The Tower Chapter 1

The Tower

I woke up with a fog in my head, I must have banged it really hard! I needed to stretch, I tried and couldn't! "What's going on?" I thought. I opened my eyes and I couldn't see, what the hell was going on? I screamed long and loud, but nobody came, I waited for what felt like an eternity. Before my mind began to wander.
I was cold, hungry, thirsty and naked, and the surface I was on was cold and hard. "Where am I? What happened? How did it happen?" Were all that were going through my mind.
Yesterday I was at home mam and dad on holiday, and I was planning a wicked party (what else does an 18 year old heiress do when her parents are away)? Now I was restrained, cold and hungry, with not a stitch on, and didn't know how I got here!
I was just beginning to wonder if I would starve to death when I heard a noise, footsteps, I strained my ears, and could hear them getting closer. My heart began to race with fear and trepidation, was I going to meet my captor?
The key squeaked as it turned in the lock, it sounded as though it wasn’t used very much, then the door creaked open.
I started to shout and scream, the man waited until I paused for breath then said, “Oh, you’re finally awake. That d**g was more effective than I ever hoped it could be.”
He came over to me and took off my blindfold, I immediately started to fire questions at him, he told me that he would tell me the answers when he was ready to, I was stunned and fell silent.
He began to feed me water, I wanted to refuse as he had already d**gged me once, but my physical needs took over, and I drank as if I had never before had water, he then fed me some scrambled eggs and bacon, this lead me to believe it was morning.
After I had been fed and watered I began to look around. I could see I was in a room, it was totally stone, it had an arch shaped door and window, it looked like a medieval castle, it was round as though I was in a tower room.
The man was dressed in medieval clothes, but looked like a servant. “Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here?” I asked him.
“My name is Bart. You are at Sir Imer’s castle. He wants to make you his slave.” He answered me.
“Are you his slave?” I enquired.
“No,” said Bart, “I am his servant, there is a difference, which you will find out. Now, I am here to make sure you have enough strength to meet with him, and to condition you for service while he is away. I don’t normally like this job, but from the fight you put up the other night I think I’m going to enjoy this with you!”
“What do you meant the other night? How long have I been here?” I asked.
“3 days” said Bart, I could hardly believe it.
“Now then,” he said, “let’s start the preparation.” rubbing his hands with glee.
I was starting to feel drowsy again, “I’ve had to give you another sedative, so I can change your bonds and wash and shave you.” He said.
I wanted to struggle and protest but all I could do was watch him move around the room, as my limbs felt like lead.
He took off the dirty ropes and head collar, tossing them into a laundry basket, I only assumed I would be getting them to wear again at some stage. He then put his cock in my mouth. It was soft, my natural reaction was to suck, and I could feel it growing in my mouth.
“This will go in my report,” sighed Bart, “Sir Imer will be pleased at your willingness to suck cock, and he will be interested to know how good you are!”
I mumbled a thank you, what was I thinking? Thanking a stranger for complimenting my BJ skills!
He then stuck his fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me until I came hard. He stuck his cock back into my mouth and fucked my face till he came, he did this with long, hard, deep strokes, making me deep throat him, and start to gag and choke. After he squirted what seemed like gallons of sweet, salty cum down my throat he used it, and my saliva to lube his fingers, which he promptly rammed up my arse!
“Ooh, a nice tight arse, Sir Imer will be pleased!” he exclaimed.
He then finger fucked my arse and sucked my clit till I came again.
“Now then dirty girl, let’s get all that cum washed off you, and make the most of being clean, Sir Imer may not always let you wash the cum off so quickly!” He explain3ed.
With that he very gently washed me all over my body. Paying special attention to my arse, pussy and mouth, he even brushed my teeth for me, with a cinnamon toothpaste, it was hot, but pleasant.
He gave me a linen shift to wear, plain white with long sleeves, it was floor length and had a hood, much like a monk’s habit.
“Why am I wearing this?” I asked.
“Because only Sir Imer and I are allowed to use you in a sexual manner, and you are to appear unattractive to all others.” He explained.
He then fitted me a new neck collar and bound me tightly.
“I’m sorry I have to bind you so tightly, but unless you a re being used or cleaned you must remain in tight bondage for three weeks, until Sir Imer returns to the castle.”
With that he brought a blanket and covered me over before gently laying me on clean straw.
He left and locked the door behind him telling me he would be back to feed me in due course. He didn’t gag or blindfold me this time, and for that I was grateful, I began to think about things, and let my mind wander, as I waited for Bart’s return.

Please let me know what you think, as this is a new style of writing for me, many thanks.
A xxx

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1 year ago
I like the way this story has started , being drug a calmy told what is going to happen and some what accepting all of it.
2 years ago
Already 100x better than "50 Shades of (*Blech*)"
2 years ago
Very well written.. can't wait to read the rest.

2 years ago
Just starting this series...
It has an excellent beginning
you are such a talented writer
2 years ago
Great imagery. Your story paints a real good picture in my mind. What will happen next? On to the next chapter.
3 years ago
Wow you are good thanks for the story
3 years ago
Quick to the point but nice, juicy details at the action parts. Well done!!
3 years ago
Very nice work. :-)
3 years ago
This is really great,I'm learning so much and being heavily aroused at the same time, thanks for posting x
3 years ago
great start to a series that could be very erotic and sexual
3 years ago
good story...made me imagine that it was me in her position xx
3 years ago
very good start.. My tastes tend towards the more extreme.. but none the less its was good
3 years ago
just waiting for XH to put up chapter 2
A xxx
3 years ago
like the servent doming the first :)
3 years ago
wow very good that is so hot
3 years ago
Very good point Stephanie, I think I'm going to talk about it next, as I left her mind wandering....
3 years ago
Good start ariana,just wondering how the slave got there in the first place?
Any details on that?
3 years ago
Ohh very nice start to the story, I await to read more! :D

The new style of writing is very good, made me feel like I was there watching it all going on. :)
3 years ago
Great story. Just how slaves should be treated. Keep going, you are doing well!
3 years ago
A, very good story, I liked the way it built up, making me feel as if I was there watching evrything that was happening....looking forward to the next chapter!
3 years ago
thank you all for your kind comments
A xxx
3 years ago
I am enthralled and wanting to turn the page to read some more so please do not leave us hanging too long :)) it was wonderful and very titillating! bravo
3 years ago
Very nice sounds like she is going to have a long 3 weeks and then the fun begins
3 years ago
I like it, It is a good start.