me.My wife always wore long pajama bottoms or a long nightgown when we traveled. When we were home she had very sexy black or red short teddies. I pretended to be asl**p but peaked and realized that it was 15 year old Dana who was rubbing her pussy against my leg. I slowly shifted position and laid on my back hoping for more. Dana started to move off the bed but then she looked and thought I was sound asl**p. I could see by the light coming thru the window that she was removing her cotton panties. She slipped her arms out of her tank top and let it down around her waist. Her tits were barely more than a nipple but it was a beautiful sight in the dim light. Her tiny pussy came into view as she stood up and stepped one foot on each side of my waist. There was just a little fine hair around her tiny slit. I was wearing just a pair of boxer shorts that were loose fitting. When she slow let her tiny body down onto my waist section I could feel the bl**d flow to my cock and it started twitching with excitement. She let her body down on me and touched her pussy to my boxers ever so gently and looked to see if I was still asl**p and of course I was.
She began to slide here body up and down on me until her pussy found my now throbbing cock. She let out a little muffled moan as she realized her pussy was touching a cock for the first time even though it was thru my thin boxer shorts material. Her hand went immediately to cover her mouth so that she would not make any noise. I had slid my dick on anything that would give it friction to make it cum when I was a teenager: sinks, trees or my hand but never did it touch a pussy till it was 20 years old. She thought I was really asl**p.
Her body was sliding up and down on me and my cock was trapped in the boxer and I dare not move and scare Dana away. As ofter time does my cock was slowly working it way out of the confines of my shorts. Dana soon realized that she was touching the head of my cock with her petite little pussy. She stopped momentarily and look down and saw a hard cock in the faint light. She reached up and opened the curtain more to let the street light shine in. Her tiny hand reached down and touched my cock and freed it completely from it's prison. I am only 6" but it is thick and has a large mushroom head on it. She lowered herself back down and her now wet pussy lips found my cock and she began slowly sliding back and forth on back side of my raging hard cock. Every once in a while she could not but help to reach down and touch it with her hand. I opened my eyes to take a peek and saw that here eyes were close and she had a glow. She had her hair put up in a single pony tail and it was swinging back and to the rhythm of her humping my cock. My wife and I didn't have sex before marriage but we humped numerous times much as Dana and I were this night.
Lost in my thoughts and the pleasure I was feeling I also lost sight of what was happening and started to reached down to insert my cock in Dana pussy. Reality set in and I knew my cock would not fit in her tiny hole. My hand did lay alongside my hard dick and I slowly eased it over to touch her wet pussy. There was no or little hair but there was plenty of liquid. Her pussy so wet that it was beginning to wet the front of my boxers. Dana's hand moved down and touched my hand and I moved my hand up and cupped her small round ass all-the-while still pretending to be asl**p. Her whole ass fit in my one hand. She then reach down and stuck her finger on my dick and then put them in her mouth sucking her wetness from her pussy off her finger. I knew then that she had masturbated and tasted her own honey. That made my cock start to explode but I calmed it because I did not want to cum until she had. Her rhythm was getting much faster and she was moaning a slow soft moan. Before I could stop it my cock exploded dumping cum from her belly button almost to her tiny succulent tits. She let out a gasp when she felt my load and drove her to grind harder and faster. Within 30 seconds I felt her body start to shake and she completely lay down on me and shook violently and for the first time I felt her nipples on my chest. She lay there briefly and slowly crept off me and started to get off the bed but her curiosity got the best of her. She turned around and placed her eyes close to my cock which was starting to soften. She first carefully touch it with one finger and then put her finger to her mouth and tasted my cum. I heard a mmmmm come from her mouth much as a person would when they taste good food. Then she did something that amazed me. She moved her head closer and touched her tongue to my cum covered cock and started to lick. As she licked and tasted I felt my young 25 year old cock coming back to life. Just then Dana heard a car and saw the headlights shine thru the window. As quick as we had both cum she grabbed her panties and bounced out of the room.
In a few minutes my wife Brenda slipped into bed and woke me from my false sl**p and said they had shopped and had stopped and had a fancy cocktail at a bar. To my disbelief she reached over and touched my half hard cock. She felt the wet front of my shorts and said have you had a wet dream. I often had wet dreams in those days if I went 2 or 3 days without sex. I said," I don't know I was so tired I have been in bed since 8:30 and everyone else has too as far as I know." She then said I think I need to take care of you tonight. She ripped off her pjs and got on top of me and started rubbing my cock much as Dana had a few minutes earlier but this time when it got hard she reached down and stuck my hard cock in her pussy. My wife was only an inch or so taller than Dana and weighted around a hundred pounds. I rolled her over and fucked her hard mixing my cum, Dana's cum and her cum altogether. Just as we were about to get up and clean up I saw the door was cracked open and Dana was peeking in. I wondered how long she had been there.
The next morning I got up early to see my friend Jim as he got off work and his wife was up also. As we were siting in the kitchen at the table drinking coffee Dana come bouncing in in the same tank top and panties and here Dad said, "Dana we have company go put some clothes on we have company." Dana said, "That is Uncle Ben(me)and he has seen me naked since I was a baby." She went to the frig and got a drink of milk and came over by us and her Mom noticed a white filmy stuff on her cheek and told Danna you have some icing or something on you face . Dana reached up and sc****d it off with her finger and tasted it and said yeah it is that good vanilla icing. Little did she know that I knew that was my cum icing. As she stood there I could she that her little pussy had a little gap in it that her panties were stuck up in.
Fast forward 25 years later my wife had got where she didn't like sex very much and she got little or no pleasure out of it. After I retired from the Navy I went to work remotely for a 10+ years and I was gone 2/3rd of the time . For a while she love sex and would buy sexy underwear and thong panties and we would rent cabins and luxury hotels with hot tubs and have wild passionate sex but that dried up and I took on a mistress for 4 years and she was a sex maniac but she said I was the horniest man she had seen. 3 or 4 times a day when we were together was nothing even though I was 50+ years old.She called her girlfriend one time while we were together and I ate her pussy while she was on the phone. She loved the taste of cum. On several occasions I would jack off and she would wait and swallow every drop and savior it like a chocolate lover does their candy. She was the best fuck I have ever had. She had a large ass and huge tits. She wore DDD or F cup bra. Only thing she needed love all the time and she had 5 or 6 men while we were together.
A few years ago we got together with with our old friends Jim and Stephanie and 2 of
their 3 c***dren came to see us at their parent house. Dana the 15 year old was now almost 40. Every body was shopping and running around and enjoying each others company. Dana had 2 c***dren both boys. Dana was still small weighting just over a hundred pounds and still had little tits so much so you could tell she almost never wore a bra. Me and Dana we left alone one day and we had a couple of drinks and she said I have something to ask you. I knew what she was going to say. I immediately answered no I wasn't asl**p. She said I have thought about that night all my life since and every time I am on top fucking my husband I think of you. She said you know I was a virgin like Aunt Brenda was. I gasped and said I didn't know. She said thanks for not sticking you dick in my pussy that night. My husband Bill has a long skinny cock and both my k**s were born c-section so I still a teenager tight pussy. She said she wanted to relive that night again and would I play like I am asl**p and let her ravage me again. She said I will even shave my pussy so it will feel the same. Two nights later everyone was busy and we were left alone again. I feigned going to sl**p . I heard the door open and saw Dana coming in in a tank top and white cotton panties. She mimics it almost to a t of 25 years ago, Dana only weighs 105 lbs and is barely 5 foot tall. Everything was the same except half way thru she slipped my cock in her tight pussy and I shot my load in her. 3 or 4 times a year we get together now and Dana takes care of me and she still licks my cock clean and after she is through sometime I clean her sweet tight pussy up. I just wonder if her husband notices her pussy has stretched a little. I think her Mom Stepanie knows but never says much. She did once say to me you and Dana have a special thing going on and I said what and she said you know.

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