Collaring ariana

Slave Ariana

The following story recounts how I met and collared my slave ariana.

I have been on Xhamster for about 9 months and in that time I have met a few sub's that seemed like they had the potential to be the type of slave I wanted. Honestly I was beginning to lose hope that I would find one that could fill my needs. I do not think I was being to particular. Sex of the slave did not matter. I have trained both males and females in the past... Females are a little easier, but breaking the will of a man is a lot of fun. The first time a man swallows a load of my cum and damn near barfs is wonderful to watch. Age.. over 18 at least... was not a real concern, but I have found that the younger ones just like to play games and I don't have the time for it. I have had more luck with the older ladies. Having a 60 something bound for the first time in her life and using her is something I do very much enjoy. Body type... big, thin, short, tall... none of this matters to me. I will say I am partial to the larger ladies. More cushion for the pushin'. I do like large breasts that hang. That just looks so sexy to me.

As I said there have been a few. Things usually start out well enough.. Getting to know them and what it is they are looking for. They getting to know me and what it is I expect from my sub's. I made no bones about telling them what I was looking for. I was looking for a sub that will place me and my desires above everything else in their life. They would live to serve me in every way I wanted. Their one and only job in life is to make me happy. Not too much to ask for...LOL

Then ariana came into my life. It was a simple comment about one of my stories. I can not say what caught my attention. Could have been the words she used. It could have been how I thought she was so open. I don't know.. But I sent her a message and when she replied I had this feeling that I could have found the ONE I have been searching for. We began chatting on MSN.. I downloaded it for her.. It took a little while but eventually I got her to open up and tell me what she was seeking. She married a man that said he could give her the discipline, guidance, and love she had been looking for. As things turned out he could not bring himself to do this for her. Why I am not too sure. To have such a willing sub that desires these things and not be able to provide them to her is beyond me.

It took about 2 weeks and ariana was ready for some simple tasks... going to work bra less... Naked around the house and when talking with me. The first time I had her masturbate outdoors I thought she was going to die, LOL. I also told her to begin taking pictures of herself. I did not want them at that point, but she would be sending them to me in time. She performed all the tasks I set out for her flawlessly. Since she had done so well I wanted she see how far I could push her. She had a doctors appointment at one point and her task for that day was that after she saw the doctor she was to masturbate in the bathroom in his office before going home. I had my doubts that she would actually do this, but she agreed to the task and agreed to punishment if she failed. Would she do it.. Would I have to punish her.. I didn't know what the next day would hold. Turned out she did it... had one of the best cums of her life.. and wanted more. YES.. I FOUND THE ONE I WAS LOOKING FOR..

Now.. ariana has had a few very bad experiences with men who claimed to be DOM's. What they really were is more like abusive assholes that just wanted to beat her and fuck her. There was no attempt made at training her to be a better sub. She would be beaten and bruised for the smallest infraction. She did not get clear instructions as to how she was to act or what was expected of her. When she did not meet their expectations they would beat her. As I said.. Abusive assholes. To her credit she did not stop trying to find her MASTER. To me, this showed true commitment and desire to be owned and trained. I had to make this beautiful flower mine. She is a larger woman.. the term BBW fits her well. She certainly has all the right curves in all the right places for me.

How was I going to capture this magnificent creature? How was I going to make her mine? These thoughts consumed me. Since she had been so open with me I had to be honest and open with her. I began by simply telling her what I was looking for. The type of sub I wanted. How my sub was to be mine.. Body.. Mind.. and Soul. More like a slave then a sub. I did not use the term slave as I thought this would scare her away. I surely did not want that to happen.

Over the course of the next couple weeks are chats become more detailed.. More in-depth. She began to ask more and more question about what it means to be a submissive. What training would be like with me. It became clear to me the ariana was thinking of asking me to be her MASTER. Even though she truly wanted this the fear she held on to from her past was stopping her from taking the next step. It was up to me to show her that I was not one of THOSE guys. That all I wanted was to help her become the best submissive she could be. I had to make sure she was clear that punishment from me would always have a purpose. She would never be hurt just for my amusement. I think that once she understood this it made her a little more at ease. Although, I did also tell her that there would be times that she felt discomfort and sometimes my play with her would be a bit rough. She seemed to accept this as well. Like all MASTERS I like to use my slaves sexually and sometimes that use can be harsh. I always reward them by letting them cum in the end.

Now was the time.. Based on our conversations I knew ariana really and truly wanted to serve me. Now I would drag the request out of her.. After a long talk one night I told ariana to get her vibrator and begin fucking herself... we kept talking while she slide the vibe in and out of her sweet hole... Slower.. then faster.. then slower.. long deep thrusts.... bringing her closer and closer to the edge.. When she would be getting real close I would tell her to slow down. To pull it out and taste herself. Now it had been at least a week since ariana had cum. I knew she wouldn't last all that long. The time had come... I had her start fucking herself deep and fast.. not letting her cum.. Then.. just as she was about to explode I simply asked her who owned her.. answer.. You do.. Who do you want to serve.... YOU.... Who is your MASTER.. YOUR ARE... she almost screamed as one of the best orgasms of her life took control of her body. In time she came back to Earth and that was it for the night.

The next morning we went back over the previous nights comments. I told her that if she had just told me what I wanted to hear so that she could cum it was OK.. All sub's do that sometimes. She assured me that she meant every word of it... Then with tears streaming down her face she said the words I had been waiting for.. She offered her gift of submission to me. She wanted nothing more in this world then to be owned by me and to serve me in anyway I desired. I eagerly accepted this gift and began the long process of training a new slave.

I had ariana register as a newly owned and collared slave.. look her up.. # 765-605-561.. Her life now revolves around me. She wants nothing other then to make sure I am happy.

Now.. What do we do about her husband?

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1 year ago
Very cool.
3 years ago
Really hot training fantastic
3 years ago
beautiful words, but were they real?
3 years ago
thankyou for your kind words Sub Barbie, it's something we have to work on, my husband isn't what you might call a very happy bunny at the moment, but, we're working on him. i'll let you know how things go x
3 years ago
Imho, at some point you will have to deal with this husband, yes, for I don't think a sub can truly commit if there is another in the mix that is not apart of the BDSM mix, if you know what I mean...

It has been my most immediate and personal experience that I had to relinquish all previous ties in order to become lock, stock and barrel to Dom Bears, to be able to focus all of my emotional, psychological and physical energy on to Him...that all I do in a day is always with Him in mind and no one else...maybe I am being too forward and narrow-minded by saying this but focus, determination, single-mindedness to the one and only true cause - Dom Bears - could, for me, only be accomplished when all else fell by the wayside.

I shall pray for a successful answer to your particular dilemma and that the happiness and contentment you have found together can flourish to its maximum for all time...:)

Respectfully, sub Barbie
3 years ago
i am glad subseeker has found you excellent
3 years ago
thankyou for your very kind words
3 years ago
Wonderful and intriguing story....

thank you both for sharing :)
3 years ago
Another wonderful story about slave_ariana; the two of you are so eloquent in your writing - yours is truly a match made in heaven.

Thank you for sharing this intimacy with us. 5 Xs.