The moment just hung there frozen. We all looked at one another blankly. I had discreetly dislodged my cock from Nicole's ass, stunned that I maintained an erection and it had not withered away. Nicole started crying softly. I reached down and picked up my shirt that was lying on the floor and covered her with it.
Something was weird. Mom and Dad just stood there looking at us. I braced myself for some sort of response.
"How was the wedding?" I asked to shatter the unbeareable silence.
Mom burst out in a hysterical laughter.
"How long has this been going on?" she asked.
"It was only this one time I swear." I said, suddenly becoming more conscious of my nakedness. My prick wilted away.
Mom looked at Dad and then she came over and took Nicole into another room. Nicole was shaking and could not even look up. The shame was too much.
Dad and I were left in the room by ourselves. He approached and I braced myself for a beating, but he sat on the sofa.
"Come sit down with me," he said.
I slowly approached the sofa and sat down beside him.
He looked at me and exhaled a long sigh.
"I have something to tell you," he started to say and took a long breath.
"Your mother and I are cousins," he said quietly.
This statement struck me like a thunderbolt and I sat there staring at him in silence. I could not even form words to respond.
"Not first cousins, but second cousins. The f****y disapproved of our relationship and when we told them we were getting married that was too much and they pretty much disowned us. We were in love and wanted to be together. We would not allow anything to stand in our way."
He paused a monment.
"Do you love Nicole?" dad asked after a long pause.
"We just did it this one time," I reminded him.
"But you must have had feelings for her previous to make this step."
"Yes. I suppose I had a secret feelings for her. This going to sound like a bad thing to admit but I did not feel wrong doing what we did."
"Not if you did it out of love. No. It's not wrong. When I first met your mom I knew we destined to be together. "
I realized that dad had put his hand on my knee and was slowly moving it up towards my cock. I watched it advance with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation. I was not new to gay experiences. I had had a few in my life already and joined them to some extent. I guess I would catagorize myself as being bisexual.
Dad's fingers were curling around my cock, rubbing gently.
Dad was a stikingly hamsomes man who looked nowhere near his fify years old. He was slim and athletic with a youthful enthusiasm I rarely saw in anyone else's father. They seem to fixed in these roles of father's, embodying all the cliches that went along with the package. Mom and Dad fucked at least three times a week--sometimes more-- and could be heard throughout most the apartmenr. At the spur of the moment while we were all watching tv they might just get up and disappear into the bedroom. Nicole and I would trade amused glances.
It was obvious that he was no stranger to gay sex either as he took my stiff cock into his mouth and sucked---at first on tip only. I feel his tongue parting the tiny slit at the tip of my prick--perhaps sipping the precum. His other hand was kneading my balls, one finger positioning itself to massage my asshole.
I looked up and saw Nicole and Mom standing there watching us. How long they were there I could not tell.
Nicole must have been told the same thing that I had been told. She had smile on her face and the shirt was gone and she was naked. She stepped forward and quickly opened Dad's pants, struggling a bit to get his erect cock free from his pants. I looked down it. It was impressively large. It was no wonder now what made Mom cry out like that during sex. I had inherited his same curved, banana shaped cock. It made me smile.
I looked over and saw Nicole hungrily devouring Dad's cock--or at least and much as she could fit in her mouth. It emerged from her mouth with a soft wet popping sound and shimmering with saliva.
"Isn't wonderful," Nicole said as tears swelled in her eyes again, but this time it was from happiness.
"Yes, it is, my love," I said to her, reaching out and stroked her cheek.
Mom quickly undressed and crouched behind Nicole and started lapping her daughter's pussy like a dog lapping up it's water. Nicole's body twitched and wriggled.
We got on the floor and formed a circle so that no one went unpleasured. I pushed my face into Mom's immaculately shaved pussy, nibbling gently on her swollen clit. I worked one then two fingers up her asshole.
"Enough foreplay!" Dad cried out.
We got on the sofa, Dad and I, and he had his ass poised up, ready to be fucked. I applied some more saliva to my cock and pressed it against his awaiting asshole. He let out a deep sigh when I made my initial thrust, savoring all the sensations and not rushing at all. Mom and Nicole watched us intently as we they continue plying with each other. I sank deeper and deeper into my fatrher's rectum. We were both covered with sweat and pantinf like horses by the time it was over and had dumped my load all over his musclar back.
The two of sat back and let the girls take center stage.
Mom had slipped away earlier to retrieve a double-headed dildo that measured at least ten inches and was flesh coloured, detailed with veins along it shaft.
Mom inserted one end into her pussy, pushing it in a few inches and held it steady in her hand as Nicole came over and took the end into her own pussy. Between them they had taken in three quarters of length of the dildo and were practically sitting facing one another, kissing and fondling one another.
I saw Dad's cock sticking out from its cloud of pubic hair and took it into my mouth, sucking him off quickly. My mouth was filled beyond capacity with his cum and it dribbled out down his cock and soaked his pubic hair. He exhaled and deep grunt, lifting his hips once more off the sofa to discharge a second load into my mouth.
We all ajourned to the bathroom and somehow fit into the shower stall. The soapy texture of flesh under our fingers was enough to renew our lust and fucked whatever hole was available.
We all wrunf out by the end of the night.
Mom and Dad went into their own room.
Nicole and I spent the night toghether. She cuddled up close to me, stirring restlessly. Sometime during the night I was awakened by the sensation of my cock being sucked. A glance over at the clock told me it was three o'clock. Half asl**p I fucked her.
We both came and fell back asl**p. Nicole still cuddled up against me. She fell asl**p long before me. I looked at his lovely naked body glowing softly in the moonlight and gradually fell asl**p.
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