A recent dream

The following is a note that I sent to my girlfriend of 20 years about a dream that I recently had:

My dream started out with you kissing me goodbye as I left in the car for some conference in a big city. I wasn't fully aware of where I was going other than that I was going away for a couple of days. When I arrived at the hotel and checked into my room, I put two suitcases up on the bed, which was strange. I stood there wondering why I had two pieces of luggage. I quickly opened the suitcase that I remembered packing which had my toothbrush and change of clothes for the day. It had been a long drive and I just wanted to kick back and relax. Curiosity got the best of me though and I opened up the other bag. In it was a long note from you that said PLEASE READ on the outside. I was startled but opened it up and began reading.

It said, "My dearest Kari... I know that you are going away for a conference for a couple of days, but what you really need is to kick back, relax, dress, play, and let your guard down. It's been way too long since you've had this opportunity and I want this more than anything. So, I've packed a bag full of things which I believe will help transport you away from it all. Enclosed you will find several wardrobe changes, makeup, hair, nails, lingerie, stockings, toys, lube, and condoms. Yes, my loving girlfriend, condoms... I want you to not only get dressed up, take some pictures of yourself, maybe hang out with a few girls like yourself, but I want you to get laid... you need it badly! In fact, I don't want you to come home until you have been! I love you and hope you have a great time. Looking forward to the pictures and hearing all the juicy details.

I got done reading the message and couldn't believe what I read. Of course, I wanted Kari to be let free badly and to have a great time; but, was not prepared for the bag full of stuff, let alone the blazing hot note that you wrote. I pickup the phone and call you to tell you that I've arrived. You ask if I got the note and I respond back that I'm speechless. You simply respond back with... you know what to do, now make me proud and do it! I love you... goodnight... kiss kiss!

It didn't take me anytime to start going through the bag to see what was in it and realize that I needed to let my femme side out. I quickly post an ad on craigslist telling what I'm looking for and then head to the bathroom to finally get all this hair off my body. I plop down in the tub, spending nearly two hours soaking in the bubble bath, carefully shaving every inch of my body from the face down... making sure that I was soft and smooth. After getting out of the tub, I put lotion across my body, and take a few minutes to pierce my ears. Over the next hours or so, I work on my makeup, hair, putting on my nails, and then painting them a sexy dark red color to match my wet look lipstick.

I try on different outfits taking pics as I go along, admiring how cute that I look, in between responding to various messages sent to me from my ad on craigslist. A lot of prospects interested in me and I was so horny thinking about it all. I finally choose one guy to come over in an hour or so. He was latino, very tall, older and pretty good looking overall. He was polite in his e-mails, careful in detailing out what he wanted if we were to get together, and sent pics of his 8 1/2 thick cock. I dreamed about it in my mouth and pussy after responding back to him and couldn't wait to take it all. Within minutes, he agreed to come over around 8pm.... which gave me close to two hours. I figured since he was coming over at that later hour, I would wear my black corset, garters, stockings, black panties, with a short little black nightie, and black ankle strap heels. It was sexy... and easy for him to play with me.

I quickly finish getting ready and send you a message with my pics, info about my potential lover, and thanks for the getaway fun. I notice that I have time to wait, so I open up a bottle of wine that I picked up at the store earlier and sip on a glass or two while straightening up the room. I pull out the lube and condoms, setting them on the nightstand, and relax with anticipation of what will happen... just then, a knock on the door and I knew the fun was about to begin.

I answer the door, instantly recognizing the man from the photos. I welcome him in and we sit down to talk for a few minutes. He was very sweet, relaxed, and made me feel at ease as we talked and sipped on the wine. Within minutes, I wanted him so badly, especially as he placed his hand on my stocking clad legs and began caressing them. I shuttered at his touch and we glanced into each others eyes as he moved his lips toward mine. I try to resist for a moment, but get swept up into the moment and find myself wanting him badly. Minutes felt like hours as we explored each others bodies with our hands and lips. The more he touched me, the more that I wanted him as his girl. One movement leads to another and I find myself down on my knees, opening up his pants and sucking his big beautiful cock, taking it deeply down my throat. I could feel him tense up and I would make other moves... some sucking, some licking, some kissing, getting him aroused, but then slowing down to keep him from cumming. He finally pulls me back up to his lips and asks if I was ready to take his cock into my pussy. I moan with pleasure answering yes.

He strips away his clothes as we move over to the bed. I tell him the lube and condoms are on the nightstand. He smiles back at me and says, baby, you have three condoms out... so that is how many times you want it? I smile, putting my finger up to my lips in a coy sort of way, giggle, and say 3 would be a start. He laughs back and tells me then it's a challenge then baby for you to slurp up my cock all night long. I lay on my back and he lifts my legs up into the air in one quick movement, and he begins to lube my pussy up. I watch as he takes the condom and rolls down onto his beautiful cock and then lubes it up. I watch in delight as he begins to push his cock into my eagerly waiting pussy. He enters me slowly, taking his time to open me up right and within moments, I am riding his cock, kissing him, and watching as this rock hard man pleasures me.

This goes on for hours, one condom, two, then three. He smiles at me after the third time around and we lay there together for sometime. We kiss and talk, feeling this deep urge to go again. He whispers to me, baby, we ran out of condoms and I want you so badly. I smile back.... moaning in total pleasure telling him that I didn't care, that I wanted to feel his cum deep inside of me... for my eager pussy to slurp up every last drop. Within moments, we start it all over again... just then...

I woke up
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1 year ago
This is a very sexy dream; want to make it cum true?
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Great dream