The Tower chapter 5

[b]Part V [/b]

So a couple of days later when Bart brought me my breakfast he lingered after he had finished the cleansing and feeding routine.

“Bart, do you have something on your mind?” I asked.

“Today is the first day that I will not lock the door behind me. “ He said, “but I need to explain how things will work, then you must decide if you are willing to accept the circumstances of your freedom.”

I nodded, so excited that I was unable to speak, after all I had only seen the inside of my tower room for a long time, especially when you consider I had never had any limits to my freedom before.

He continued “ If you agree I must fit you with a chastity belt as Sir Imer does not want anyone else to be tempted by your beauty. You must keep the hood up on your habit and you must cast your gaze downwards at all times, not meeting anyone’s eyes. This is because I have told Sir Imer how captivating your eyes are and he doesn’t want anyone to have your juicy pussy before he does. Do you agree so far?” Again I nodded as I didn’t think that the conditions were so bad at the moment.

“You are to earn our trust, you may only initially use the library, the conservatory and the kitchen, as you prove yourself trustworthy you will be given more freedom. Any deviation from the rules will result in your freedom being taken away and you being in punishment for a week, and the punishment will be more severe than anything you can ever imagine. Do you agree so far?”

I gulped and said “Yes Bart, I will follow these rules.” The idea of the punishment wasn’t good, and scared the life out of me, but I needed to get out of this room!

“Finally,” he continued, “ For the first week of your freedom you must go to the bottom of the stairs and ring the gong, you must then wait for someone to e****t you to the main hall where you will receive your punishments for being so bold and asking for freedom. These punishments will be different every day and there will be witnesses. This is to affirm to you your status as slave in this house. After the first week you will be allowed out of the tower from after your morning routine until the gong rings. There is a statue at the bottom of the stairs, you must face it towards the tower if you have returned to the tower and towards the house if you are there. You will have three minutes after the gong sounds to turn the statue or you will be punished. The first fitting of your chastity belt will be in public, only myself and Sir Imer will hold the key. Is all of this clear?”

“Yes Bart.” I said. “I’m so glad that I can get out of this room anything is acceptable.”

“I would be very careful what you say young lady” Bart said “you might live to regret it. However, on this occasion I will disregard that statement.
“I will leave the doors open, don’t forget the hood, the statue or the rules.”

With that he left, and I was left to digest all that was said. After about 10 minutes I decided, with some trepidation, to leave the tower. I got to the bottom of the stairs, turned the statue to the house and rang the gong, then I waited……………………………….........................

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2 years ago
mexaaaaa nice Story dear..> Thank For Posting
2 years ago
enjoyed the read and away next episode my imagination has been set alight what will the punisment be .who wil whatch how humiliated will she feel x
2 years ago
i need a slave too
2 years ago
Please let me know what you think, thanks.