It's not all talk...

(A little something for Sarahwxo)

The semester was coming to an end, I was finally in the homestretch. For the people who have been in college, they know that the last month of classes are all tests and writing papers. Which in turn means that weekends are spent indoors staring at a book or computer screen.

It was one of those Saturdays, I had spent most of the day writing a paper for a class that I didn't really like. I was dying of boredom and looking for something to do.

I'm the kind of guy who's always horny, so I logged onto Xhamster figuring that visiting the site would help me...ease some pressure. I scrolled through a few videos before I noticed that I had a new message. I figured it was some random crap so I didn't get my hopes up.

When I opened it, I was surprised to see a message from Sarah. I had told her to read my other stories, as I figured that she would like them. I might have underestimated how much though. Her message simply read "I liked your stories, but is it real, or do you just talk a good game?"

I responded "There's only one way for you to find that out..."

It only took a few minutes for her reply. I was expecting some witty response, but what I got instead was three lines: Her address, and one word..."Hurry".

Like most men, I don't need to be told twice. I ran out of my house and jumped in my car, and keyed the address into google maps on my phone. As i pulled up to the house, I was a little wary. You never know what might happen when you meet someone online. I was on guard until she opened the door for me.

Her low rise jeans looked painted on and the straps of her black thong were sticking out. Her shirt was low cut too, showing off her 36D breasts, covered by a black lace bra that was peeking out. I smiled as I saw her glancing down at my dick which was straining against my jeans. She grabbed my had and lead me straight to her room, not giving me any of the played small talk.

I closed the door behind us and as I turned to face her, she pressed me against the door and started kissing me and grabbing at my arms. She whispered "I've been wet since I read those stories earlier." I smirked and unzipped my jeans. My already hard dick sprung out, brushing against her leaving a trail of precum on her jeans. She smiled and kissed my neck as she worked her way down.

She licked the head, tasting the precum before inhaling my dick. She swallowed the length in one breath, causing me to raise an eyebrow. She sucked the hell out of my dick, I felt like my dick was in a vacuum she was working so hard. I held the back of her head and matched her rhythm with my own. She gagged a little but compensated by breathing through her nose, deepthroating my whole dick. I wasn't going to last much longer so I stood her up and threw her one the bed.

I told her to get her jeans and top off now. She nodded her head and shed her clothes. I pushed her over the bed, pressing her face down as I pulled her thong aside. She whimpered meekly as I played with her slit with the throbbing head of my cock. I could see how wet she was. Her pussy was gleaming, dripping with wetness. She moaned and started to push against me as I teased her. It wasn't long before she groaned the words "Please fuck me baby! Pleaseee!!"

I slid the head in slowly....followed by the rest of my dick in one stroke. She shirked and moaned loudly as I pushed her hips down and lifted her ass up. I fucked her hard as shit, working my hips all the way back with each stroke, none of that laid back soft shit. She wanted it rough and that's how I gave it to her. I pulled her long, red hair back as I was fucking her tight pussy from behind.

The moans turned into screams as she started throwing it back at me, trying to fuck me back. I fliped her onto her back and told her to spread her legs. I leaned in, filling her pussy back up with my dick, roughly pounding her. With her stroke, her tits were bouncing up and down, her mouth hung open, constantly moaning...her arms scratching at my back and arms as I pumped that pussy as hard as I could. She leaned her head to the side, screaming as she came, pussy clenching around my dick, trying to milk the cum out of it. It took only seconds for me to feel the cum building in my dick but I didn't stop pumping.

I groaned loudly as I emptied a huge load of cum into her pussy. As I pulled out it was dripping out of her pussy. I sat on her chest and made her lick my cock clean, forcing her to taste our cum mixed before getting off. I got dressed and remarked as I walked out of her room "So, do you think i'm just talking tough now?" as I left her, cum dripping out of her pussy
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thx :) mikey
3 years ago
very good! sarah is a sweetie
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Thx bbe mmmm