Spanking Day By Scott Darth

The twelve chimes of the clock tower heralded the top of the hour. It was noon, and a large crowd had gathered in the town square outside the courthouse. A crowd this big could only mean one thing. Today was Spanking Day.

A large wooden platform about three feet above the ground had been erected in the town square outside the courthouse. Judging from the number of cushioned mats that were brought out with the horse, it looked like about a half a dozen women would be spanked today.

William Davidson was in the crowd, looking down at his watch. Though he and a couple of the officials inside the courthouse were the only ones that knew it at this particular moment, his wife would be one of the ones getting spanked today. He hated the embarrassment of having to see anyone in his f****y – let alone his wife, of all people – endure this punishment, but the law was the law, and order had to be kept in every household. Michaela had disobeyed him, and as a respected member of the town council, he had to make sure the town saw that the law was applied equally, to everyone.

Inside the courthouse, a very nervous Michaela Davidson was dressed in the standard orange denim overalls with the word "OFFENDER" stenciled on the back. Nearby were five other women dressed similarly, each being allowed to sit on a wooden bench to await their fate. Occasionally, one of them made eye contact with another, then nervously shifted their gaze away from the other.

Tears welled up in Michaela's eyes, but she fought them back. She didn't mind the idea of being spanked, but to have the entire town watching her get it was more than she could bear. Although women and c***dren weren't allowed to attend the spankings, it seemed like everyone in town always heard about it. Indeed, after her own c***dren had gone to bed, William had often told her who was on the Spanking Platform whenever it was someone she knew.

A uniformed guard walked into the room. "On your feet," she commanded.

As she stood up and filed into line with the other five, Michaela wondered how many conversations would take place tonight of which she was the subject.

There was a man there who Michaela recognized as the man who had received her when William had brought her to the courthouse for Spanking Day. He addressed them:

"In a few moments, we will proceed out the west door and up onto the platform. You will find several mats laid out on one end of the platform near the stairs. Form a single line down the mat, and when told, you will kneel on the mat until your name is called.

"As each lady's name is called, she will stand and walk to the guards in front of the Spanking Horse. The guards will prepare her, which takes about thirty seconds, and then the spanking will be administered.

"As soon as the spanking is over, the lady will be dressed and sent back inside, where her husband or father can collect her when the entire proceeding is over.

"Do not fail to follow the protocol," the man admonished. "It will go far worse for you if you do."

The door at the west end of the courthouse opened, and the crowd outside hushed as the first two guards appeared, followed by the offenders who were to receive their spankings today. Michaela was fourth in line. They proceeded up the stairs onto the platform that had been assembled specifically for this purpose, and lined up along the cushioned mats that had been placed there just a few minutes earlier.

On command from the lead guard, the six knelt on the cushioned mats. Michaela suddenly became self-conscious, realizing that her ample breasts were pressing firmly against the orange denim overalls she was wearing, leaving very little to the imagination of anyone who might be staring at her. She imagined quite a few in the crowd were.

"Katherine Bailey." The first name had been called out. Slowly, one of the women stood up and slowly walked over to the horse as the crowd looked on. In no time at all, it seemed she had been stripped of the overalls and was wearing only a pair of panties as she was bent over the horse.

"For failure to control the behavior of her c***dren in public, John Bailey has submitted his wife to the council for spanking," one of the guards read from the document he was holding. Another guard picked up the large wooden paddle and approached the woman. He pulled down her panties and left them around her ankles. He raised the paddle and applied it with full f***e to her bottom as she yelled in both surprise and pain. Several of the other women kneeling on the mats also gasped. A murmur went up from the crowd. The spankings had begun.

Katherine Bailey received 20 licks from the paddle. The guard who had administered the spankings pulled her panties back up around her as two others undid the wrist cuffs. Helping her up, they assisted the sobbing Mrs. Bailey back into her overalls and e****ted her back inside the courthouse, where she would wait until her husband came to pick her up.

"Patricia Brown," the guard called out. A small blonde, whom Michaela thought couldn't possibly be more than 17 or 18 years old, stood up, but became so overwhelmed by the entire process that she couldn't bring herself to take even a single step forward towards the horse. She looked out into the crowd.

"Patricia Brown," the guard repeated, according to protocol. She shook her head slightly in disbelief, and at that moment, the two guards waiting at the horse moved in towards her. They took her by the wrists and gently but firmly e****ted her into position in front of the horse, removing her overalls and bending her over the horse as they had Katherine Bailey minutes ago.

"For failure to observe both the town curfew and their f****y's curfew, Rodger Brown has submitted his daughter to the council for spanking," read the guard with the document. The paddler approached and tugged down Patty's panties and began spanking her. She shrieked loudly with every kiss of the paddle, and the crowd cheered with every shriek.

Just as quickly, it was over and Patty was helped back into her clothes and into the courthouse.

Michaela wondered what went through the minds of the men in the crowd watching. What was it like to see another man's wife or daughter naked before the entire town? What would they think when Michaela's offense was read.

She didn't remember actually hearing her name the first time, but in the midst of her thoughts, she realized that she was standing.

"Michaela Davidson," the guard said for the second time, although it was the first time it had actually registered in Michaela's mind. Again, according to protocol, the two guards positioned at the front of the horse began to move towards her, but just then, Michaela roused herself and started walking towards the horse. The guards saw this and stopped their advance, waiting for her to finish her short trek across the platform.

When she arrived, they reached out to take her wrists. "No!" she shouted, pulling her hands away. With as much dignity as she could muster in spite of how frightened she was, she reached up and undid one of the hooks of the orange denim overalls she was wearing, and flung it behind her. Her hands began to shake as she reached for the other hook, and try as she might, she was unable to unhook the other side. One of the guards approached her and unhooked it, and then stepped back out of respect for the fact that Michaela was attempting to do this on her own. She stepped out of her overalls. As she approached the horse, her nipples reacted to both the heightened tension of the moment and the cool breeze which was blowing across the town square. She stepped up to the horse and only then, offered both of her wrists to the guards, who promptly bent her over and fastened her to the horse. The crowd cheered. Obviously William Davidson had instilled a sense of duty and honor into his wife that was rarely seen nowadays.

Thomas Kendall was the guard that had been assigned to the paddle that day. He picked up the wooden paddle and approached Michaela from behind. He waited for the other guard to read the offense.

"For failure to submit to the will of her husband, Lord William Davidson has submitted this woman to the council for spanking." Thomas tucked his index finger into the elastic of Michaela's panties and gently tugged them off her round bottom, letting them fall to her ankles. Secretly, this was Thomas' favorite part of the entire proceedings, the moment where the panties were removed. He thought Michaela's ass was exquisite, and was relishing the idea of him being allowed to – no, being required to – paddle it momentarily.

Thomas' pause was only a couple seconds, but it felt like an eternity to Michaela, who was determined not to cry out like a little girl when she received her spanking.

He raised the paddle into the air and brought it down swiftly and firmly on her cheeks. She gasped but held her lips together so as not to let a scream escape. A red indentation on her backside showed exactly where the paddle had made contact with skin.

He brought it down a second time. She jumped, and tried to pull away, but the wrist restraints held her in place against the horse. A third time the paddle was raised and applied to her bottom. On this third strike, she let out a small "Ow!" and danced around the horse as much as her restraints allowed. This entertained the crowd, who applauded the spectacle.

William Davidson did not applaud. He was watching his wife intently as the guard applied the paddle. He had hoped that he would never have to submit his wife or daughters to a Spanking Day, but her behavior had left him no choice. It had to be done.

Thomas struck Michaela with the paddle again. And again. And once more. Looking down at her bottom, he noticed it had started to turn a shade of crimson and purple. Thomas was very good at delivering just the right intensity for a spanking. It's why he was generally given the task of paddler on Spanking Days.

While Michaela was managing her pain well enough, suddenly the realization of her exposed nakedness to the entire town proved to be more humiliating than she could bear, and she began to sob openly. This is what William Davidson was listening for: the sound of contrition. As the paddle hit her again and again, she wailed in sorrow that she was on public display, being punished like a little girl. She vowed to herself never again to do anything to put her on this platform.

At that moment, William Davidson's conviction that Spanking Day was a good idea was strengthened tenfold. He no longer wished to watch the remainder of his wife's spanking. He'd seen what he had hoped to see. He walked over to the south entrance to the courthouse and went inside.

Thomas laid on the nineteenth and twentieth swats. He stepped away, admiring Michaela's red and purple bottom. The guards helped her back into her overalls and e****ted her into the courthouse, where William met her before the next woman was even strapped to the horse. He fetched her clothes and gently helped her get dressed. Then they went outside.

The crowd was so enthralled by Susan Givens' spanking that they didn't even notice William and Michaela slip through on their way home

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3 years ago
And I thought I was the only one that had fantasies like that. Love it.
3 years ago
Excellent story!
3 years ago
A great spanking story, slave_alison - thank you for sharing it with us.

5 Xs and again my thanks - you have talent!

3 years ago
very good