I first met Hiro in the laundry room of our apartment building. He was a Japanese boy of eighteen who lived on the third floor with his mother. He not shy about his sexuality and flirted aggressively the first time we met.
He wore these cut off shorts that when he sat in any particular position his cock was plainly visible, usually in some state of erection. He had the most beautiful face---strikingly feline in appearence. What I found sort of amusing was the fact his mother still didn't know he was gay, even though he has had several boydriends.
I was getting pretty horny and we went into a supply closet for privacy. He opened my pants and took out my stiff cock, devouring it in a single gulp. One hand kneaded my balls while the other probed my anus. I didn't want to cum too soon and gently pushed him away and returned the favour. I pulled off his shorts and sucked his prick. It not very big---perhaps just under six inches and nested in black shimmering pubic hair. He exhaled a soft sigh when I squeezed his balls. This went for a few minutes until finally cried out: "Fuck me!"
I stood up and got behind him. He spread apart his buttock cheeks, displaying his dark skinned anus. I pushed my cock through the clenched sphinter muscles and was intoxicated my the tightness.
"Slowly.....slowly!" Hiro cried out
"Don't worry baby, I want to savor all this," I told him.
My cock advanced ever so slowly...thos rectal muscles alternately clenched and contracted. It was a Herculian effort on my part not to shoot my load. But it was unavcoidable. I had never fucked and ass so tight and emptied my load deep inside of him. After a few seconds I finally dislodged myself and feel to my knees. I could see my sperm dribbling out of Hiro's ass. He was panting deeply when he looked over his shoulder at me and smiled.
We would meet many times after this. His mother was mildly concerned that her son was seeing a man quite a bit older than her son, but reluctantly accepted it. We'd fuck in his bedrrom as she sat in the living a couple rooms over.
Hiro loved to dress up in women's clothing and do a strip tease for me. I'd sit there watching and jacking off.
I was not such a far fetched thought of Hiro and I someday becoming true lovers and moving together.
We shall see.
81% (12/3)
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2 years ago
This was so good had me all hot and bothered
2 years ago
i'm a girl but i want hiro , here with me!
3 years ago
Great star to a fine series hope you continue this story thanks
4 years ago
Good stpry di you have Hiro dressed as a gurl that would make a great story thanks
4 years ago
Thanks for the response. I hope that you enjoyed. More to come soon.
4 years ago
Wow need to read more of your stopries thanks