My Perfect Weekend With My MASTER part3

The next morning i awoke, feeling very sad, i was going home tonight!
My MASTER wasn't in the room, so i stretched out for a minute and luxuriated in the space of his large bed.
He came back in and said "Up slut, you have 10 minutes to shower and use the toilet, be in the playroom in 10 or there will be consequences!"
"Yes SIR" was my only answer, and i jumped out of bed.
9 1/2 minutes later showered, dry and in the playroom. I was naked and it was chilly in there. SIR wasn't there, but breakfast was on the table and there was a note.
I'm out in the garden, eat your breakfast, then apply the nipple clamps and butt plug that are on the couch, sit cross legged on the table and await my return.
I was a little shocked, but i thought of his needs, not mine and followed my instructions.
It felt like hours till he returned, and he didnot look like he was in a good mood.
"SIR?" i ventured
"Shut up" he said and presented me with his cock, i, of course took it in my mouth. Before long he had got up on the table and was sitting on my head fucking my face, he was very rough and going like there was no tomorrow, i suppose there wasn't!
After about five minutes he came, he then left me alone again, bewildered and confused! However, i didn't dare to move off the table.
Shortly he came back and told me to give him a show, he handed me a dildo, and i proceded to dance for him and touch myself, on his instruction i started to fuck myself with the dildo, after i had been told not to cum until he said i could.
It felt as though i had been on the brink for hours, when finally he said.
"You have 5 minutes to cum, if you do not then i will punish you and take you straight to the airport, without any of your belongings, not even you purse."
i don't need telling twice! In about 2 minutes i was cumming and felt great.
He came over and touched my face.
"Good girl" he said, "We can have a nice day now, come see." He allowed me to put on a rope, cos it was cold outside, and i followed him out.
Outside he had been busy planting rose trees, they were champagne roses like i have at home, my favourites.
"They'll be in bloom the next time you come," he said, "it's a reason for you to come back, make sure I haven't killed them."
"As if i need a reason" was the reply.
We went back to the playroom and spent the rest of the day playing with and exploring each others' bodies, making sure we knew every inch of each other before we had to part.
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3 years ago
Bloody fucking Marvelous
3 years ago
i do like this oh how you obey your master he must love you x
3 years ago
This is incredable and very hot thanks
3 years ago
very nice story 5+++++++
3 years ago
3 years ago
thankyou azid619, it's a shame it's all my imagination at the moment, i hope it will come true one day
3 years ago
Wow sounds like you serve your master really well! good story :D