Things once forgotten

I was spending yet another Saturday night leaving an imprint of my ass in my couch and getting to know my Tivo when my phone vibrated, announcing that I had a new text message waiting. I checked my phone and was more than a little surprised to see that it was from Nikki. I hadn't heard from her since I had moved back to the area I grew up in. It was a welcome surprise but extremely confusing.

I had heard that she was in a very involved relationship, to the point of having moved in with the guy. Yet and still, there was this message on my phone with simply read "I miss you".

We exchanged small talk before she hinted that she wanted to see me to...catch up on old times. I explained that I was free and that I had my own place, not far from where we grew up. She left me hanging, not answering for a little under an hour before asking for my address.

I looked around my place and realized that I probably should been cleaning because it looked terrible. I moved some things into the closet, put the dishes away before jumping in the shower. I was relaxed but nervous, not really sure about how the night would end.

I had just finished dressing when the doorbell rang. I looked around my apartment one more time before answering the door. She stood there with a shy smile on her face. I smiled back, gesturing for her to come in, and quickly looking her up and down. She was wearing standard summer face, a short sun dress and some wedge heels. I caught myself thinking "That's the kind of thing you wear when you're going out...not to visit a friend late at night." I let it go, trying to stop myself from getting to optimistic as she sat down on the couch.

We talked as I walking into the kitchen to make myself a drink. I asked how things were going with her f****y, her relationship, work/school etc. She gave the standard replies "They're fine, it's good, it's ok." I offered her a drink as I poured one for myself. She was hesitant, obviously trying not to get caught up in something.

I smiled as said "What do you have to do tomorrow? Nothing? Good, Then you're having a drink". She laughed and took the drink from me. The drinks loosed both of us up and we started having actual conversation and getting comfortable. Shoes got lost, laughs and smiles were exchanged, and of course, more drinks were pored.

It took maybe an hour before we were d***k enough for the convo to get reallly personal. She took the first big step by asking a probing question.

"'s your sex life?" She asked quietly.

I laughed and replied back "Well my right hand and I get along just fine. What about you?". She answered quickly, too quickly with a rather dismissive, "Things are fine."

I said, "My apartment in fine, my car is fine, my f****y is doing fine, but if your sex life isn't good or great, then it's bad."

She insisted "It's not bad, it's just...". I waited patiently before trying to finish her sentence.

"He's regular isn't he?" She nodded yes and I continued "He seems like a nice, safe guy. Very vanilla, he's probably a missionary style with the lights off kinda guy isn't he." She burst into tears nodding her head yes.

As the tears subsided she remarked "It's not that the sex isn't good, it's just that he's not willing to try anything and the sex is losing it's luster".

That's when it hit me. You see, i'm not 18, and this isn't my first rodeo but some how I had managed to miss what was staring me in the face the whole time. This was a booty call...what she was wearing, how much she had drank, the time of night, and the fact that she had even come over. When all of this hit me, my attitude changed completely.

"So sex is losing it's you figured you'd come over here and get what you can't from him huh?" She bit her lip but denied my allegations. I continued pushing her verbally, trying to get a reaction out of her "Why would you come over here in that little dress unless you wanted me to take it off you?"

The change in tone and my realization of what was going to happen was more than enough to get me hard, and when I get hard, it's rather obvious to anyone with eyes. I'm not a pornstar but I do alright. I noticed Nikki more or less staring at the new bulge in my jeans and I decided that to get the response I wanted, I needed to be blunt. I pulled down the zipper, and slid my jeans down and instructed "If you came here to see it, you'll have to pull it out."

She looked up and me before meekly reaching to my boxers, grasping my hard dick, and pulling it out. She just held it for a while, staring at it before starting to stroke it up and down. He eyes were glazed over and her mouth was practically watering as she lowered her head and took the head of my dick in her mouth. I could feel her tongue, swirling around the head as she stroked the shaft with her hand.

Her pace sped up, her mouth moving at a fevered pitch as she took most of my dick in her mouth without help from her hand. I didn't warn her that I was about to cum, but my dick was twitching and I knew what was about to happen. I grunted loudly, as I felt my ball tighten and empty a load of cum into Nikki's mouth. She jumped in surprise before I pushed her head down, gruffly saying "You'd better not spill a drop." She obliged, even licking me clean before standing up.

She lifted the dress above her head in one motion to reveal the fact that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Before I could react, she was walking into my bedroom, closing the door behind her. I got off the couch, dropped my boxers and lost my shirt before stepping into the kitchen to take one more shot for good luck.

When I opened the door, she was already on the bed, on her hands and knees with her pussy dripping wet. She looked back at me as I grabbed her by hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She was trembling with excitement as she looked back and said to me, "Skip the foreplay, I didn't come here for that." I'm not one to disappoint so I grabbed her hip and positioned myself behind her.

I slid the head of my dick against her dripping wet pussy, coating the head and teasing her. She softly moaned and pushed back towards me. I wasn't about to take it easy on her. I firmly held her waist in place and I slid into her wet pussy. I didn't pause as I slid the entire length of my hard dick inside. Her pussy held onto me like a vice grip, quickly adjusting to the size.

She groaned and pushed back even harder, the alcohol in her system made sure that she was uninhibited and horny as she could be. I slid back out, and went to work. Slamming back into her, evoking a little scream from her as I pounded my dick into her tight, white pussy. She grasped at the sheets, holding on for dear life as relentlessly fucked her pussy. Each thrust pushed her body further, rocking her slight frame back and forth. Groans turned to moans...moans to screams.

I reached forward and buried her head in the sheets, gruffly demanding "Keep it down. You don't want my neighbors to know that I'm fucking you senseless in here do you?". The name calling and prodding only made her wetter. Her muffled screams filled the room as she bounced with each hard stroke.

This is what she was missing at home, and it was obvious. She couldn't even muster any words except for "Fuck.....ughh...fuck......fuck me baby." Each time my dick slid back, there was more of her cum on it. Each stroke pushing her body towards the orgasm that she had been missing. I leaned forwards, grabbing her hair and whispering in her ear "Cum all over this black dick for daddy." My words pushed her over the edge and I felt her pussy contract wildly, trying not to let my dick go as her whole body shuddered. Her hips bucked uncontrollably as she came all over my dick.

I couldn't hold back any longer and as I pounded her pussy, I felt my dick practically explode as I came inside her. Our cum mixed together was leaking out of her pussy, oozing onto the bed. She laid still for a while, breathing heavily, body slowly relaxing. I laid in bed as she picked herself up and went into the bathroom. She came out fully dressed, grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

I smiled to myself about how well my night had worked out as she turned to say "I'll be sure to call you if things get dull again."

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3 years ago
Thats a way to make a dull night more exciting... great story.