Most women do not understand it, but there is freedom in obedience!
It is actually so liberating for a sub to follow her MASTER's instructions to the letter, and not have to worry about a thing. That doesn't make me weak or spineless, in fact it makes me brave because i have the courage to follow my MASTER without question!
It isn't about not thinking, (i'm a degree student so quite clever) it's about the freedom that there is in being in servitude. i feel so relaxed happy and free when i'm doing tasks for my MASTER. i know that he has my best interests at heart and that he would not ask me to do anything to compromise either of us, or that he didn't think i was capable of. Yes, he likes to test me, and stretch my capabilities, and push my boundaries, but this is done in a gentle and loving way.
YES, there is freedom in obedience and servitude, but vanilla people just don't get it!
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Posted by slave_ariana
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1 year ago
I like this post, straight to the point of everything. Freedom through control . Thanks
3 years ago
It is a shame not more people get to read this, they might, rather than being sceptical, ignorant and rude, actually get that having rules and consequences makes life so much better and easier...
Thank you for your kind comment
3 years ago
TGhat must be a creedo very interesting
3 years ago
Submissatrix, the best advice I can give you is to be obedient at all times, and do your best for your Master/Dom. If you do that and fail any punishment will be less harsh than if you just don't try.
Always remember your role, and what you are to him, and remember your power over him. Bu tm ost of all, remember the feeling you have when you give him pleasure in any way, and always respect him, no matter what.
Good luck in your new life, if you would like to chat at any time PM me
Much love
Ariana xxx
3 years ago
That is a beautiful sentiment. i am new at subbing, but i want to try to understand. And maybe someday i will. With the help of my Dom, maybe i will see the sunset.
3 years ago
Yes, there is freedom in servitude and in accepting one's place under man in general, as a woman, imho...but especially under one's Dom...there is no better way to be free and happy...:)

To date, I have yet to meet ANY sub/slave, who is of any worth, who is NOT intelligent/academic...it takes an astute mind TO sift the social mores from the truth and to live your life as God intended, to focus, train, accpet and submit at all times...air-headed subs are only playing at being subs and would never have the fortitude to endure, and therefore will never receive the rewards from that endurance...:)
3 years ago
very good but short
3 years ago
A beautiful and well-written, if sadly short, piece of work, slave_ariana.

There are many of us who welcome such an articulate approach to and an understanding of a subject shrouded in misconceptions and unknowing; trying, as you have done so well, to explain the Dominant - submissive relationship to 'the vanilla people' is like trying to describe a sunset to a blind man - not that there is any shame in being blind, but there is an awful feeling of loss for those gifted with the ability.

Thank you, slave_ariana - your Master should be very proud of you.

God bless you both.