The Tower Chapter 3

The Tower Chapter 3

So there I was waiting again, I had a feeling the three weeks until Sir Imer’s return were going to be very long indeed.
I was hoping that at some point I would be allowed to be released from my bonds and wander around the grounds, or at least the castle, and explore a little bit. As I laid there staring at the ceiling I tried to imagine what the castle was like.
I decided that it must be very large, as I could never hear any activity, other than when Bart was coming up the stairs directly outside my room, the window of my room was barred and had beautiful stained glass, I doubted the rest of the rooms had barred windows, but I hoped they had similar stained glass, as it was something I had always found beautiful.
I also hoped that the floors would all be marble, as they were in this room, when the sun shone into the room it made the marble glisten, especially where the light fell onto the coloured glass.
I thought that the gardens would be perfectly kept, and weed free, with plenty of flowers and grass for a poetic girl like myself to fill her soul in. If only I could convince Bart to let me………………………

Now as I only saw Bart twice a day - for breakfast and dinner - I had plenty of time to think about how I could convince him to let me walk around the castle and gardens. The truth was I wasn’t intending to run away at all, for a start I had no idea where I was, but it had been 3 days since I had been anywhere except this room and I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever!
My imagination was good but I was starting to need a little more than it, or something to stimulate it as I was becoming increasingly bored and that made me grumpy. I decided to tell Bart that if I became grumpy I would not want to learn, thus I would make a very poor student. I also decided to tell him that fresh air would keep my brain active and would allow me to learn better. I hoped that these statements would convince him to at least let me have a book and an open window.

I only hope that he believes me and allows me to explore, if he doesn’t I think I’ll go mad!!!

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2 years ago
I am trapped with you and cant wait to get to the next.... SOMETHING ;)

2 years ago
cant wait for #4
2 years ago
Okay i forgive you this time but and thats a big butyou know what i mean
2 years ago
Edward4 I've changed jobs recently and it hasn't allowed me to spend much time online and writing so I'm afraid you will need to be very patient with me - sorry :(
2 years ago
Subseeker, the suspense is part of the story Lovely, how are you?
2 years ago
its been a while since i seen you write ,well done love your work
3 years ago
kind of left hanging there