The need

Well i got to 50 and realised after many years that i like to be the sub in a sexual relationship tp be used i suppose dommed and so much more.
never an easy road to take i suppose being rather shy.

i did dabble a little looking for the ONE but over the many years never having found the one to be Mistress of me the controller so to speak. i have spent most of my adult life in a semi chaste state. Masturbating at times to just releive and as i orgasm wishing to hear the voice of a Mistress telling to cum or not too as is her wish.

to be on my knees and taken even. this has happened in the past being bound over a chair and subject to a fucking by a Miss as she wished to be known. and quite aggresive as well delighting in the pain as well as the insertion of a dildo making me her slave her plaything for that is one thing i enjoyed when in her company i was her delight, leashed and bound seeing to her needs my face attimes a seat for her and to use my tongue to her delight rimming etc.

what of the furtue i would so love ths again talking on here and the occasional meet to satisfy both our needs for a Ominant cannot exist with out a sub/slave we both need each other.

to be the plaything again sweet heaven to wear something for someone mmmmmm
who knows when this will happen again ......oh to orgasm and call out your name who ever you may be. young or mature will you wrap me around your finger ;p
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2 years ago
Deep thoughts, and some of mine too. I hope it works out for you.
2 years ago
Is this a story?