My s****r Nicole and I were home alone evening. Our parents were out for the evening at an old friend's wedding. Nicole was in a strange mood. Two weeks ago she broke up wioth her boyfriend and was suffering from sexual deprivation.
"Why don't you go masturbate," I told her while still watching the television.
"What makes you think I masturbate?' asked Nicole, sinking down on the sofa next to me.
I gave her look and chuckled.
"Nicole, my dear horny s****r, I am in the room right next to yours. I can that vibrator buzzing like a horet's nest," I said.
'Anyway, it doesn't help really," she siad with a soft sigh.
"What about Lisa."
Nicole shot a hard stare.
"What are you talking about?" she asked.
"You think I can't hear you two in there?"
"Fuck, I can't keep a secret in his place. Are we that loud?"
"Sometimes. You're more of a talker. Lisa is a moaner."
Nicole snuggled up against me so that her mouth was close to my ear and whispered:
"Did you jerk off while listening to us?"
I shrugged. 'Sometimes."
Nicole gave me a little smile.
'Let me watch you."
"Watch me what?"
"Jerk yourself off. I used to watch Paul jerk off. I fingered myself for him too."
"You're quite a dirty slut," I said.
I could hide the fact that I had a raging erection, which Nicole spied and provoked a radiant smile. She rested her hand down on the bulge in my pants and rubbed gently. I reached over and started kneading her soft tits through the thin t-shirt she wore, pinching the stiff nipples between my thumbs and forfinger. She exhaled a little sigh.
We undressed quickly. She smiled at my cock, one hand running up along the shaft and the other squeezing my balls. I worked my fingers between the red lips of her cunt and feeling the wonderful tightness of her pussy. It was immaculately shaved and beautiful.
I buried my face in her cunt and lap up the juice that flow forth.
She was eager to get fucked so she cut foreplay short and lay back on the sofa, her legs wide apart. I did not wish to disappoint her and drove my swollen cock into her. She let out of deep grunt. Her long slim arms wrapped arounf my back, tightened as if not to release me until I had finished what I had started.
We fucked and rested, fucked and rested for several hours. I had her d****d over the kitchen table, my cock half way up her ass when the front door opened and in the threshold stood mom and dad staring at their c***dren caught in the middle of an i****tuous tryst.
All four of us just stared at one another for what seeed to be an eternity. I was so frozen in place that I forgot that my cock was still lodged in my s****r's ass.
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2 years ago
A bit short needs more detail, but I enjoyed it, wheres part 2 ? Cant just end on a cliffhanger
2 years ago
Surprise, surprise, surprise now what happened
3 years ago
O K i'm hooked what happened thanks
3 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
Unusual cliff-hanger - pretty sure though more's up ;)
4 years ago
Very nice
4 years ago
Wow you are on verge of something really hot keep going
4 years ago
been there done it mate
4 years ago
4 years ago
so will there be a part two??
4 years ago
Incest. A game the whole family can enjoy!
4 years ago
finish story
4 years ago
awesome story!
4 years ago
needed to be longer
and you need to finish it
4 years ago
cant wait for part 2
4 years ago
love it, give us more
4 years ago
go continue with the story
4 years ago
yea what did happen next lol good story so far keep going
4 years ago
Whoa what happened next?