My Perfect Weekend With My MASTER part2

It didn't feel as though i had been asl**p long when i could hear movement. i tried to move, and was restricted, confused i opened my eyes. Then i remembered and smiled.
"Good morning little one" said SUBSEEKER.
"good morning SIR, did you have a good night?
"Yes little one i did, thankyou. Do you need anything?"
"To move" i answered
He told me he would allow me half an hour to get washed, use the loo and stretch before he would need me again, he had brought me some breakfast too, pancakes and maple syrup - yummy!
I ate my breakfast while it was warm, then went to use the bathroom. "15 minutes left!" He shouted to me whilst i was there, thankfully i was almost finished in there. So when i was done i had 10 minutes to walk around and stretch my legs a bit.
When i returned to the playroom my MASTER was seated on a squishy couch.
"Come here ariana, kneel before me." This i did happily, to me there is no better place in the world than kneeling before him ready to serve.
My friends will be here in two hours," he said, " i need you to be prepared for them coming."
"Yes SIR."
"Before they come we need to give you an enema, and a douche, then we need to make sure you're nice and wet, ready for whatever they need, do you understand?"
"Yes SIR."
"Right when they arrive, you will greet them naked and you will allow them to touch, and use you in any way you see fit. This will please me, is that clear?"
"Yes SIR" i knew i hadn't got to mess this up.
"If they are dissatisfied then you will be punished very harshly, clear?"
"Crystal SIR"
"Then let us begin our work!"
The next two hours went by in a flash, enema (not nice), douche, hair and make-up done, then there was half an hour to go!
"Right then little one" said SUBSSEKER, "Let's get you in slut mode!"
He then lubed my bottom and inserted the biggest plug i had ever had in me! It hurt, but i did it, to please him.
He then strapped i dildo inside of me, with the instruction that only he or one of his friends may remove it.
"Yes SIR" i said, then the doorbell rang.
i answered it as i was, there were two men there, they were both around 40. One was around 5'6 with black hair and green eyes, he was quite thick set and had twinkly eyes. The other was 6'6 tall, very slim, and balding, with blue eyes, and a 5 o' clock shadow. They both looked at me like they had won the lottery!
I welcomed them and offered them food and drinks, they had some lunch and beer.
after the dishes were done, they had me walk around in front of them and they leered at me, passing lewd comments. finally, the tall one got his cock out, like the rest of him it was long and thin, he told me to get him hard, and i proceded to wank him off, after he was hard, he removed the plug from my ass, and started to fuck it. He was very rough, but that made the experience more intense.
Whilst he was doing that the shorter one came and started fucking my face, i don't know how, or when it happened but by this time i had my arms and legs tied behind me, and was suspended from the ceiling in a sling, this gave the men very easy access to all of my body.
As the two men were fucking my ass and face my master was beneath me sucking biting and whipping my breasts, just cos he could, and he enjoyed it. He then put some clamps and weights on my nipples and clit, i thought i was going to pass out from the pain, but i didn't, i concentrated on all of the feelings that were going through my body, and drifted off to my space, to where i am truly me, and this is no more so than when i am doing my master's bidding.
I was blindfolded then, so had no idea about who was doing what and where, everything was a surprise. I drank what felt like gallons of cum, and had my pussy and ass filled many, many times.
My MASTER's voice brought me back to the real world, he was telling me i could cum, because i had earned it! In around three minutes i was cumming so hard it was unreal! i had the best orgasm i've ever had and more and more, until they all rolled into one. Finally the men were spent, they dressed and left.
My MASTER then let me down from the ceiling, i just laid in a heap on the floor, i had gone numb, and was reeling from multiple orgasms and being used for so long.
He then carried me to the bathroom and washed me from head to foot, then dried me off. He then laid me on the squishy couch and covered me up while he made some dinner. We ate and i did the dishes as i had begun to recover by then.
We sat and watched TV for a while and then he led me to his bed, i went to lie on the floor, but he told me i had earned a place beside him, i was overjoyed!
We got in between the sheets, and he held me for ages, while we spoke in whispers, about life, the universe and everything.
He then started to play with my nipples and as exhausted as i was i began to respond to his touch.
"What can i do to pleasure you?" i whispered, not wanting to break the spell.
"Nothing, just enjoy yourself" was the answer, "This is your reward for doing so well today."
With that he moved down under the sheets and began to lick my pussy and clit, i was just about to explode when he stopped.
"I want you to cum when i'm inside you" he said.
With that he entered me, and made sweet love to me forever! I came again, and again, and again. I was crying out and moaning, and thrashing around with pleasure, when i finally felt him cum, that set me off again!
We went to sl**p, together in each others' arms, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a tough day.
100% (9/0)
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2 years ago
3 years ago
This is going extremely well!! Most people will never experience that "other place" where nothing matters and we feel nothing but the joy and bliss of pleasing our Dom. Sucks for them. But you write it beautifully!!
3 years ago
what a good girl and what a loving reward xx
3 years ago
Thanks every one for being so kind xxx
3 years ago
Now thats almost love thanks
3 years ago
It gets better and better. You would make a good slave that any sub would be envious of.
3 years ago
another great got such a talent for writing..:*
3 years ago
super... so hot
3 years ago
thanks you 2 xxx
3 years ago
5 stars fav