Dad's morning routine was anally observed with no deviations. We had exactly twenty minutes to be together. Mom would enter my room , remove her robe, and start sucking my cock. During the warmer months I usually slept nude, but even a pair of pajamas or boxer shorts were not much of an obstacle for her. Sometimes I pretented to be asl**p as she took my cock into her mouth, suckling on the tip for a while. On those particular morning when I was asl**p there was more pleasing sight than her head slowly bobbing up and down, her fingers gently kneading my balls. I was awakened by this wonderful sensation. The room was aglow with the early morning sunlight.
Our time was limited so foreplay was brief and to the point. We got in the sixty-nine position and I avidly sucked her sweet pink cunt, my tongue dancing over those lovely petals. As I stated our time was brief so once we were both ready she straddled me, one hand held my swollen cock into position as I watched it slowly disappear up that hairy cunt. She exhaled a long deep sigh once it was all the way in, our pubic hairs meshing togehter. She starting riding me. I loved watching her breasts and soft paunch jiggle as she worked herself towards an orgasm.
We had to be careful to keep our ears open for each complaetion of my father's bathroom routine. Once in a great while he finished early and we had to scramble to get dressed. Mom usually wore a robe or something that was easily slipped on in such an emergency. This element of danger spiced our relationship. She rode my cock until she finally came and collapsed forward on top of me, our bodies covered with sweat. The smell mingled with the pungent ordor of sex and was quite intoxicating.
The rest of the day I would be lost in a semi fog of desire as I thought of her and still had faint lingerings of her scent on my fingers. It was a wonderful way to begin a day.
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2 years ago
the scent of pussy on ones fingers is sio heady
4 years ago
ummmm juicyyyyyyyyyyyyy
4 years ago
Thanky you.